Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Punishments From God?.....Nahhhhh.

With dead bodies rotting in attics, and corpses floating in the streets of New Orleans, it's a minor miracle that some demagogue on the Radical Christian Right hasn't opened his or her mouth about God punishing the United States for some sin or transgression. Of course, Pat Robertson has already used up his Asshole-of-the-Month-Award-quota, but there are plenty of delusional crackpots out there who must know the mind of God better than the All Mighty himself.

Of course, in this case, we had one of the worst hurricanes in generations (a category five) crashing into an area of the country that's controled by Republican, Bible-thumping, racist homopobes, so the Radical Christian Really can't raise the question without having it evolve into another question: Why did God punish so many Republicans, Bible-thumpers, racists and homophobes?

It kind of makes you realize just how nutty people sound when they talk about AIDS, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, and other disasters being "punishments from God." Of course, it could just be that those things are just natural and/or man made events and that the Lord God has nothing to do with them.

Of course that doesn't answer every question, does it?

Why would the Deity decide to punish the country at a time when Republicans are running all three branches of government, most of the state governorships, and a lion's share of the state legislatures? Why would God punish the United States at a time when the corrupt Houses of Congress make the bribery and graft of Gould and Fisk look amateurish? Why would The All MIghty ever send a killer hurricane at a time when our pseudo Christian president led us into an unjust war? Why would Jehovah extend his wrath when we're practicing a form of free market theivery, the likes of which Jesus would have condemned in the Temple? Of course you really have to wonder why.....

Hmmmmm. Maybe I should stop while I'm ahead. I just might convince that there's something to this divine retribution crap after all.

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halcyon67 said...

Just wait. Someone will jump on it. Actually I think someone on my blog said that...Well don't worry, you won't be disappointed, it is very rare that one of the oompa loompas of Satan's Corp won't say anything. Maybe they are too busy calling for the assassination of world leaders.