Wednesday, May 10, 2006

And the Survey Said!

For those of you who don't want to wade through yet another New York Times article about the declining popularity of the Bush regime we have condensed the results from the latest New York Times/CBS opinion poll ( byMarjorie Connelly and Marina Stefan) and arranged them under six different topic headings: George W. Bush in General, Democrats as opposed to Republicans, The Energy Crisis and the Oil Companies, The U.S. Invasion of Iraq and the Continuing War, Immigration, and Declining Bush Strong Points. After that we shall offer a lengthy commentary on what the statistics may well mean.

First the opinion poll. The poll itself was conducted between May 4th and May 8th and it involved 1,241 adults. The margin of error was +/- three percentage points.

George W. Bush in General
The President's overall approval rating is at 31 percent. 42 percent said that he provides strong leadership, which is down from 53 percent in the last poll. Two thirds of those questioned said that President Bush did not share their priorities. Two thirds of the respondents said that the country was worse of now than it was when George W. Bush came to power. 51 percent of conservatives and 6percent of Republicans did not agree with how George W. Bush has handled his job. 70 percent of the American people think the country is movingin the wrong direction Only a mere 23 percent believe that the country is moving in the right direction.

Democrats as Opposed to Republicans
50 percent of those questioned believe that Democrats come closer to sharing their moral values as opposed to the 37 percent who said that Republicans share their (a)moral values. A majority of those questioned thought that Republicans were more likely to be financially corrupt than Democrats. By a ratio of 2 to 1 the respondents said that Democrats have more new ideas than Republicans. 55 percent of those questioned said that they now had a favorable view of the Democratic Party as opposed to 37 percent who said that they had a favorable view of the Republican Party. Half of those questioned said that it was better when different parties controlled the two branches of Congress.

The Energy Crisis and Oil Companies
Only 13 percent approved of the way in which George W. Bush has handled the rising price of gasoline while 57 percent said that they trusted the Democrats more to handle the rising price of gas as opposed to a mere 11 percent which trusted the Republicans on the same issue. Moreover, nearly two thirds believed that it was not beyond the president's power to curb the rising price of gasoline, while 89 percent believed that the Administration did not have a plan to handle the situation. 71 percent believed that the oil companies were profiting from the higher price of oil, while a thin majority believed that the oil companies. And to make the situation even more interesting, a majority believed that the war in Iraq had something to do with the higher price of gasoline.

The U.S. Invasion of Iraq and the Continuing War
A mere 39 percent of the respondents said that going to war was the correct decision, down from 47 percent in the last poll. 56 percent said that going to war in Iraq was a mistake. 60 percent believed that the war was going very badly. Two thirds of the respondents disagreed with the manner in which the Bush Administration handled the war. 63 percent disagreed with our foreign policy in general. But for some reason 55 percent believed that the war still might succeed.

60 percent preferred the more moderate Senate Bill on immigration while two thirds disapproved of the proposed 700 mile fence which would separate Mexico and the United States.

Declining Bush Strong Points
A majority of those questioned still believe that the Republicans will do a better job at maintaining a strong military, but Republicans now only convince a thin majority that they can do a better job at fighting the war on terror, and the latter was the president's strong suit following 911.

Obviously, the President never had the left to begin with; and it's probably safe to assume that if you were to poll independents you would discover that he has both, alienated and lost them as well. Adding insult to injury it seems as if the Administration has also frightened off the country club Republicans. True, they went along for the ride as long as they thought there might be a reasonable profit margin, but we think it's safe to assume that even the most selfish of moderate Republicans have begun to realize that this administration is a threat to both, national security and our Constitutional rights; that they now understand that their party has been hijacked by a very repressive, often irresponsible alliance of religious fanatics, transnational corporatists, and power hungry psychopaths who not only represent a threat to their bottom line, but to the well being of the nation as a whole.

There used to be a time when the Bush Administration could rebound from just about anything, but after the Katrina debacle, the administration increasingly resembled a bouncing ball. Anyone who has ever thrown a ping pong ball on a hard tile floor will know what we're taking about. You throw the ball on the floor and it rebounds to the ceiling. Then it plummets to the floor and the second rebound is a little lower than the first; the third rebound is a little lower than the second, the fourth lower than the third, and so on until the ball stops bouncing altogether and rolls aimlessly along the floor until it either comes to a dead halt or bumps into a wall or some other inanimate object which brings it to a complete stop. That is a fairly accurate analogy for the Bush Administration. Until the devastation that was Katrina the Administration had been able to recover from whatever debacle it had gotten itself into, spinning the facts and manipulating the press until the American people believed whatever misrepresentation the regime was spewing at any given time.

