Thursday, September 22, 2005


Please be so kind as to read the following article before you read my solution to the problem.

The cures for the twin diseases of censorship and repression could not be more obvious.

First of all we need healthy, freedom-loving people in the FEC who understand that individual bloggers are a part of the decentralized media, not the mass media. Secondly, we need to inform the public that bloggers are individual citizens whose freedoms of speech and expression are protected by the First Amendment; an idea that FEC Commissioner Scott E. Thomas is obviously too obutse or too repressive to understand.

The cure for diseases like Mister Thomas is a shoring up of the Constitution, an infusion of the proverbial White Cells to keep him and his fellow bacteria from further contaminating our basic liberties. In other words, Mister Thomas is the infection. Freedom of speech is the antibody.

In this case, the most effective way to assist the antibody might be an antibiotic or vaccination in the form of a Constitutional Amendment that would permanently and totally protect the rights of bloggers to express their political beliefs. It might read as follows:

"Therefore be it enacted that no part of this Constitution shall be construed so as to limit in any way, shape, or form the rights of bloggers to express their political opinions, the rights of bloggers to express themselves being perfectly and fully protected against any and all governmental intervention."

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