Thursday, June 29, 2006

Look What the American Empire Became!

You have to give the Republicans credit. They really know who to emulate.

In Communist China journalists now have to get permission from the Chinese government before they can report on the Chinese government. Here in the increasingly evil American Empire, totalitarians in the guise of Republicans are waging a war against the First Amendment guarantee of a free press over information that has been available ti the public and terrorists alike for the better part of five years.

In Communist China the government routinely spies on what the Chinese people are reading and writing on the Internet and in emails. Here in the American Empire our Leader Supreme, George W. Bush, and his merry band of Constitution-bashing traitors are spying on what their American subjects are reading and writing on the Internet and in emails.

In Communist China there are no real equivalents of our 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendment protections. Citizens in the Peoples Republic of China can be arrested without warrants and held for indefinite periods of time, either with or without official charges. Here in the American Empire our repressive Demander and Thief and his heel clicking goons believe that people can be whisked away (read kidnapped) in the middle of the night and held in secret locations without charges, legal representations, or a swift and speedy trial.

In Communist China political dissidents are often arrested, tortured and executed. Here in the American Empire we have a sadistic ruling party that seems to enjoy the barbaric practices of rendition, torture, and execution.

In Communist China, the ruling Communist Party of China is the only political party allowed by law; the political and judicial entities are little more than rubber stamps for the Powers That be. Here in America we have a rapacious, ruling party that is dedicated to the idea of a permanent Republican Majority. Indeed, the Republican-dominated Extreme Court just ruled that states can redistrict for blatantly political reasons at any given time.

In Communist china, political corruption has become a national crisis. Here in the American Empire, private contracting schemes, war profiteering, campaign fund raising, and favoritism have made the members of our Republican-dominated Congress themselves a national disgrace.

In Communist China the Hu Jintao, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, holds a lion's share of the political power in China. Here in the American Empire, Decider George W. Bush is trying to establish a one branch system of government in which a lion's share of the power will be seated in the executive branch.

Of course, you also have to remember that many of our moldy-oldie GOPigs have spent so much time and energy fighting Communist regimes during the Cold War, that they eventually resembled and emulated the very enemy they were fighting, essentially adopting the very tactics that they condemned.

On the other hand, our Republican Rulers (I just can't bring myself to call them elected officials) were already so reactionary and oppressive that they would have adopted the most repressive characteristics of any totalitarian regime.

It kind of makes you wonder what and who they will resemble when they are eventually finished with the war on terrorism.


Kate said...

You know, it's funny, all of the years they've gone after the Democratic Party, they haven't felt the need to emulate them... :)

Then again, sometimes, it seems like the other way around...

Advocate1 said...

Yes, but who says Republicans have taste?

Advocate1 said...

Of course, you have to remember that they only emulate the totalitarian. Anything that preaches equality, equal opportunity, or opportunities for the little guy don't coincide with their totalitarian view of the world.

Darren said...

Democrats and their statist friends seem far more totalitarian to me.

So, do you just start calling me names and hurling insults, or do you consider that it might just be possible that a person can genuinely hold the values I do (mostly Republican) without being a racist or a misogynist or a homophobe or a bigot or a totalitarian or whatever.

If you cannot accept that there are legitimate reasons why people can, in good faith, hold views you don't agree with, then your mind isn't as open as you think.

By the way, the President/CEO of Whole Foods Market gave a great talk. You should read the text:

Remember, this is Whole Foods here. Mr. Organic.