Tuesday, December 13, 2005

THE CHRISTMAS WARS: How the Radical Christian Right Bastardizes Christmas and Christianity

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Brandon Alexander Geraghty-MacKenzie

How the Radical Christian Right is Bastardizing Christmas and Christianity


Brandon Alexander Geraghty-MacKenzie
Advocate 1

Brian Sinclaire

"I am not going to let aggressive totalitarian and anti-Christian forces in this country diminish, denigrate, the holiday and the celebration. I'm gonna use all the power that I have on radio and television to bring horror into the world of people who are trying to do that.."

Bill O'Reilly trying to sound like a Christian.

It seems as if the Radical Christian Right has stepped up its attack on America and mainstream Christianity by extending the Cultural War to include the words Happy Holidays; and while they may not realize it, they haven't exactly done a lot to equate their battle cry of "Merry Christmas" with anything especially Merry or Christian either.

On the surface, the whole thing seems rather bizarre. Christ, after all, never politicized his religious teachings; and the last we knew, bringing horror into the world of concerned Americans who oppose a Christian Republic or a Fundamentalist theocracy isn't exactly a Christian standard. So you just have to wonder: Why would the same professional misanthropes who so fervently complain about political correctness, want to demote the words "Merry Christmas" to the mere equivalent of right wing political war chant? Why would they want use Christmas, of all things, as an excuse to infuriate the American people at what they claim is the holiest time of the year?

First and foremost, we need to remember that this isn't the first time that the Pseudo Christian Right has used Christmas as a weapon against its opponents.

During the 1920s Henry Ford warned us about a Jewish conspiracy to remove Christmas from the public square. According to Ford and his ilk, there was a Jewish plot to eliminate Christmas caroling and Christmas pageants. Ironically, the current crusade against the term "Happy Holidays" also has a certain racist/antisemitic ring to it as well. The only other religious Holidays during the month of December are Hanukkah and Kwanzaa--a Jewish holiday and an African-inspired holiday. So you have to ask yourself, " what are the cultural warriors complaining about this time?" Are they really offended because they can't hear the words "Merry Christmas" on demand or are they just offended by Blacks and Jews? If it's the first scenario, we would suggest that they need to develop a few grown up characteristics such as patience and perspective; if it's the second scenario they clearly need to get a grip on their racist/antisemitic tendencies Granted, one might argue that conservative Jews and Christian Fundamentalists have forged a political alliance of convenience, based on Israel's right to exist and the Fundamentalists' literal interpretation of Revelations, but let's not deceive ourselves. This does not mean thay the Radical Christian Right has become more tolerant and accepting of the Jewish people. Rather, the Fundamentalist take on the Jews and the Nation of Israel is that Jesus, the beloved "Prince of Peace" will come back at the end of times to punish the Jews to eternal damnation because they refused to accept him as the Messiah.

Real love and compassion there.

The supposedly "Pro Christmas" crusade was renewed during the 1950s, when the John Birch Society decided there was a United Nations plot to replace Christmas decorations with symbols of one world government. In 1959 this fanatical little group (think KKK in street clothing) published a revealing pamphlet, "There Goes Christmas," claiming, "...one of the techniques now being applied by the Reds to weaken the pillar of religion in our country is the drive to take Christ out of Christmas -- to denude the event of its religious meaning." This time the targets were American department stores, which they assumed were a part of a clandestine Soviet/United Nations plot. And the last we knew, the John Birch Society had a decidedly anti-Semitic streak to it as well....

The current crusade only combines the worst of both, religious fanaticism and outright paranoia. That much became obvious when Fox Propaganda Minister, John Gibson, author of The War On Christmas, appeared on the November 17 edition of the Janet Parshall Show, suggesting: "Minorities ought to have the same sense of tolerance about the majority religion -- Christianity -- that they've been granted about their religions over the years." Which on the surface, actually sounds reasonable. But Gibson then went on to offer the following remarks. " I would think if somebody is going to be -- have to answer for following the wrong religion, they're not going to have to answer to me. We know who they're going to have to answer to....And that's fine. Let 'em. But in the meantime, as long as they're civil and behave, we tolerate the presence of other religions around us without causing trouble, and I think most Americans are fine with that tradition." Hardly the image of the devout, Christmas-mas loving Saint that the folks at Fox and Penguin Books have been promoting, is it?

