Wednesday, September 21, 2005

We LOVE the new mission statement

Not only do I love the new template (which is one of the most under appreciated of the lot) but I love the new mission statement. Never mind the tranquil colors and images which reflect so well our basic philosophy, the new mission statement truly captures the basic spirit of what we're trying to accomplish. This is what we're trying to say; this is what we're all about. I don't know if anyone has noticed it, so I shall copy and paste it here.

"The hyphen says it all. We strive for an honorable America free of Republican greed, arrogance, rapacity, and ineptutude. If you still believe in American core values such as justice, equality, and freedom of conscience then this is a safe harbor for you."

Well done in every way.

Keep up the good work

Enlightenment (AKA TREVOR)

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Brandon said...

The choice in template can be traced back to Advocate 1 and Katie who found it at a public library on Saturday afternoon. All I did was go along with it, although I must admit, it was a VERY good choice. The mission statement is as much Kyle's as it is mine. Thanks for your support,