Monday, April 24, 2006


By Brandon, Daniel, and Enlightenment

Are you sick and tired of right wing theocrats and reactionary demagogues playing the religion card whenever their brutal policies and beliefs are questioned by the loyal opposition? Have you reached the point where you want to put massive doses of Haldol, Thorazine, and Lithium in our public water systems to cure these Bible-thumping paranoiacs of the delusion that their bastardization of the Christian faith is under attack? Do you feel like retching when corrupt politicians uncork psychotic (some might say sociopathic) double talk about a war on conservative "Christianity" instead of taking personal responsibilities for the illegal and/or unethical activities which created their self-created problems in the first place?

Yeah, I'm getting a little sick and tired of these congenital liars too, and the part that makes me want to vomit the most is their duplicitous rhetoric about the so called persecution of ultra fundamentalists right here in America. I'm sorry, but if these over-Christianized fanatics think that church-state separation is a form of repression, if they truly believe that not being allowed to use the force of the federal government coupled with tax payer funding to proselytize nearly 280 million Americans is a form of religious persecution, then I would humbly suggest that they visit a few areas in the world where religious strife and persecution are every day facts of life. And then after they have seen and experienced real persecution, I would ask them if they still feel that America is a hotbed or anti-religious bigotry.

Of course, that raises a rather sticky question. Just where pray tell (play on words intended) would we send our beloved Bible-thumpers? Regrettably, we can't build a time machine, so the horrors of the Crusades, the Thirty Years Warm the Inquisitions, the Turkish Persecution of the Armenians, the Russian Orthodox pogroms against Jews, and the Nazi Slaughter of 11 million undesirables (including Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, and homosexuals etc) cannot be witnessed first hand. But that doesn't mean that American Christian Supremacists can't vicariously enjoy the chills and thrills of genuine persecution. There are still a number of holocaust survivors who would be more than willing to share first hand their experience in the Nazi death camps. And from what I hear there are plenty of innocent victims--Jews, homosexuals, and Orthodox Christians--who suffered under the Communist Regime in the former Soviet Union. I know, I know, Communism isn't a religion per se, but if our patriotic Bible-thumpers can redefine human secularism as a religion to further their political agenda, I can classify Russian Communism for the same purpose. Soviet style communism and Christianity were both ideological and highly dogmatic; both operated under a hierarchy which promoted ideological purity while discriminating against women, religious dissidents, and homosexuals. And let's not forget the fact that in many ways, the chauvinistic domestic polices and expansionist foreign policies of the Soviet regime were little more than continuations of the same policies which had been enacted under the Tsars, when Russian Orthodoxy was the firmly established state church.

For those who prefer live persecution, I would recommend our latest colony, the war torn vassal state of Iraq, where Shia death squads, with backing from neighboring Iran and tacit approval of the United States military, are prowling the streets of Baghdad, searching for effeminate men, women without veils, western music, and establishments which sell (gasp!) alcohol. And then there's that little problem between the Iraqi Shias and the Iraqi Sunnis who are now blowing each other's Mosques to smithereens. On the other hand, if you're patriotic and aren't so inclined to condemn the budding theocracy that we have established in Iraq, there's plenty of Christian vs. Tribal vs Muslim hostility in war torn Africa, where torture, killing, and genocide can be witnessed on a semi-regular basis. For those who are keen on minor conflicts which might erupt into major conflicts, there's plenty of latent--and at times overt--hatred between the Muslim Pakistanis and the Hindu Indians which occasionally erupts in the targeting of Hindu shrines, and which may--with just a little coaxing--erupt into a regional nuclear conflict. Providing of course our all knowing Decider doesn't decide to launch a nuclear strike in Iran so that he can trigger a general Middle Eastern War in the hope that it will devolve into a global nuclear conflict.

Racists who prefer not to watch third world people committing mass murder in the name of their God or Gods will be happy to know that they can witness religious persecution in Northern Ireland Granted, it hasn't been as bad as it has been in recent years; the crazy IRA and the crazy protestant fundamentalists haven't been living up to their reputations for mutually employed savagery, but for all intents and purposes the Protestant majority has done a fine job at segregating the Catholic minority into poverty infested slums, in essence creating a form of persecution which, while religiously inspired, is expressed in abject poverty for the growing numbers of Northern Irish Catholics.

Those who enjoy their persecution with an Asian flare are encouraged to visit Tibet, where Tibetan Buddhists are repressed by the People's Republic of China. Ditto to certain cults and sects within China's borders.

In other words, the Radical Christian Right hasn't got a a clue as to what real persecution is all about; their phony claims are nothing more than a slap in the face to more decent and more honest people who have experienced genuine horrors. Calling a Scotch Pine a "Holiday Tree" instead of a "Christmas Tree" pales in the face of bombed Mosques and public executions. Preventing a particular faith from flooding the public square and with its particular prayers and symbols cannot compare to the type of genocide that we have seen in Africa. Standing up for church-state separation is not a repressive act against the Radical Christian Right--it is preserving the freedom of religion which allows all faiths to thrive and flourish in the face of ultra-fundamentalist hatred and bigotry.

The Radical Christian Right (which is neither Christian nor right about anything) has expanded the war on American Culture to include a phony claim that Radical Christians are under attack. Translated into the vernacular from the Ultra fundamentalist double speak, anything which prohibits the Ultra Fundamentalist Right from abolishing both, our freedom of religion and the representative government which was created by the framers in 1787,in favor of a fascist-style theocracy in which non Christians, non believers, and dissenting Christians will be treated like second class citizens, represents a "war on conservative Christians." Anything which prevents them from using the power of the federal government to shove their very repressive and very narrow minded interpretation of the King James Bible down the throats of 280 million Americans is considered a form of persecution.

Why if you didn't know better, you'd think that the theocratic bullies and con men who are so determined to overthrow our Constitution, were using a phony claim of persecution as a tactic to persecute real Americans and real Christians who are loyal to the ideals of the Founding Fathers.


BEAST said...

I wonder what really is wrong with these loonies.

First, they declare a "war on education", in an attempt to smuggle Creationism under "intelligent design".

Then came the "war on Christmas", staged theatrically by Pat Robertson.

And then these bunch of sick farts started their "war on easter", whipping easter bunnies, breaking easter eggs and scaring scores of kids to tears.

And now they claim that their religion is under seige? From whom? The Scientologists?!!!

Give me a freaking break.

Douglass said...

I agree with the main points of this post.

But, the Democrats do not support the ENTIRE constitution.

They nitpick, just like the Republicans.