Can you believe this guy? Only moments after he stated that the religious minority (a code word for Jews?) should be more tolerant of the Christian majority, Gibson then revealed himself as a judgemental, Christian supremest who was only saying what God would say if God only knew what was going on down here. (A special hint to our readers. When you die, go to Heaven, and see Mister Gibson there, you should worry about where you went.)

Needless to say we really aren't surprised by this.

Since the early 1980s the Radical Christian Right has grown increasingly militant, and paranoid. This, after all, is the same crowd that has been warning us about a "Satanic, New Age Conspiracy" which is allegedly poised to take over the entire world; the latest assault on "Happy Holidays," being the most recent in a long line of paranoid conspiracy theories. Granted, the right to both hate and fear your fellow Americans is protected by the American Constitution,, but the Radical Christian Right hasn't only turned these "time honored practices" into art forms; they have also created a delusional, world wide conspiracy that is so involved and so far-fetched that you need a flow chart just to keep track of the various groups, individuals, and practices involved.

1 acupressure
2. acupuncture
3. aerobics at the YMCA
4. Alcoholics Anonymous
5. American Civil Liberties union
6. Amway Corporation
7. Atari Computer Corporation
8. Biofeedback
9. Blue Cross/Blue Shield
10. Buffalo New York Public Schools
11. Campbell's Soup Company
12. Catholic Church/Catholic Communion
13. Cocoon (the movie)
14. Cousins: Norman
15. creative visualization
16. ending world hunger
17. environmental movement
18. Free Masonry
19. gay rights
20. globalism
21. Gorbachev: Mikhail
22. The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck
23. guided imagery for success and prosperity
24. happy holidays
25. health food
26. holistic health practices
27. The Hunger Project
28. Huxley: Aldous
29. hypnosis
30. the information revolution
31. Jehovah's Witness
32. Jewish Cabala/Judaism in general
33. Life Magazine
34. Lions International
35. Lockheed Corporation
36. Minneapolis City government
37. Mobil Oil Corporation
38. Monsanto Corporation
39. Mormon Church
40. Mother Theresa
41. The Muppets
43. Nader: Ralph
44. National Aeronautic Space Administration
45. National Organization for Women
46. Native American religious ceremonies
47. NBC Television
48. Newsweek Magazine
49. New York City government
50. Planned Parenthood
51. pluralism
52. Polaroid Corporation
53. Pope John XXIII
54. positive thinking
55. Prince Phillip of England
56. Princeton University
57. Proctor and Gamble
58. Readers Digest
59. rock and roll
60. Rockefeller Foundation
61. rosaries
62. Save the Whales
63. self-realization
64. Social Security Administration
65. stress management
66. transcendental meditation
67. Tutu: Desmond
69. United Nations
70. United States Navy
71. University of Michigan
72. University of Texas
73. vegetarian diets
74. Welesa: Lech
75. Westinghouse
76. world peace efforts
77. Yale University
78. Yeltsin: Boris

Those are just a few of the many people, places and things that this crowd considers "New Age," "evil," or "Satanic."

And just who are the spin masters behind this unadulterated lunacy? You guessed it: Dave Hunt, Texe Marrs, Ralph Reed, James Dobson, Ted Haggard, the late Randall N. Baer, Rebecca Brown, Eric Buehrer, Constance Cumbey, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Douglas Groothuis, Joseph Kennedy, Mel (deceased) and Norma Gabler, ad nauseum.

To quote Marrs: "The New Age appears to be the instrument that Satan will use to catapult his Antichrist to power...When Christians refuse to be initiated into this Satanic religious system, they will be dealt with very harshly....The New Age is working hard today to set up an environment against Christians...so the public mood will be ready when the Antichrist begins his brutal anti-Christian programs." (1987).

