Wednesday, September 28, 2005

OUR DRY DRUNK PRESIDENCY: An Addiction to Power and Fascism

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Advocate 1 and Brandon Alexander Geraghty-MacKenzie


by Advocate 1 and Brandon Alexander Geraghty-MacKenzie

Why does the Bush Administration have such a problem, such an aversion to, moderation? Must it always flip flop from one repressive extreme to the other? Must it always find a way to defecate on the Constitution, on civil liberties in the process? Anyone one with a lick of good old, common sense had predicted that a fanatical, dry drunk from an amoral state like Texas would make a better Fuhrer than a president, and now, after Hurricane Katrina and yet another series of bungling extremes, those predications have again been validated as accurate assessments.

You just have to give the Bush Regime credit. When faced with a disaster it will almost invariably find a way to exploit that disaster in a never ending mission to transform America into a fascist empire.

For sometime now, we had been wondering why the regime would want to use private mercenaries in Iraq; and now we’re wondering why we have the likes of
Blackwater USA touring the streets of New Orleans when the task should have been performed by the Louisiana National Guard. All right, the answer to that is obvious. Our would be Fuhrer sent so many National Guardsmen to Iraq that there weren’t enough of them left at home to perform their primary functions of homeland defense and emergency response. But that still doesn’t explain why we have paid mercenaries, hired thugs, touring the Streets of New Orleans. Nor does it explain why the regime wants to nullify the time tested concept of Posse Comitatus, in essence giving the United States military, and by extension, the President of the United States, sweeping powers over state and local officials in the event of a natural or manmade disaster. You really need to wonder just why these kinds of policies are being suggested by the party which claims to embrace the idea of smaller government. Doesn’t it seem just a little odd, just a tad hypocritical, for the GOP to preach the value of local control while they’re trying to undermine the every day practice of local control on a regular basis?

When you think about it, almost everything the Bush regime has done has been designed to undermine the Constitutional provisions for the Separation of Powers. After 911, we were inundated with a series of Draconian measures which restricted open government and civil liberties in general. And now, after Hurricane Katrina, the trend continues with private mercenaries in the Streets of New Orleans coupled with our would be Fuhrer’s desire to give the United States Military carte blanche in the event of a catastrophic event.

Of course, the obvious question is this: "Why do we need both?” The answer is equally obvious. In Nazi Germany the soldiers did the actual invading, fighting, and occupying, while the Gestapo and SS provided the intelligence and terror which were requird to keep the subjects in line. It may well be that in the feverish minds of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Propaganda Minister Karl Rove that paid mercenaries such as the types that are employed by Blackwater USA represent the embryonic stage of an American SS or Gestapo. Goodness knows that they have the required qualifications. Some of
Blackwater’s paid goons (they’re actually complaining because they’re only getting $350 a day in New Orleans as opposed to $1,000 a day in Iraq) were once henchmen for the repressive regime of Chilean dictator, Augusto Pinochet. And, as we have seen from incidents of torture, sexual sadism, and outright sociopathy on the part of paid mercenaries in Iraq, private mercenaries clearly possess the savagery, sadism, and sociopathy which were so common place during the Hitler regime. Indeed, after Katrina revealed the administration’s contempt for minorities and the lower classes, Bush and his jubilant band of cronies did what they have always done best: they used a national calamity as an opportunity to acquire still more power, both personal and political. Would we really be surprised to learn that these hired assassins were actually preventing blacks and lower class residents from returning to their homes? Would we be at all shocked to learn that these private security firms were in fact exiling “undesirables” from their own city just as the Hitler regime initially exiled Jews from Nazi Germany? Probably not: We’ve already seen how rapacious, how underhanded, the Bush Regime can be during an election. It doesn’t take a large stretch of the imagination to assume that they would use private intimidation in an attempt to change the voting population of New Orleans.

Regrettably, the Bush regime has a problem with moderation. First it did nothing while an American City cried out for help. Then our would be Fuhrer tool (pseudo) responsibility while Scott McClellen and the AM radio hate-mongers played the blame game. Then our would be Fuhrer flip flopped from a non response to an over reaction. Of course, you need to remember that our would be Fuhrer is a dry drunk who has quit drinking but who has maintained the psychological characteristics of an active alcoholic: dishonesty, arrogance, denial, impulsivity, manipulation, and of curse, immaturity.

The only real difference between George the Alcoholic and George the Megalomaniac is that the addiction to alcohol has been transformed into a twin addiction to both power and religion. And the fact that he has surrounded himself with power hungry sociopaths with high ambitions and low morals has only complicated the matter.

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brian said...

That Bush is a dry drunk is obvious. It isn't so much what he says and does but what he fails to say and do. True recoveries include a making of amends. They also include humility and contrition. I see none of this in Bush. I don't see any of it in Tom Delay either. Which reminds me--Tom Delay was just indicted for his alleged involvement in a campaign finance scheme. Brandon, you have it right. You may not know this but Tom Delay is a "recovering" alcoholic too. But look at how he acts. He's mean, greedy, self-centered, self-serving, and as you said, power hungry. Neither Bush nor DeLay are in recovery. They are just dry drunks and the only thing they give a damn abut is their own personal power.