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The fear-mongering Republicans

Editor's note
By Advocate 1

When Kyle submitted the long hand version of "The Fear-Mongering Republicans" he told me that he had "some serious doubts about it." Sadly, I didn't get around to reading the first draft until a few days later and then I nearly lost it while I was recycling on Monday evening. Fortunately I found it at the last second and discovered. much to my pleasure, that Kyle had said in a nutshell what is wrong with the Republican Party of 2006. The rage, the fear, the personal attacks--these are all the actions of people who are both, mentally unstable, and above all else, frightened. Kyle has it right. Almost everything the Republicans are doing is the direct result of their own fears and insecurities--and as Kyle points out, they certainly have more fears and insecurities than we had ever imagined.

To Kyle's post I would only add the following point. Throughout the Cold War, Republicans routinely said something to the effect of "better red than dead." Today they have discarded that McCarthyistic phrase and have adopted another McCarthyistic phrase, essentially asking you to "give up your freedom in the name of security." It reminds me of the old saying that is often attributed to Benjamin Franklin. To paraphrase: a society that will give up freedom for security will lose both and desrves neither."

On that note, here's Kyle.

By Kyle

"Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd."
Bertrand Russell

-----During the course of the 2000 selection cycle, George W. Bush suggested that the only thing (Vice) President Al Gore had to offer was fear itself, but we all know that George W. Bush and his spineless supporters have a genuine talent for accusing others of their many shortcomings. During the last five and a half years, the Republicans have transformed the dishonorable practice of fear-mongering into a highly polished art form. That much became apparent shortly after 911 when the Bible-thumping, big government-hating "Christians" (the same people who are so certain that they are so without sin that they will eventually find themselves in Heaven with their beloved Jesus) ran to the supposedly evil Federal government, demanding that Big Brother deprive them of their civil liberties so that they wouldn't have to put all their past rhetoric about Heaven and Jesus to the ultimate test. Can you say scared silly?
-----I don't know about you, but I have just about had it, really had it, with gutless, bloviating, Republican cowards who spread fear at home and abroad and then wrap themselves in a flag of piety-mouthed hypocrisy whenever someone has the courage to challenge their failed, sanguinary policies.
-----Who are they kidding? These right wing worms couldn't care less about our troops. They openly admitted that they would "run on the war in 2004," and now it seems as if they are bringing out old wine in new bottles. Only this time the label reads "Run on dirty tricks in 2006." As far as the Republicans are concerned our soldiers are nothing more than expendable bargaining chips in a political poker game. As long as they can keep the troops in the line of fire they can run on the war and that they started and claim that they support our soldiers when they are actually exploiting the soldiers for selfish, political ends.
-----If the weak-willed Republicans were as brave and patriotic as they claim they are, political hacks like Karl Rove and Dick Cheney would have volunteered for military service during the Vietnam War. Gutless, prevaricating wonders like George W. Bush would have served--actually served--in Southeast Asia instead of protecting Alabama from the North Vietnamese, For that matter some of our younger Representatives might have signed up for a tour of duty in Iraq, or offered their sons and daughters for military service at a time when recruitment levels are at best iffy.
-----If you want to hear real terror, just listen to Republican campaign rhetoric. Listen to the smear tactics and character assassination: ad homonym attacks on veterans of past wars; self-judging accusations of cowardice; prepackaged talking points that question the loyalty of patriotic Americans; dimwitted remarks about cutting and running, ad nauseam.
-----Talk about classic projection. This is the party that cut and ran from Afghanistan to invade Iraq. This is the party that cut and ran away from New Orleans. This is the party that cut and ran when it slashed anti-terrorism funding for New York City and Washington DC. This is the party that's cutting and running on Veterans programs on a time when we see an increase in physical and emotional disabilities. This is the party that cut and ran on its own promise to bring us clean, efficient government. This is the frightened part that cut and ran on the middle class. And these hypocrites have the audacity to accuse Democrats of cutting and running? They have the nerve to accuse others of cowardice? Get real. Those are not the words and actions of the brave and patriotic. Those are the words of bullies and thugs, and as we all know, bullies and thugs are almost always yellow to the core.
-----Who are the Republicans kidding? The Republicans are afraid of losing power; they're afraid of Mexican immigrants; they're afraid of public schools; they're afraid of strong, independent women; they're afraid of the American worker; they're afraid of Blacks; they're afraid of homosexuals; their afraid of non-Christians and nonbelievers; they're afraid of debate; they're afraid of dissent; they're afraid of everything and their fears are reflected in their actions and policies.
-----They torture. They wage war. They undermine the time honored concept of habeas corpus. They invade our privacy. They undermine our 4th Amendment Rights. They impose an Imperial Presidency. They raise terrorist alerts when it is politically necessary for them to do so. They accuse others of holding their own pet fears and insecurities. They spread fear and paranoia in the same way that a carrier spreads a contagious disease.
-----The Republicans are not patriots. Patriotism requires integrity and courage and these nationalistic reactionaries possess neither.

"Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light?"
Maurice Freehill

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