And to make the situation still more interesting, even the Christmas-mocking Gibson himself has couched his arguments in brazenly conspiratorial terms:

"It's like the secret bombing of Cambodia--it was a secret from everybody except the people getting bombed. Same deal here. People trying to keep Christmas in schools and parks and libraries and city halls know about the war on Christmas. The people waging this war are trying to keep it secret, but it's too late. They have been outed."

Nope. No paranoia there.

Worse yet, the Christmas warriors aren't always dependable when it comes to the facts. Consider, if you will, religion in public schools. Our public schools are more religious now than they were at just about any time in our nation's history. Students pray, study the Bible, and hold rallies around flag poles; they distribute literature and discuss religion with their fellow classmates. Or to be be succinct, student-generated(religious activities are perfectly legal and constitutional. But that isn't the main objective. The idee fixe of the Radical Christian Right is top down religion; using the power and authority of school personnel and public tax dollars to impose a particular (read literal) interpretation of a particular faith on people of different religions and denominations. Translated into modern English, they want to turn America's public school system into a hotbed of Ultra- Fundamentalist extremism.

Spokespersons for the Radical Christian Right admit as much.

In 1990, Robert Simonds, founder of Citizens for Excellence in Education, made no effort to conceal his agenda. " I hope I will see, " Simonds noted, "the day when, as in the early days of our country, we won't have public schools. The churches will have taken over again, and Christians will be running them. What a happy day that will be."

In a similar vein, Jerry Falwell, founder of the former Moral Majority went to far as to say: "America was founded by Godly men who had in mind establishing a republic not only Christian in nature, but a republic designed to propagate the Gospel worldwide."

The upshot here is that the Christmas warriors couldn't care less about Christmas.
They are not trying to promote Christmas and they certainly are not trying to promote Christianity. Instead of promoting the true spirit of Christmas they are merely exploiting the day in their ongoing attempt to establish a repressive interpretation of the biblical text. Instead of promoting the true spirit of Christmas they are wishing the horrors of hell fire and brimstone on anyone and everyone who dares to disagree with them.

To call their hateful, paranoid behavior Christian, is a little like calling Adolf Hitler a good samaritan.


Abraham said...

I'm going to keep this brief. I'm not quite up to par, yet, but I wanted thank the guys for posting this. It's about time someone revealed the antisemitism behind these movements. Well done in every way.

Eli Blake said...

Second what Abraham said.

Except to note that there is something here in addition to anti-semitism. I sense an irrational paranoia similar to that directed at communists during the McCarthy era. And when Mr. Gibson says, 'religious minorities' he may have someone else in addition to Jews in his mind. See Rhinoculous' last post under Pearl Harbor and it is perfectly on display.

The fastest growing religion in America is Islam. And, the community in which it is growing the fastest is the same community in which many people celebrate Kwanzaa. Now, we are in a war with a few people who happen to be Islamic. But the right doesn't make that distinction. They consider Islam itself to be the enemy. And all one billion plus practicioners of Islam in the world.

Don't take my word for it either. Go check out what Rhinoculous said at the end of the Pearl Harbor posts.

Goggalor said...

Fudge Christmas; all hail Holiday Month. Christmas is not Christmas anymore; it's about a big fat red hairy guy with a dumb hat (almost sounds like Moore) coming down your chimney and giving presents. Who the hell finds that offensive? It's not even religious anymore. I am a little hesistant to call it a war on Christmas; but a war on religion. I think they are taking the first amendment way too far. It says congress shall make no law..., it does not say anything about banning the word God. Yeah, but Falwell can still kiss my arse.

Rhino-itall said...

So eli, now you're saying i represent the republican party, and the christian right? I feel honored, however i hardly think i'm that important. My comments by way were in reaction to yours. you pointed out that i said muslims instead of terrorists. i was simply stating facts. the terrorists that we are currently dealing with are muslim. I also point out that Islam is a religion that preaches violence, and the fundamentalists follow it to the letter. So if we don't kill them, they will continue to try to kill us. that means you, me, your children, your wife etc. again, just stating facts.

Brandon said...