But in the late summer of 2005 Katrina inoculated both, the regime in Washington, and the American people, with a painful dose of reality. The site of American citizens, homeless, helpless, and dying ,coupled with the spectacle of an administration that was both, too inept, and too apathetic to offer a helping hand, said more than any press conference or staged public appearance. For the second time in his misbegotten administration (the first time being 911) , the president was apparently too confused and/or too apathetic to make swift, decisive decisions in the face of a national disaster. The American people had been deceived during the days after 911, genuinely believing that their dysfunctional leader actually cared about something besides himself and the special status of his elite ruling class, but after Katrina the truth could no longer be denied. We were dealing with an Administration which ignored warnings, which revealed little in the way of concern for people which it considered "inferior," and which was no more prepared for a national disaster than had been nearly four years ago.

On some level the American people began to realize that this Administration, while enamored of patriotic, indeed nationalistic rhetoric, was utterly and undeniably anti-American in its basic attitudes and real life policies. Reality squared off against propaganda, and for the first time the woefully inept career of George W. Bush, reality trumped spin and outward prevarication. Maybe I'm wrong, but I truly believe that on some level the American people have grown weary of a covetous philosophy which tells us that greed is good; that the strong should be allowed to thrive while the weak are left to die. It may well be that the front page photo of an American searching for food amidst the garbage while the bloated corpse of another American floats nearby in toxic flood waters was enough to awaken even the most selfish of Americans.

On September 11, 2001, George W. Bush exploited the convenience of a genuinely evil nemesis, Osama Bin Laden. But in 2005 there was no enemy to personify. Katrina was a force of nature. Who was the President to blame? The local weather man? The National Weather Service? An unusually destructive combination of moisture, water temperature, and low barometric pressure? Not likely. In what can only be described as an ironic twist of faith, our pollution-friendly, nature-hating president had been exposed by--of all things--a force of nature. Without another human being to blame for the debacle, Bush again lapsed into a state of inactivity, fiddling away while the people of New Orleans begged for assistance.

So here we are, nine months after Katrina, and the president still doesn't get it. Do we really need to wonder why his approval rating ranks somewhere between those for the Ebola virus and a migraine headache? Not really. The American people are beginning to notice the all too obvious character flaws, the glaring inconsistencies, and they want answers to the following questions.

1. How can a president be so charming and outwardly fun-loving and yet so afraid or even hostile when it comes to talking and ultimately demonizing those with whom he disagrees

2. How can he claim to be a compassionate conservative and then twiddle his thumbs while an American city sinks into death, decay, and ruin?

3. How can he claim to be a man of "family values" and then endorse polices and program cuts which in no way value families?

4. How can he claim to be a born again Christian, and not understand that there are more than 5,ooo passages in the Bible which talk about compassion for the poor and the destitute

5. How can he he send American troops to war and then give a sick, demented performance in which he ridicules the fact that there were no weapons of mass destruction?

6. How can he talk about freedom and liberty but then engage in domestic spying without going to the FISA court?

7. How can he demand obedience and honesty from the people around him when he himself shows no loyalty to the American people nor obedience to the Constitution which he has sworn to uphold and defend?

What can we say? We are thrilled by the fact that the American people opened their eyes to the fact that love, generosity, cooperation, and genuine compassion are timeless American values. And with a little luck they will also recognize the president's pety fear, greed, and arrogance for what they are as well: symptoms of a sociopathic leader from a narcissistic political party.


BEAST said...

The events leading to Katrina is appalling.

As a foreigner, it strikes me as strange that America, with all its high-tech weaponry and gadgets, failed to anticipate, and even worst, let down the folks of New Orleans.

Even our folks from Singapore bothered to send a couple of Chinooks to help out. The Katrina disaster is testimony to the ineptness and stupidity of the Bush Administration.

Advocate1 said...

It's shameful--ab-so-lute-ly SHAMEFUL! Americans turning their backs on fellow Americans and letting them die. I never thought I would have seen a day when the ruling party didn't give a damn about human life. I am ashamed to call these people my leaders. I am even more ashamed of the fact that we elected them in the first place.

BEAST said...


Tell them to the Simian-in-office. He is incapable of feeling "shame".

Brandon said...

Or take them to the nearest psychiatric hospital for confinement with the rest of the sociopaths and serial killers.