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I wasn't going to post this. At the time it struck me as a local issue that wouldn't have a lot of interest beyond the area of the country in which I lived, but after one of my team members offered a little encouragement I decided--albeit reluctantly--that it touches on two issues that we like to talk about here: the conservative, corporate media, and historical revision--and if anyone believes that Germany didn't start World War II, and that the holocaust never happened, and that Hitler was merely misunderstood, then I would humbly suggest that ideas (read delusions) such as those qualify as historical revision.

Okay,that's all for my prepost rant. I hope you enjoy the piece proper.

Advocate 1

by Advocate 1

"We can do The Innuendo
We can dance and sing
When it's said and done we haven't told you a thing
We all know that Crap is King
Give us dirty laundry!"

From Don Henley's "DIRTY LAUNDRY"

-----The good news is that the proposed Memorial to Adolf Hitler will not open in Walworth County, Wisconsin. The bad news is that the so-called journalism in Walworth County, and in the country as a whole, has finally sunk to the politically pornographic level of the Voelkisch Beobachter.

-----I kid you not; for some bizarre reason, a local right wing tabloid (I just can't bring myself to call it a newspaper,The Week, decided that life wasn't difficult enough, that there were no other issues to cover, t hat it had to offer free, front page propaganda to an elderly farmer, a former Waffen SS officer, in a hair-brained attempt to promote his--you guessed it-- Memorial to Adolf Hitler.

-----Under normal circumstances I would ascribe this kind of journalistic malpractice to the old axiom "that if it bleeds it leads." I might have assumed that it was another case of our very biased, right wing media chasing the mundane and the irrelevant in yet another, meaningless feeding frenzy. But from what I've gathered, The Week is in the unusual--and I might add, dishonorable--position of having broken this story, of having stirred the pot for a cheap thrill in the guise of "informing the public."

-----Well friends and neighbors, this did not inform the public. Itt gave respectability to a philosophy that resulted in the genocidal murder of millions of people. It proved conclusively that this paper is about as reliable as a Republican Party press release. In fact, I'll go one step further. For all intents and purposes this over-glorified piece of used toilet tissue is nothing more than an unofficial mouthpiece for the Walworth County Republican Party. And if you want the truth, I'm not even too sure if the term unofficial shouldn't read official. Fair and balanced it is not, and if there's anyone out there who seriously believes that the local media are interested in anything besides turning a profit for their very conservative sponsors and providing votes for their reactionary political masters, then I would humbly suggest that such people either need to begin a regiment of medication or should have the present doses adjusted.

-----As I have stated in other articles, the idea of fair and balanced corporate media is a joke. The advertisers are almost invariably served before legitimate journalism; reporters walk on egg shells to avoid open conflict with conservative owners, and the so called news that we consume is little more than superficial mush. I won't go so far say that it's the same kind of relationship that one might find between a street walker and a potential client, but I will say this: the few reporters and the editors who might actually disagree with the corporate masters, and who would, if allowed, write fair and balanced articles about a wide range of topics, know how far they can go, and will self-censor their material to avoid the dreaded D word (read downsizing).

-----In this regard The Week is only an exceptionally rapacious example in a sea of right wing public relations. We know that our media are morally and intellectually tainted. We know that they equate the sensational and the irrelevant with genuine news. We already know that they are more interested in turning a profit, and if that means that legitimate news must take a back seat to the gaudy, the garish, and the brazenly bizarre, then they will gladly tell us that the twaddle they are shoving down our throats is legitimate journalism. Of course, they don't bother to tell us that we can't have an ill-informed public and still live in a representative government, that representative government depends on an enlightened citizenry, but who said that their corporate masters were interested in representative democracy? They aren't. The bottom line is the only thing that matters and if that means that the American people remain ignorant and uninformed so be it. The Gods of profit must be served, and if we devolve into a totalitarian state as a result, then who cares? The corporate elite will always find a way to adapt, liberty or no liberty.

-----But you still have to wonder. Why would a woefully amateurish rag like The Week risk the little respect that it already had on a foolish, unnessary article about historical revision and the (not so) good old days of Adolf Hitler and his damnable Third Reich? What happened here? Had the writer, Donna Lenz Wright, been listening to a lot of Wagner? Did that last performance of The Ride of the Valkyries, finally push her over the edge? Had the editor, Don Plutchak, been watching a late night rerun of Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will and lost the ability to discern good taste from a momentary impulse? Or were they so desperate to attract attention that they lost track of good taste and common sense? Or was The Week trying to distract from other issues that might have been more important to the every day operation of the towns, villages, and people of Walworth County? While The Week was giving free publicity to a deluded former Nazi, what else had been taking place? What legitimate issue or issues were they hiding with this journalistic porn?

-----Those of us who write on this blog know that our media are informational cesspools. That's why we seek out and read a wide variety of national and international news, both private and public, and why most of us have learned to view the corporate media as a collection of over glorified secretaries for the corporate elite.

-----By the same token, we remember that The Week is a county-wide gossip sheet that sustains itself on want ads and corporate advertising. Despite transparent attempts to pass it off as a legitimate paper, it is nothing more than a bloated shopper service with a Republican bias and a lack of quality journalism. Sadly, or fortunately--depending on your point of view--it is littered on every front step in our county for free, and I think we all remember the old saying about getting what you pay for.
-----Now where did I put those copies of The Christian Science Monitor and The New York Times?

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Darren said...

I thought you believed in the First Amendment....

Let the kook open his museum/memorial if he wants.

Seems like you really believe in the First Amendment only if someone expresses the "correct" sentiments. That's not good for true freedom.