All religions have a violent streak in them. Christianity is no different. The Inquisitions; the 30 Years War; the Crusades; the Salem Witch Hunts; European witch hunts; Russian Ortholdox pogroms against Jews; hell, the Third Reich did nothing more than officialize years of Lutheran/Catholic antisemtism--indeed, the only people who were more anti-semitic than German Lutherans were Austrian and Polish Catholics, comopliments of a long term war against the Jews by the papacy.

Brandon said...

RE: "Fudge Christmas; all hail Holiday Month. Christmas is not Christmas anymore; it's about a big fat red hairy guy with a dumb hat (almost sounds like Moore) coming down your chimney and giving presents. Who the hell finds that offensive? It's not even religious anymore."

A few years ago I saw a cartoon which ties into and expands on your comment. In the cartoon, a little kid is sitting on the lap of a Department Store Santa. Above this scene we see a sign that reads "Santa." The goofy kid is looking at Santa and the caption reads something like: "WOW! the letters in your name spell Satan! That is so f---ing cool!"

Sadly, some people out there believe that is true, and they do NOT believe that it is "so f---ing cool." I could find many people in this area, and probably across the nation, who are convinced that Santa, reindeer, and candy canes etc are all part of a greater, Satanic plot to pervcert society and prepare the way for the antichrist. In a way I can almost--ALMOST--appreciate their effort to infuse the Christmas Holiday with something more than crass commercialism, but then they blow it with some loony Satanic, New Age Conspiracy.

The irony is that these are the people who are the most upset, which, when you think about it, really makes no sense at all. What after all are they defending? If the Christmas tree and Santa et al are just secular symbols, then why in the Sam hill are they defending a secular symbol? It just doesn't make any sense. Unless of course they have other motives and the Right Wing Mockery of Christmas is just another battle in the overall Cultural War.

On the one hand I can almost--ALMOST--applaud this group because they are at least trying to find something that's a little more meaningful than a fat guy in a red suit. But then they go way over the top and equate Santa with some kind of Satanic plot.

Rhino-itall said...

brandon, this is true, all religions have some violent aspects, or scriptures, however currently the only ones acting on it are the muslims. Which is why i said "currently". I haven't seen any catholic priests calling for the end of Isreal, or denying the holocaust. I didn't read anywhere about some devout christians blowing themselves up on a roadway in Iraq, or a cafe in tel aviv. Don't try to justify the muslim violence by saying everyone does it.

Eli Blake said...

No violent Christians?

I guess what was happening in Ulster for several decades was really the Catholic muslims against the Protestant muslims then?

Rhino-itall said...

eli, i don't know if that was directed at me, but i never said there was no violent christians. I said CURRENTLY we are fighting muslims. I don't care about civil war in Ireland. It does not and did not affect my life. They did not attack me or my city. What is your point? do you have one?

Brandon said...

Oh please. I was born and rasied in Brooklyn, stop making it sound like New York City is your personal play ground. Stop trying to own and exploit the 911 tragedy like its your favorite Christmas gift from 2001. The way you've used that tragedy for personal and political gain is both shameful and inhumane. You were't the only ones who suffered on that day, nor were you the only ones who lost loved ones, so stop trying to monopolize it the way you've tried to monopolize the debate over Christmas. It just doesn't ring true any more. In fact, would go so far as to suggest that 911 revealed certain constituencies on the far right as the fearful hypocrites that they really are.

Prior to 911, Radical Right Wing Fundamentalists (I just can't bring myself to call them Christians anymore)
were constanlty telling us that they believed in Jesus as their personal savior. This was almost invariably coupled with talk about the evils of the dreaded federal government. You only had to tune in Christian Radio, or drop in at a family book store to read these repeated, and as it turned out, disingenuous claims. But what happened after 911? The same people who so fervently claimed to love Jesus and who so viscerally hated the federal government, were the first cowards to go running to Bush, demanding that he expand the power of the suppopsedly dreaded Federal government so that they wouldn't have to meet their beloved Personal Savior.

What did this tell me about the nature of the professional cultural warriors?

It told me a lot.

