Monday, June 19, 2006


-----Are in a quandary about what to do about the flag and the upcoming Fourth of July holiday? Do you love your country and the rights that we are granted under the COnstitution but feel uneasy about flying a symbol which has been bastardized by an illegitimate regime into a symbol of hate, division, and repression?
-----Don't worry. You can still by the American Flag and not support the values of a fifth column presidency which is dedicated to the eradication of the Constitution and the rights that it once protected. That's right. You can still fly the flag--you just don't have to fly the contemporary version that George W. Bush has so foully desecrated since the treasonous coup in Florida coup in Florida during the 2001 selection.
-----This July 4th we are going to celebrate Independence Day by looking back to the dreams and ideals of the Founding Fathers, by remembering and celebrating the freedoms and liberties that the Bush Administration has been working so feverishly to undermine and abolish .
-----You are not required to fly the Stars and Stripes per se. Indeed, you are always free to fly one of its predecessors.
-----You can fly a "Don't Tread On Me" Rattlesnake flag. Personally I find this old time classic to be very appropriate at a time when the Demander and Thief wants to tread on the Constitution, a document that he once refereed to as a "goddamn piece of paper ."

Don't Tread onMe

-----For those who prefer the classic red, white and blue, but with white stripes at the top and bottom, I would suggest the following alternatives. I personally like the Bennington '76, a 1777 masterpiece which has the distinction of being the first American flag to incorporate stars and stripes in the same flag. Think about it. You have the thirteen stars in the blue field which remind us of the first thirteen colonies, of a time before we made the huge mistake of incorporating racist insane asylums such as Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Tennessee. And we have that big "76" under the stars to remind us that the American Revolution was a patriotic battle to rid ourselves of the same kind of repressive, imperialistic attitudes and practices that the Bush Administration is trying to resurrect.

Bennington 76

-----For those prefer red stripes at the top and bottom of their flag, I would suggest my personal favorite, the 1776 Grand Union Flag. Granted, the incomplete Union Jack in the upper left hand corner may remind us of England, but it can also remind us of the fact that we were engaged in a war of liberation from a covetous mother country that had fallen under the maniacal influence of a demented king and corrupt corporations. By the same token, the various crosses in the incomplete Union Jack might remind us that the American Revolution was as much an attempt to disestablish an established (Anglican) Church--not a bad message when you remember the fact that we have an anti-American Republican Party which is dedicated to the overthrow of the United States government. Indeed, I am especially fond of this flag because the various crosses have become a powerful, personal symbol which reminds me that those individuals who claim that we should be a Christian Republic, and who are working to achieve that goal, are in fact traitors who are openly working to overthrow the form of government that was handed down to us my infinitely superior individuals such as Madison, Hamilton, Jefferson and Franklin.


-----On the other hand there is one flag that I will not, repeat not, fly--at least not for the time being.

Old Glory

-----I don't want to burn it, I don't want to defecate it. I don't even hate it. In fact, I love my flag. And that's the problem. It isn't my flag anymore. It's been co opted as a symbol of tyranny and corruption by a fifth column Republican Party that is trying to undermine and eradicate the creation of the original framers. Under normal circumstances the flag is indeed n important and powerful symbol of the United States of America. But in recent years my beloved flag has been hijacked by those who would abolish the Republic for which the flag once stood.

-----And I am not talking about the Flag Protection Amendment per se.

-----I am talking about a corrupt, illegitimate regime that embraces every tyranny that 18th Century patriots sought to overthrow. Rendition; torture; the abolition of habeas corpus; signing statements that undermine our system of checks and balance;, war for oil, power, and profit; fascism in the form of a "Christian" theocracy; disablingof our Fourth Amendment Liberties, a deliberate and racist weakening of the Civil War Amendments to the Constitution, the creation of a unitary form of government, the appointment of reactionary judges with a disdain for personal freedom and a yaerning for a presidential dictatorship, ad nauseam.

-----And this Administration has the audacity to wrap itself in the flag? This corrupt, intellectually challenged pretender has the audacity to tell us that he wants to protect the flag? His corrupt, iullegeitimate regime has descereted the Stars and Stripes on a regular basis. His actions, his contempt for truth and freedom have done more damage to both the flag and the Republic for which it stands than any potential flag burner.

-----They have descreated the flag when they used it as a symbol to support a war of choice for profit. They descereated our flag when they wink, nod, and laugh at the corruption that has become the Republican Party. They descerate the flag when they use it as a taudry backdrop for their over-emotional please for more death and destruction in Iraq. They descreate the flag when they send American GI's to death.

-----In the interest of speaking truth to power, I think it's time to admit that this administration is a descreation. And I will not fly my beloved Stars And Sripes until such time as we vote these goons out of office and repair the damage they have done. Then and only then will Old Gory fly again--and not one day before

Brandon and Advocate 1


Ragnarok said...

Isn't the current government going back to the original idea - one nation under God?

I don't understand a love for a flag, for a country yes, but I would have no qualms burning my flag it's only a piece of cloth. I do agree that the qualities that the stars and stripes once stood for have been stripped away.

Brandon said...

We were being somewhat tongue in cheek here. The flag issue is a non issue in that its only real purpose is to smear democrats as unpatriotic. In other words, style over substance.

Darren said...

See, I think of "your type" as the fifth column.

Since we can't both be right, how do we determine who is?

I know! You claim victory on your blog, I'll claim it on mine, and we can both feel smug and satisfied that we've done great things for our viewpoints and our country.