Friday, May 05, 2006

The Anti-Choice Alternative to Safe, Legal CONTRCEPTION

By Adocate 1 and Brandon

Calling the anti-choice movement either Christian or America is a little like calling Typhoid Mary a public health inpsectoringly stacked by rabid Protestant fundamentalists and reactionary Catholics, can the pill, IUDs, diaphragms, and other forms oafe, legal ctraception be far behind?

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I'm sure that the professional woman haters out there--the knuckle dragging troglodytes who so fervently desire a repressive "Christian" theocracy as their form of federal government--will deny that they want to ban or even limit birth control. But we know that isn't true. Good grief you even ave a small part of the anti-choice movement which views the spilling of male seed ( i.e. masturbation) as a form of murder (or at the very least sinful), so why would we want to believe a single, solitary word that the anti-choice constituency has to say about anything?

You have to remember that this is the same group which is setting up phony abortion ( read "women's health care") clinics from one coast to another with the ultimate goal of preventing women from exercising their freedom of choice. How dishonest are they? Think abut this. In the first place they're lying about their basic mission. That says a lot right there. And, in the second place, on more than one occasion these fanatics have actually told pregnant women that they were not even pregnant. ("Sorry honey! The home pregnancy test was wrong! You're not preggers at all!") And top make the situation even worse, on other occasions they have gone so far as to lie about the age of fetus, hoping to prevent or forestall the woman from making a legal, educated choice about a very personal situation.

I don't know about you, but it seems to me that if someone is willing to lie about the mission of their clinic, and if they're willing to lie about a woman's physical condition or the age of a fetus, then they might be lying when they claim that they do not want to ban safe, legal contraception.

It's a lot like the argument that the Christian Right was using throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s. Again and again the Christian Right told us that they didn't want organized prayer in school. Time after time they went on mainstream television talk shows, claiming that they would support a "moment of silence" at the beginning of the school day, that they only wanted a place at the table. Of course, that wasn't what they were saying on their broadcast Christian ministries, where they preached to the choir and complained because the United States Constitution didn't give them a right to create a Christian Republic (read "theocracy"). And if you think male domination isn't a part of their would be Christian Republic then you are living in a fools paradise.

Ask yourself this. What does the pro strife movement stand for? Does it really protect life?* Not really. All too often the same people who are so viscerally opposed to abortion are all too often the same social Darwinists who complain about welfare for single mothers and children. Indeed, the general attitude seems to be that unborn human life is scared while post natal life is not. In other words, junior is worthy of protection from the time he or she is conceived until the moment he or she leaves the birth canal. After that junior is on his own, at the mercy of a brutal Christian Right economy policy which is neither Christian nor right about anything.

I think it's time to face the facts. The Radical Christian Right really doesn't care if pregnant women suffer and die or not. In so many ways they are a throw back to the old belief that women are more sinful and more wicked than men. They really do believe that a woman's vagina is a gateway to hell, and that women must be controlled and dominated to establish some kind of Utopian society which exists only the feverish minds misogynistic men and self-hating women.

It seems to me that these people don't even rise to the moral level of a Typhoid Mary. Rather they are stuck at the same moral and evolutionary level as the typhus bacteria that Typhoid Mary spread.

*It would be ludicrous to assume so. Since George W. Bush came to power, the abortion rate has climbed by 25 percent.

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