Monday, July 10, 2006


-----Have you ever noticed that a lot of the most destructive and dangerous people in this world have had abusive backgrounds?   Don't get me wrong.   I'm not saying that all abuse victims grow up to be sociopaths and serial killers, that clearly isn't the case, indeed most abuse victims are not abusive at all.   They may suffer personal hells and torments that other people can't even begin to understand, but they do not, as a rule, become abusers.   And yet, fro time to time, you find world leaders who were abused as children who view the world, and the people in it, as their own, personal whipping posts.
 -----Consider the following examples
 -----1.  Adolf Hitler  once said:  "I then resolved never again to cry when my father whipped me.  A few days later, I had the opportunity of putting my will to the test.   My mother, frightened, took refuge in front of the door.  As for me, I counted silently the blows of the stick which lashed my rear end."  This oddly enough, is one of the few times when Hitler actually told the truth.   His father was a chronic alcoholic with an explosive temper and a degrading sense of humor.   Was it any wonder that young Adolf, who was spoiled by  his mother, and beaten by his father, evolved into a blood-thirsty megalomaniac with a penchant for violence and destruction?    
-----2.  This pint-sized cult leader never knew who his father was, but from an early age on he found himself caught in an emotional tug of war with a loving, but puritanical aunt and a promiscuous, mother who slept with a series abusive alcoholics who she said were the boy's uncles.  By the age of thirteen showed all the signs of being a career criminal.   By the time he was thirty he had spent more than half of his life in various correctional facilities.    The individual in question, by the way, is the one and only Charles Manson .  
-----3. This leader had an unstable, part time father who was often absent from his son's life.   When the father did come home he often drank to excess, administering unprovoked beatings upon both, his wife and the son.  The son evolved into an angry paranoiac who persecuted and killed people often for no apparent reason what so ever.   The son, incidentally, was Joseph Stalin.   
-----4.  This particular leader had a withered arm which caused him to overcompensate as a young man and adult, eventually transforming him into a rabid nationalist and impulsive monomaniac.   Welcome to the wild and wacky world of Kaiser Wilhelm II.  
 -----Now shall we take a look at some of the individuals who are running this country? 
 -----1.  This political wizard was nine years old when he was beaten up by a neighbor girl.  He was 19 when he learned that his mother had divorced his biological father and that the man who he thought was his real father was in fact his adopted father.  When he was thirty, his mother committed suicide in Reno, Nevada.  Can you say Karl Rove?
-----2.  As a boy, Newt Gingrich  was savagely beaten by his father and often watched on in horror while the father beat the boy's mother.   As an adult he has preached family values but has manage to have oral sex in the back of his limo with a woman who was not his wife, and has gone to the altar on three different occasions.   
 -----3.  Senator Rick Santorum  quite drove his dead family--including a 20 week old dead fetus--to his in-laws house, where he forced his children ages one-and-a-half, four, and six to cuddle and kiss the dead fetus in what can only be described as  perverted form of mourning.   This same individual, during his political career, has revealed interesting fantasies as he compared gay marriage to man on animal sex and polygamy.   It kind of makes you wonder--what did THIS twisted sister go through while  he was growing up?  Or, perhaps more to the point, what are his poor children going to be like in nine or ten years?
-----4.  This individual was raised by cold, emotionally unresponsive individuals.   When he was a boy his three-year-old sister passed away from leukemia, and his parents openly discouraged any kind of meaningful grieving.   Indeed, this family was so uncomfortable with any kind of emotional response what so ever that his mother and father went golfing the day after their daughter died.   On other occasions, the mother has openly ridiculed her son's learning disability, but apparently made no serious help to obtain help for his condition.  As a child he enjoyed blowing up frogs by inserting live fire crackers in the amphibians' anuses.   Later, as a college student, he branded the buttocks of college pledges with hot, wire coat hangers.   I am, of course,  talking about the one and only George W. Bush.
-----Do you get the idea that we are royally screwed?   First we had the abused "reformer" in the form of Newt Gingrich who seems to have taken his hatred for an abusive father and projected it onto liberals.    Now we have George W. Bush who has been raised to be believe that sympathy and grief should repressed at all costs.   Do we really need to wonder why he won't look at flag draped coffins, or why he appeared in an an utterly heartless parody of the missing WMDs?   Is it realistic to expect compassionate conservatism, from an over-Christianized radical who was raised by cold, callous parents whose taught him that sympathy, compassion, and understanding are signs of weakness? 
-----Can it be that we are really living under the rule of megalomaniacal sociopaths who have no genuine feelings for anyone except themselves?
-----Never mind.   That was a rhetorical question.


Eli Blake said...

Gosh, man you're scaring me.

This week on my blog, I made one post on neo-nazi terrorists infiltrating the U.S. army in which I suggested that the next Timothy McVeigh was being trained right now at our expense, and then another post on the teenage boys kicked out of a polygamist community.

One of my commenters had a very astute comment where he said, "Considering these uneducated individuals with no hopes and surely feelings of resintment for their treatment could well be loose canons harvested to become home-grown terrorist(s)."

And he's right. I hadn't even considered that, but I am virtually certain that some of these 'lost boys' (teenage, white, uneducated, angry and alone) probably are being recruited by the Aryan Nations-- same part of the country, and they are good at finding and recruiting people they can manipulate.

So your post is the last nail that ties it together for me. There is a danger here of a very cold and terrible kind.

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree, but would like to point out that these individuals haunt the left and the right. Bleeding heart liberals adopt just as fundamentalist an agenda as the most arch Victorian conservatives of the world.

To me, they are all just narcissistic.