Thursday, July 07, 2005

UK Attack Moblog

I am currently listening to BBC's online radio program Five Live which is live on the scence of the attacks and got the idea of looking for UK photoblogs or 'moblogs.' Moblogs are defined as mobile blogs, but they are usually camera phone photo blogs. There are some of the attack at UK Moblogs or

Personally, I mourn for the victims of this horrendous attack that has swallowed the lives of those doing their daily work and making contributions to their society and the free world. Much like their American counterparts who gave their lives on September 11th, the victims of July 7 were taken away from us so callously and so viciously. I pray for the families both devastated and interrupted by this incident. Ironically, it was a week ago to this day that I watched BBC and HBO's drama "Dirty War" about a series of (dirty) bombs exploding in London, only to see it partially unfold before my eyes. Yesterday was pure jubilence for the town and a day later countless lives have been lost. Though I may be thousands of miles away, my heart truly goes with those who perished today.

Chris Bilal


halcyon67 said...

It is was a sad day for London and Europe. I was just reading some headlines and it turns out the Blair refuses an Inquiry. This is the same thing Bush did.

taylorSiluwé ..... said...

I saw Dirty War ... its pretty scary actually, especially when it could, and probably one day will, come true.