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Editor's note, by Enlightenment

Danny isn't quite up to working on his computer yet, but he was able to pen this in longhand from his sick bed last night. Like both, my son and Danny, I am increasingly disgusted by the morality of the Bush Administration and the Democratically elected theocracy that is taking shape in Iraq. At the risk of sounding unpatriotic, I have to say, I find the cause to be increasingly repugnant. Why are we supporting a bunch of loony, right wing religious fanatics who would be making tremendous steps forward if they were to march forward into the Dark Ages?

The government which is taking shape in Iraq is nothing more than a right wing, Shi'ite Theocracy and I can't think of a cause that is more unworthy of our American troops. After learning about this I turned to my wife and said, something to the effect of: not only would we show the troops how much we support them by bringing them home--we would also be saving their honor in the process.

As for Bush and his goons who have unleashed this mess, I don't kid myself. They never had any honor to lose in the first place.

As for the post, it was written by Daniel on legal paper in a sick bed on the night of Sunday, March 26, 2005. He was a little tired when he finished, but he thinks it was worth it and I am only more than happy to post it for him on both, Coalition and Chronicles.

And now, here's Danny.


Some people--and that means the Bush Administration--have a truly warped definition of democracy.

I really thought that I would recover from this bout of pneumonia without getting upset about a piece of news out of Iraq. My friends have been doing their best to make certain that I don't watch too many newscasts. They limit my reading to paperback fiction and popular mainstream magazines. But from time to time something slips through and I find myself seething at the utter incompetency in which Bush has handled the situation in Iraq.

Death squads weren't bad enough. now we have sexual cleansing in both, Iran and Iraq. And as usual, the principal victims are--ou guessed it sweet pea--gays and lesbians. Or rather any Muslim male either gay or straight who just happens to look a little effeminate.

What am I talking about? I'm talking about the Grand Ayatollah Sistani, who in October 2005, issued a fatwa against anyone "involved in homosexuality." Since that time the military arm of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, has been sweeping through neighborhoods in Southern Iraq, especially Basra where they stalk gay men, women without veils, people playing western music, and businesses which sell alcoholic beverages, although the main target of attack is gay men who don't look masculine enough for these Muslim Inquisitors. Young men are being kidnapped . They are then tortured and beaten up. Their hands are tied behind their backs and they are dragged out to public squares where, in the words of the Ayatollah, they are "put to death in the most extreme way of killing." Read shot in the back of the head.

And gets even worse. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran has unleashed the sex police in Iran. They not only prowl the streets. They also enter gay chat rooms, pose as homosexuals, invite gay men out on dates, and then, when the victim shows up at the proper place and time, he is arrested, tortured, and publicly executed--again with a bullet in the back of the head. Being the good neighbors that they are, the Iranian sex police are skipping over to Iraq where the same high tech method is being used on Iraqi homosexuals. Moreover, there are reports of Iranian interrogators speaking Persian with translators as they torture gay suspects.

As if we should be surprised. After liberating Iraq for the Iraqi people we find ourselves in a situation where the most influential political/religious movement in Iraq is headed not by an Iraqi, but by a native born Iranian. That's right. Satani--oops, I mean Sistani--was born and raised in Iran. He received his religious traning in Iran. And both he and the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq maintain close ties to Iran.

And what is the United States position on this? How do our officials and soldiers behave when leaders in the Iraqi gay community go to the Green Zone for help? Americans show their contempt. They don't help at all. Gays who seek help are ridiculed, humiliated, and turned away. You see, my pets. The United States thinks that it needs this so called Supreme Council. It believes in its heart of hearts that these right wing, theocractic thugs will stop the violence and avoid the civil war that the Bush Invasion has already unleashed. Indeed, the recently approved talks between the United States and Iran pertaining to the situation in Iraq were sponsored by (are you sitting?) the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq.

I really have to wonder. Just what are the policy makers in Washington thinking about. Just what in the hell are they thinking with? We keep hearing that the Bush Administration wants to promote "Democracy" in Iraq. Well, I don't know about you, sweet pea, but the last I knew the persecution of gay men and free thinking women are not characteristics of a healthy democracy. A democratically elected theocracy, yes, but not democracy as you and I would understand it.



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BEAST said...

Not only is the bush Administration indifferent towards the pride of gays, they were so timid that they did not even dare to initate the rescue of Abdur Rahman, the Christian convert who was sentenced to death for being an apostate.

If they would not even save their own kind, what makes you think they will bother with gays and lesbians?

Daniel Gallagher said...

First I want to thank Trevor for posting for me. Then I want to thank Brandon, Brian, and Jeff for the wonderful care they've been providing.

That said...

I may be a newly deconverted atheist, but I still have a great deal of respect for those religions that are open minded enough and tolerant enough to promote peace and equality between people of different races, faiths, ethnic backgrounds, and gender preferences.

But that respect does NOT extend to right wing fundamentalists of any stripe who would 1) deny gays equal rights and equal protection under the law and 2) openly torture and execute homosexuals.

In my opinion those belief systems are nothing more than hate-mongering with the name of a central prophet connected to them to excuise theological serial killing by sick, ignorant, hateful people who think God will reward them for making life a living hell here on earth.

I lump the crazy, homophobic rightwing Shias together with the crazy right wing Neocons. It's just a question of degree.

But in a strange way I am even more digusted with Bush than I am with the Shias. At least the Muslims can point to years of Colonial rule under European powers and then years of economic exploitation by oil hungry Western powers. Bush, on the other hand, is an ungreatful son of a bitch.

Remember the fourth airliner that crashed in Pennsylvania in 911. Remember the fact that this was the liner that was heading for the White House? DO YOU REMEMBER THE FACT THAT ONE OF THE PEOPLE WO STOOD UP TO THE TERRORISTS ON THIS FOURTH FLIGHT WAS A GAY MAN WHO SACRIFICED HIS OWN LIFE TO SAVE THE WHITE HOUSE?

Yeah. I remember it too. Here you had a homosexual who put his life on the line to save the W's buddies and cronies in the White House and how does W show his appreciation? By promoting anti-gay marriage amendments and doing nothing while his rabid, foaming at the mouth fundamentalist base uses anti gay rhetoric which rivals the anti-Jewish rhetoric that Hitler and his goons used against Jews in the 1940s.

If this is how Bush shows his appreciation, I'd hate to see how he behaves when he is ungrateful.

Just goes to show you--where Bush is concerned no good deed goes unpunished.

Would that there were a hell because if there were it would be teaming with neocons and right wing religious fanatics.

Lily said...

I share the contempt but actually there was a lot of pressure on Karzai from the Bush administration where Rahman's execution was concerned, especially from Rice.

This was written about a lot because they went to bat for him (not that its bad) but yet ignore the situation for women there and many others where they remain silent. Danny, I hope you are doing ok. Love and best wishes.