Friday, April 28, 2006

They Just Keep Getting Loonier and Loonier

It seems as if the Radical Christian Right has yet to hit rock bottom. You no sooner think it has descended to the ultimate level of moral depravity but what it finds new and increasingly vulgar ways to surprise mainstream America.

Where shall I begin?

A few weeks ago, we learned that the "Reverend" Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church had decided to change tactics. Instead of harassing families at dead soldiers' funerals he and his depraved cult of hate mongers will now protest outside veterans health facilities with signs condemning wounded disabled veterans. For those of you who aren't familiar with Mister Phelps and his over-glorified cult, this is the group of roving paranoiacs who travel around the country protesting at the funerals of slain American soldiers because Phelps and his ilk are convinced that God is punishing the United States because of its pro homosexual agenda. Not content to harass grieving family members, Mister Phelps has now turned his attention to wounded war veterans, claiming that their injuries are a punishment from God because of--you guessed it--America's tolerance for homosexuality.

As if that weren't bad enough, we now have the "Reverend" Becky Fisher at the "Kids on Fire" Summer Bible Camp" in Devil's Lake, North Dakota. Just in case you haven't heard of this over-glorified cult, this is a right wing indoctrination where little children are brainwashed into towing the Evangelical Political Right party line. During the course of the summer these poor kids are taught the following half-baked lessons in religious savagery and historical revision.

  • Christians must become as brutal and fanatical as the crazy, right wing Islamicists against who we are currently waging a war against terror.
  • Democracy is set up to destroy itself because it offers equality to people of all faiths, a belief which flies in the face of the theocratic cult leaders who believe that we should be a theocracy in which the Lord God--or rather the Lord God's chosen, right wing theocrats--will reign supreme.
  • There is no wall between church and state; the Founding Fathers believed that if we didn't establish a so called "Christian Republic" (read" ultra-fundamentalist theocracy") that God would destroy our country.
  • The Rapture is nigh, and that George W. Bush is anointed to initiate that Rapture.
  • If Harry Potter were a real person he should be executed according to Old Testament teaching because he is a Warlock. (Get a grip people. Harry Potter is a work of fiction--rather Fisher's theology which sounds as if it were composed by a Puritan witch hunter on steroids.

And to make the whole experience even more frightening, the "Kids on Fire" Summer Camp (AKA Jesus Camp) features exercises in which the children wear camouflage fatigues and face paint while they brandish sticks as if those sticks were weapons. Moreover, these kids have been isolated from the society at large, most of them have never set foot in a public school, and they have been raised to believe--quite literally it appears--as if they are the next generation of right wing fanatics in the Radical "Christian" attempt to shred the Constitution and overthrow the United States government. (I guess one might say "Kids on Fire" is a euphemism for "The Bil of Rights on Fire."

But then again, you just have to remember--the Reverends anti-American indoctrination center is located near Devil's Lake North Dakota.

And that should tell us a lot.


Carrie Oakey said...

I think it's important for children to learn the scriptures, especially the part where it says America is God's chosen country! We need to train our children to kill the dirty Muslims because that's what they're teaching our children!

Advocate1 said...

Isn't funny how these goons have perverted Christianity into a religion of war, hate and bigotry? I can't even bring myself to think of these people as Christians anymore without the word Christian sticking in my throat. More important, I don't even think of them as my fellow Americans. They're like an alien, invading life form that wants to pervert the political environment for its own selfish purposes.

And now that I think about it...What EVER will these people do when the Rapture doesn't come? There really isn't a Biblical basis for the rapture to begin with, but a lot of damage can be done to both, America and the world, if we allow these delusional murderers to get any closer to the proverbial firing button.

With these people in political power it's a wonder that the fall out shelter industry hasn't made a major come back.

AnthroPax said...

Oh dear, there are a whole load of loonies that put Christianity to shame. I wonder if they've read one of my favourite quotes from the Hebrew Bible; Ezekiel 16:49.

"This was the iniquity of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had pride of wealth and food in plenty, comfort and ease, and yet she never helped the poor and the wretched."

Now if that doesn't seems like a cry for public healthcare and a welfare state, I don't know what is!


Lily said...

It defies even the imagination. Good posts guys! Hope you are all doing well!

Advocate1 said...

And these kooks can imagine quite a bit

Ragnarok said...

If god is punishing America for it's 'pro-homosexual agenda' he must be delighted with Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria...right? You can't get more anti-homosexual than beheadings in a sports arena...

Tolerance is clearly a dirty word. You know what I kind of remember some long-haired beardy man in the bible saying tolerance was good, can't remember his name though....

Anonymous said...

Actually, there are more than 5000 passages which talk about helping one another and assisting the poor. Jesus lived communually with the Apostles and issued repeated statements about giving p wealth and sharing.

Kind of makes me wonder who these right wing loonies are worshipping these days--Jesus or the Dollar.