Tuesday, June 06, 2006


By Advocate 1
Edited by Brandon

On June 5th, 2005, while the president was pandering to the American Taliban with a marriage "protection" amendment that will almost certainly fail to obtain a two thirds majority in the United States Senate, Islamic terrorists with ties to Al Quaida, chalked up a major victory in Africa when they captured the capital city of Mogadishu in Somalia.

It kind of makes me wonder. Can this Administration do anything right? Does it want to do anything right? For all intents and purposes, the United States had been supporting the Warlords in Mogadishu, but now the warlords are out; the Islamicists are in; and while Somalia may well be on its way to becoming a safe haven for Islamic terrorists, the Bush Administration and the GOP led Senate have been distracting our attention by promoting flag and marriage protection amendments.

I really have to wonder where this Administration has placed its priorities. Or has it misplaced those priorities? Hell, there are times when I wonder if it even has priorities, Which is more important? Discriminating against gays? Banning flag desecration which is a rarity amongst rarities? Or effectively waging a war on terrorism? Considering the fact that the intellectually challenged squatter in the White House claims that his first objective is preventing another terrorist attack, you'd think that he would put these marriage and flag protection amendments on a back burner and spend more time on real issues--such waging a war against international terrorism in a legal, constitutional manner. But the squatter, in his infinite wisdom has repeatedly been distracted from his own objective.

The ultimate distraction, of course, was Iraq; the invasion of a country which, outside of right wing prevarications, had nothing to do with 911 and precious little to do with Al Quaida. And now, as a result of the squatter's obsession in Iraq, we not only see a resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, where the president of that failing country is the mayor of Kabul ( as if Kabul is safe any more), we also see an Islamicist victory in Somalia, where it appears as if the Islamic terrorists have found themselves a new, failed state in which to breed another generation of terrorists.

I have no doubt that the GOP will run on national security in 2006, but when I look at the budding civil war in Iraq, the unraveling situation in Afghanistan, the port security fiasco, and now the Islamicist victory in Mogadishu, I really have to wonder how the GOP and the appointed squatters at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue expect the American people to believe that they can wage anything except a war against the imaginary enemies of the Radical Christian Right.

If you ask me, George W. Bush and the American Taliban have to stop waging a cultural war against non-fundamentalists here at home before they can wage a successful war against international terrorism. Until such time as the GOP diverts more time and effort away from their cultural war against their fellow Americans, and more time and attention against the Islamic-fascists who want to both, destroy America and rule the world, I shall simply have to assume that the only reason the American Taliban doesn't want to fight a resurgence of the Muslim Taliban is because they share the same views on religious "morality."

In fact, the more I think about it, the more I realize that we are asking religious fanatics to right religious fanatics. And while they may disagree over the theological details, I don't think that anyone can deny that they are in complete agreement when it comes to everything from gay bashing and the oppression of women, to executions and the establishment of a theocracy in the name of whatever God they worship. T ranslated into modern English, it seems as if America is under attack from two sources: Islamic terrorists who want to destroy American democracy from the outside, and from right wing, Evangelical theocrats who want to destroy America from the inside out.

The Bush Administration and the modern day bastardization of the Republican Party are not serious about fighting a war against Islamic fascism. To wage an effective war against a given ideology you actually have to differentiate yourself from the enemy you intend to fight. George Bush has not done this. On 911 we were attacked by Islamic fanatics, a majority of which came from the nation of Saudi Arabia, a nation to which the Bush Crime Family maintains financial ties to this very day. I'm not saying that we should have attacked Saudi Arabia, but I am saying that the key to this problem is Saudi Arabia. Whether we like it or not the United States and the Kingdom are engaged a a political dance macabre, and it's about time that we demanded a little more in the way of serious reform--not brutality--from our unlikely dance partner. On more than one occasion we have stated that Islam had yet to experience a reformation; that the Muslim world had yet to undergo a renaissance and an enlightenment before it could embrace democracy. Sadly, the only Reformation which seems to be taking place in the Muslim world today Al Quaida's brand of hate-mongering insanity. And the birthplace of that insanity was Saudi Arabia, where young children were (and are) taught how to hate in the name of Allah and the Koran. And what does the Bush Administration demand from our so-called Saudi allies? That they keep the oil flowing. That and little more. So what if the Saudi schools ( i.e. indoctrination centers) are teaching yet another generation to hate westerners. Big whoop. The Bush Administration and the corrupt Kingdom will do nothing to change the statusquo so long as the statusquo benefits the Bush Crime Family, the oil companies, and the Saudi royal family.

In closing I would only add this. In some ways it appears as if the American Taliban is reluctant to fight the Islamic Taliban. Never mind the fact that they mock their deity by different names. The fact of the matter is that they share very similar agendas. The only difference between the two of them is that crazy right wing Muslims want to spread their cult of death by the sword, while the crazy right wing Christians want to spread their cult of death via the court system and the rigged ballot box.

You have to wonder if the Bush Regime.s war on terrorism a study in the inept, or if, on some level the Bush Regime and its fanatical followers are in some way enamored of their Islamic counterparts. Either way the truth cannot be denied--George W. Bush and the GOP either cannot or will not fight the war on terror when they too preoccupied with a cultural war against their fellow Americans.

And the GOP thinks that they're going to run on national defense in November 2006?

Yeah. Riiiiiiight.

Tell me another one.

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