Thursday, May 04, 2006

Isn't This What We Would Expect from a Dictator?

This article from The Boston Globe, "Bush Challenges Hundreds of Laws," raises the obvious question.

Is this not what we would expect from a dictator? It's bad enough that Bish has cracked off color jokes about how his job would be a lot easier if he were the dictator, but Jeeze Leweeze! We didn't think that the smarmy little despot really meant it!

We are royally screwed



BEAST said...


Dictators aren't all necessarily bad for the nation...... Ghenhis Khan, Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun.......these were all historical tyrants in their own right.

The trouble comes, however, when you have a tyrant and despot who is:

1.Supposedly the President of a democratic country.

2. Has more links to simians, than homo sapiens.

3. An error prone President (No WMDs in Iraq, exposiing CIA agent, etc)

4. Prone to accidents himself (Choking on pretzels, falling off mountain bikes, etc)

In short, you have a farcical parody of a tyrant and despot.

America's future is bleak. Very bleak indeed.

Carrie Oakey said...

America couldn't have made a better choice for dictator than George W Bush!

Ragnarok said...

I'm thinking more Charlie Chaplain in 'The Great Dictator' than Hitler or Stalin. Dictators usually have a modicum of intellect.


You said it ragnarok!