First, it told me that they really don't hate the federal government as long as they can use it to establish their ultra-fundamentalist world view as the official faith; that they LOVE the federal government when they can use it to repress and/or persecute gays, nonchristians, and nonbelievers. Secondly it told me that the term "fundamentalist faith" is an oxymoron; that for all their talk (which is cheap) about faith and belief the one thing and the ONLY thing these people will ever worship is temporal power. They basically want to use their faith as a means to dominate and bully others. 911 merely gave them another excuse to do so. Beyond that their spiritual sincerity is about as deep and about as meaningful as a piece of used toilet paper.

Having revealed that little contradiction, let's move on to Rhino's contradiction.

By his own admission, the Muslim religion is violent. Well, then just what will he do if (or rather WHEN) the people of Iraq eventually decide that they want to democratically establish an Islamic Repeublic? Or if the Shi'ite South decides that it wants closer ties to Iran? He can't have it both ways. He can't sit there and applaud George W. Bush for starting a war in Iraq which will bring Muslims to power, and then say Islam is a violent religion when he wants to go on a Christmas crusade here in the United States. Either Islam is a violent religion--in which case the war you support will bring violent, repressive Shi'ites to power, or the war you support was a foolish idea for the same reason.

While you're pondering that point I'd like to tackle a few other moronic points that have been made around here, beginning with the irrational idea that theur misguided, right wing "logic" is in any way valid. I'm sure that from your point of view anything which runs counter to your reactionary dreamscape must be viewed as illogical, but from what we've seen, you're the people who have the problems qwith hate, anger, and a lack of critical thinking. I'm very sure that in the mind of a paranoid schizophrenic delusions and hallucinations must seem very real, but to the outside world the patient seems a little out of touch. This, clearly, is what has happened to the far right. From their own point of view each step they take, each move they make within their political game must seem very logical and very rational. The problem here is that they've been so dumbed down by their constant consumption of right wing alternative medaia (read Republican Propaganda and AM radio hate mongering) that they can't see that that game itself is illogical.

Or to put it another way, perhaps they never heard the old saying "you can't see the forest for the trees." Except in their case they not only can't see the forest for the trees; they have so obsessed over a single piece of diseased bark (George W. Bush) on a their favorite buckthorn (the far right) that they don't even know that they're looking at a tree, much less that they're in a forest. There is no real reason to listen to them since their logic skills have been so warped by the incestous echo chamber that almost anything they spew is delusional dishonest, or just ourtight asinine. I'm sorry that our speaking truth to corrupt power has made them angry and hateful, but I suspect those were pre-existing conditions for which we need not take any blame.

I'm sure certain people would like to think that we hate them or that they make us angry the truth of the matter is that they just aren't important enough to elicit that kind of response from us. The only reasons we're here is because we consider it a duty to speak truth to corruption and power, and because we enjoy each others company and actually enjoy the process.

The fact that this upsets the far right is really quite unimporant to us.

Rhino-itall said...

Hey brandon, tell me how you really feel. cmon, don't hold back. Anyway, i don't really want to get into this too much, because it's obvious from your post, and your insults that contrary to what you say, you are getting angry. so let me just hit it quick, and then you should get a drink of water or something.

i don't use 9/11 for anything.

i don't listen to christian radio or go to christian book stores.

i'm not trying to dominate any christmas argument, i just reacted to the posts on your blog. I didn't do any stories on my blog about it. it's not even an important subject to me. the Aclu attack on christianity is something different.

I don't think the right hates the federal government, we just want them to do the job they're supposed to do, like handling national security. and we certainly don't want them to take any more of our money to "redistribute" it.

now for my other contradiction, why is there only one outcome? it has to be radical fundamentalist shiites will take over Iraq? There is no other possible outcome? Seems a little short sighted of you. I don't think that will happen. and of course Islam is a violent religion, and the fundamentalists have declared war on us. What solution would you use? should we just kill everyone? I don't think that's a good idea. instead lets show them another way of life. You know Turkey is all muslims, they don't want to kill us. I don't know why you believe that people won't choose freedom if they can. The sunni's at first rejected the idea of democratic government, and now their leaders are urging them to get to the polls. They want to be a part of the democratic process. It's very inspiring. I thank George Bush and my Savior Jesus Christ for that.

the rest of your stuff seems like jibberish to me. Very emotional echo chamber christian book store stuff. It's not really logical, and therefore i really can't address it. i hope my calm rational comments are helpful to you, and if you're still very angry, maybe you should talk to Dr. katie, i hear she's very good.

