Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Good News!

I thought out readers would like to know that Abe is finally back home.

We're not sure as to when he'll be back in action. He's weak, and he tuckers out rather quickly, but we're confident that a little loving attention at home will make the world of difference. Open heart surgery isn't a picnic at the age of 77, and the ensuing staph infection wasn't an enjoyable experience either; but he seems to be doing as well as can be expected (a horrible term if ever there was one) and he genuinely enjoys the changes that we've made in the house prior to his return home.

For those of you who asked, we decided that it was time to give my uncle a downstairs suite of rooms where all of his favorite things will be within easy walking distance. This had been a touchy point in the past because he didn't want to admit that the trip to his upstairs retreat was taking a toll. Sooooooo, we took the liberty of recreating his abode in two of our downstairs rooms while he was recovering at the hospital and nursing home.

This was not an easy task. This man has more books, LPs, and CDs than you could possibly imagine. We--or rather, my husband--quite literally had to build a floor to ceiling set of bookshelves in what used to be our parlor. But the shelves look nice, they fit in nicely with the Victorian decor, they serve a useful function, and it's exactly what my uncle needs right now.

Sooooo on behalf of the Steffes and MacKenzie families we thank all of you for your best wishes and concerns.

Rachel Steffes-MacKenzie

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