Wednesday, May 31, 2006


When I heard rumors about a gag order on the condition of salmon I couldn't believe what I was hearing. But as it turned out, the rumors were true. The Bush Administration has indeed imposed a gag order which prevents the scientific community from talking about the condition of salmon in the western United States. That's right, as a part of its ongoing war against logic and reason, the Bush Administration has yet again censored the scientific community and allowed political hacks with anti-environmental business ties to make decisions which are best left to the scientific community.

"Now why," you might me asking yourself, "would the Bush Administration want to censor information about fish?" The answer is rather obvious. It seems as if agri-business has been polluting the rivers and streams which serve as habitats to salmon. So to protect agri-business from just criticism concerning its environmental policies ( i.e. the pollutants and contaminants that they are dumping or allowing to run off into the waters, they have essentially shut of debate by shutting off the flow of information. Answering questions about the condition of the salmon might lead to questions about the condition of the water in which these fish are swimming and that's information that agri-business would just as soon keep hidden from the light of day.

So if scientists from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration are forbidden from speaking then from whom are we supposed to get the proper information? You guessed it! Political appointees who will carry water (play on words intended) for the agri-business industry.

Beyond that, I have to wonder if this is about more than the protection of prevaricating industry. In so many ways the Bush Administration is a throw back to the Dark Ages and the religious war against black magic and witchcraft. We already know how they feel about the biological sciences and evolution. So you just have to wonder if they don't see science as a form of Satanic alchemy. That may sound extreme, but you also need to remember that the Bush Administration, has, for all intents and purposes, declared itself a "faith based movement," and to make the proverbial square peg fit in the proverbial round hole, it has done its absolute best to either ignore or repress scientific FACTS which disprove their delusional view of the world.

On the other hand, you just have to give this Administration credit. It has once again found a way to combine greed, ignorance, and superstition in a manner which benefits those who have contributed to our political system.

They may be more ignorant and more corrupt than we had ever imagined, but damned these sons of bitches are good at what they do. And the thing that impresses--or should I say frightens?--me the most is that they have once again found a way to deprive the American people of a basic democratic right--the right to know the most basic of scientific facts about the environment in which we all live. But then again, you have to remember: Bush and his ilk think that they're loving, Prince of Peace, Lord Jesus, is going to come back to destroy the earth anyhow, so they really aren't too interested in keeping the planet safe for future generations.

What can I say? Only in America could the ruling party find a way to combine theocracy, stupidity, greed, and corporate corruption in way that profits the wealthy upper class.

If I weren't an atheist I'd say something like "God help us."


BEAST said...

Jeez. How should I start:

A rich man was asked what his opinions were regarding salmon. His reply:" Where's the best restaurant to eat the best salmon gourmet?"

A cook was asked the same question, to which he promptly replied:"Steam the whole damn fish, add a few spices and stuff".

A priest was then quizzed, to which he asked, rather comically:"You mean Solomon?"

And lastly, George bush got the fitting finale:"Salmons? We will get them, dead or alive!!!"

Reform Democratic Party said...

Corporate Farming is fighting against building Sewage Treatment Facilities to treat the effluent from their operations and as a result poisoning the environment, i.e., air, land, above and below ground water.

Business and Industry should support its own costs of doing business and get off CORPORATE WELFARE, the WORKING AND POOR CLASS AND CULTURE is tired of having Business and Industry doing business off the benefit of their labor like Mistletoe on a tree.