Jewishlady said...

How dare you put Constance Cumbey in a list of people who you think are attacking the Jewish community.

She has done more to expose the antisemitism in the New Age movement than any Jewish individual or group, starting with information about Lucis Trust.

She has worked with the Wiesenthal organization and with Jews in Israel. She has openly faced down antisemites where she found them, including the antisemitism of Kevorkian.

Since 1995 she has been exposing Javier Solana's agenda (see European Union) and showed him to be an enemy of Israel long before the Jews in Israel knew that he existed.

If you go to her blog, cumbey.blogspot.com you will find a link that shows the University Michigan has archived her material at their request.

If you can get off the laughing gas long enough, you might find out that the academic community has been taking the topic of New Age seriously for the last ten years or so.

Abraham said...

It seems to may that some tightly wound people could USE a little laughing gas. Or better yet, they have to stay on topic.

I think Jewishhue, or Donkeylady, (or whatever he's calling himself this time around) should go back and read the rest of the article instead of highlighting some trivial point which had nothing to do with the main theme.

To prevent further hijacking I shall repeat the main points.

1. The main theme was about how right wing Christian hypocrites were using what they often refer to as "the holiest day of the year" to stir up the pot. In fact, the boys might have summed up the entire argument like this:

Right wing hypocrites who don't give two whoops in hell about Christmas are using the most holy day of their year as a religious weapon to stir the political pot.

2. It is not an accident that the GOP started its Christmas Campaign in a year that the Jewish Holiday begins at sundown on Christmas Day. Sundown Christmas day marks the beginning of our Hanukkah clebreation--and if you think that was a coincidence then you're living in a fool's paradise.

Brandon, I don't want to boss you around (this is your blog, afterall, ) but is it really asking too much for the readers to stay on topic? I was glad when you blocked anonymous comments, but now you have to do something about the sidetrackers.

If I were you I would request that the readers stay on topic. If they can't do so then you should do what any radio program or legitimate, print publication would do.

You should ignore them.

You have to think of Coalition as a print publication. If a print publication had run an article about topic x and a reader wrote a letter to complain about topic x but then whined about topic y or z, the letter would be rejected. If our readers want to go off topic they should go off topic on their own blogs. I know you can't reject a comment the same way that a newspaper or a magazine rejects a letter to the editor, but you do have the power to delete. I suggest that you do so.

If some of your readers are going to play games and find ways around our ground rules then they don't deserve to play the game at all.

I also think you should give some serious consideration to the solution that Jeff and Katie have been discussing. I didn't like the idea at first, but I'm beginning to see where it might prove beneficial for the final product.

Just for your consideration.


PS. Since certain readers have trouble staying on topic, perhaps every original post should contain a subtitle that would help them in that pursuit.

Just a suggestion.


Jewishlady said...

Oh Abe, how you run away from information. The entire post was a diatribe of misinformation and when I point out a glaring slander, you want me to say yes or no to the entire thing.
I don't consider slander a trivial point, although that's the preferred discussion method of the left.

Too bad for you that I wandered on to this blog by way of a Technorati search the other day. Your nasty comments don't make other Jews look good, so perhaps you are a bigger danger to the Jewish commmunity than the Christians. It's so easy for those of you here to remain smug as you talk among yourselves. So you know what I'm going to do. I'm going to try and send some Christians over here to defend themselves regarding Christmas.

By the way Abraham, you do know that thou shalt not bear false witness. Remember that next Yom Kippur.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Abe, I will take that as a compliment that you have confused "the incredibly well spoken and intellectually superior to this blog" Jewishlady with me. The Rhino even thought so himself for a moment, until he realized I aint that smart. Looks like you need to sign up more contributors if y'all cant hadle a balding rhino, a drunken donkey, and a nice jewishlady in any semblance of an intellectual debate. But dont let the facts get in your way now.

Enlightenment said...

Guys, I hate to be the one to tell you, but I think we've been the victim of a screen changer.

I didn't want to say anything because I know Brandon has been milking some of their comments, but now it's gone too far and I just can't keep quiet any more.

The coincidences here are just too numerous to ignore.

1. First we had Rhino using phony grammar to conceal a real identity.

2. Then we had a couple of anonymous comments in November and December which sounded a lot like Donkeyhue.

3. In early December Brandon blocked those anonymous callers.

4 Then, only a few days after Brandon clamps down on anonymous comments, we get a bunch of unverifiable remarks from "jewishwoman," who sounds a lot like Donkeyhue and the anonymous comments.

5. Then I clicked on the name "jewishwoman" and I found this.

User Stats
On Blogger Since December 2005
Profile Views 6 "

No active blog, no personality profile, nothing to indicate that this is a real person. But the person or persons who created this screen name should have rememebred that the statistics DO tell us when the account was created--and that would be December 2005, around the time Brandon blocked anonymous comments.

I don't know how many people are playing this game, but I hope it will prompt my kid to make a few changes around here.

1. Continue blocking all anonymous comments, but set up an email address or addresses where serious, legitimate readers can offer suggestions and comments on the side.

2. Make and keep a promise that all suggestions and comments made via email be kept confidential.

3. Require that all screen names lead to a genuine personality profile.

4. Require that all screen names lead to an active blog.

5. Refuse (delete)comments from blogs which do not take comments.

6. Refuse (delete)comments from blogs which only take comments from the members of that particular blog.

7. Contiunue to accept comments from blogs which accept comments from everyone or from fellow bloggers.

There isn't any reason why we should play by one set of rules while the otherside craps on the rulebook.

Regardless as to who may be whom I see no reason why we should take any nonsense from the anonymous or the virtually anonymous. The Motley Fool Discussion Boards, Politics.com, etc don't put up with this kind of outright deceit, and there's no reason why we should put up with it either.

Thanks much

Trevor Alexander MacKenzie
AKA "Enlightenment."

Jewishlady said...

There is no deceit. I learned a long time ago that the left will put a spotlight on an individual in order to deflect discussion of an issue. It's why I prefer to discuss issues rather than personalities, the issues here being slander, New Age and Solana. If you can't discuss issues publicly, that's a reflection on the writers of this blog.

Jewishlady said...

As I posted elsewhere, I was doing a technorati.com search on "Constance Cumbey." This blog came up and I read it to see what was being said. I posted my email address when I registered. I do not have a blog, preferring to privately share research with a small email list. My information can be verified, unlike your first comments which suggested I am a previous poster here.

Rhino-itall said...

Hey light, i have never used any other profile. i don't know what you're talking about with phony grammar, but i don't need to be anyone else. i consistently crush you guys with factual information that you can't rebut with anything except name calling and unproven theories. Now jewishlady is kicking your ass and your suggestion is to block her from the blog. If you're scared, just say you're scared. no need to set up some kind of double secret probation or something, i've known you guys were scared for a long time now.

Anonymous said...

Now this is entertainment enlightenment. I will quote The Kinks

"Silly boy ya self destroyer.
Paranoia the destroyer"

What has gone on to far Lightweight?
That you could not engage me in factual debate so you resorted to bs pyscho babble half witted freudian name calling? Or that now once again this "blog" is being soundly beaten by an intellectually superior adversary you resort to topic diverting tactics. But I like your strategy, since you are unable to debate the message with facts...block the messenger.

Rhino-itall said...

Hey light i just checked your profile, there isn't one. so when you get banned here, according to your own rules, you are welcome at the aurora. we don't discriminate, we just whoop ass. we take on anyone. we're not scared, "if you got beef chief we're knocking out teeth keith" (beastie boys)
no but seriously, you're all welcome to debate us. we enjoy the arguement.

Anonymous said...

Abe, are you suggesting censorship? You can put as many bows and ribbons on it that you wish, but it is what it is...stifling dissenting and opposing views that do not fit your criteria of being "correct"

Anonymous said...

So I take it from the silence (at least until enlightenment starts to post anonymously again), I have yet again won another debate on your blog.

Score Donkey 2 Coalition 0

Hope everyone had a nice holiday!