Friday, August 18, 2006


By Advocate 1 and Brandon

In the 1960s Lyndon B Johnson incurred the wrath of Conservative Southern Democrats by supporting the civil rights movement; specifically the Voting Rights Act. Admittedly, Johnson was a piece of self-centered work, a flawed, even power hungry individual (though a rank amateur when compared to George W. Bush), but his stand against right wing bigots was an honorable and a productive one. Few pieces of legislation have been as effective and as beneficial as the Voting Rights Act. And what was the Republican response? In the years after the Johnson Presidency, Richard M. Nixon and his merry band of authoritarian cronies decided that they would play the proverbial race card and divide the south along racial lines. In a stunning display of bigotry, the party of Lincoln decided to embrace hate-mongering, southern racists and religious fanatics who had routinely stood in the way of equal rights for Black Americans.
-------Now fast forward to August 2006. Only hours after Great Britain thwarted a pending terrorist attack, the right wing bigots on AM hate radio and the Reich Propaganda Cable bands were advocating--get this--a policy of racial profiling for Muslims. Allow me to repeat that: a policy of racial profiling for Muslims.
-------Isn't that a little like trying to use a fly swatter to diagnose a case of Scarlet fever?
-------Will somebody--anybody--please be so kind as to tell these blithering sociopaths that Muslims come in all varieties and colors, from the very liberal Sufis, to the very repressive Fundamentalists; to the very white to the very dark; and everything in between. Indonesian Muslims probably tend to be Asians. European Muslims probably tend to be white. Many American Muslims are probably black. And those are--at the very best--the broadest of generalizations. There are as many shades of Islam as there are Muslims. Like Christianity, Islam is a global religion, there are adherents in every country on the face of the earth. But for some reason, right wing goons like O'Reilly, Limbaugh, and Hannitty assume incorrectly that if we profile young males ages 16 to whatever with brown skin that we will win the war on terrorism.
-------Hello. Excuse me! Earth to right wing hate whores! Terrorists are adaptable. They are not as foolish as the congenital imbecile who they re-selected to power in the year 2004. If this country begins to profiling based on some delusional preconception of what a Muslim should look like,the terrorists will only recruit Muslims from outside the Middle East who do not fit the racist, preconceptions and delusions of the racist right. If racist, white pundits on TV and Radio believe that clean shaved white people in Western clothing are above suspicion, then you can bet your bottom dollar that the terrorists will recruit clean-shaved Muslims in Western clothing to carry out future attacks. Indeed, Anne Coulter may well get one of her wishes. They may indeed shave their beards and adopt western habits--although not for the purposes that she might like. Instead of shaving their beards and becoming Christians, they may well shave their beards, blend in, and adopt western habits and customs to confuse American intelligence. And while we're at it, who in the hell said that all Muslims wear facial hair? Talk about a foolish preconception.
-------Once again the Republicans have proven that they are unfit to lead the war on terrorism. I'm sure that you have heard the Shrub's remarks about how we have to defeat the terrorists in Iraq so that they won't follow us over here. (Which reminds me--that old wine has been put into so many new bottles by now that it must be as flat a Welch's Grape Juice!). Instead of waging a war of choice, it seems to me that the Bush Administration should be fighting terrorism in the same way that the Federal government fights organized crime. Instead of waging a bloody war and trampling on American civil liberties here at home they should be engaging in selective policing and surveillance directed against people based on behaviors and psychological profiles--not the color of one's skin.
-------For all intents and purposes, organizations like Al Quaida are nothing more than over-glorified, but very dangerous, crime syndicates. They operate in the same manner as the mafia--as an illegal corporation, as a hierarchical organization often based on family ties and relationships. They conduct business in secret. They launder money. They often hide behind legitimate businesses or form phony front organizations. Instead of waging a war of mass destruction, the proper way to fight an organization like this is to infiltrate the organization itself, to plant moles who will work their way up the hierarchy into trusted positions. That accomplished the mole then begins to collect information. And once that information is acted upon your terrorist organization will be severely crippled. When the FBI fights the mafia it doesn't bug the telephone of every living and breathing American. When the FBI combats organized crime it doesn't ask for a small army of National Guardsmen to attack an entire American city. Hell now. They concentrate on the matter at hand. They get warrants for selective wire taps and other forms of surveillance. The FBI does not automatically assume that every Italian is a member of the mafia, but for some reason, the Bush regime wants to play it both ways. On the one hand it wants to tell Muslims that we are not a hateful nation. But then the Administration sits back and says nothing while right wing pundits act on Administration talking points.
-------I don't know about you, but in the last few weeks I have been both sickened and disgusted by conservative sociopaths who have openly called for the eradication of all Muslims . On other occasions these demented son of bitches have had the audacity to suggest that the life of an American or an Israeli is more valuable than an innocent Lebanese civilian. Are we really supposed to believe that this isn't racist? Let's not forget that shortly after 911 Osama Bin Laden issued a statement in which he defended the killing of innocent civilians because, in his warped manner of thinking, civilians elected the politicians who created Mideastern policy.
-------Excuse me, but just how in the Sam Hill do Osama Bin Laden and sociopathic blowhards like Rush Limbaugh and his protohominid ilk differ from Osama Bin Laden? Both have justified the deaths of innocent civilians, both have called for the eradication of large numbers of people, and both revealed a hatred and a stupidly which falls short of what any normal American would refer to as fully human. It's almost as if the parts that would make these people--Bin Laden, Bush, Limbaugh, the late mister Zarqawi, ad infinitum--fully human are missing. That something has gone terribly wrong in those jiggling masses of putrid slime that they laughingly call gray matter.
-------In closing I would like to add just one more thing. Prior to 911 the most devastating terrorist attack in this country was committed by a deranged white man named named Timothy McVeigh. The two culprits who murdered 13 people and wounded 21 more at Columbine High School in Jefferson County, Colorado, were not named Mohammad or Abdul--they were named Eric Harris and Dylan Kiebold--which, according to my ear sound more English and German than Syrian or Iranian. Another individual has openly called for the killing of Americans, for a total war which would result in the "cleansing of the United States." This individual is not of Midastern Heritage and he is not a Fundamentalism Muslim. Rather, his name is William Pierece , and he is an American born resident of West Virginia; perhaps you heard of him--he authored the infamous Turner Diaries and he was the inspiration for Timothy McVeigh's deadly attack upon the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma. Indeed, there are scores of skinheads, Nazis, Klansmen, and Christian Identity crackpots who pose a serious threat to this country, but the Bush-following psychopaths don't want to talk about them because (a) they are white, (b) they are at least nominal Christians, and (c) they come from the same side of the political spectrum as the Republican Party. Which reminds me: The Islamic Fascists come from the right side of the political spectrum- as the Radical Christian Right--a fact that our wonderful conservative media failts to mention whenever it repeats and cowers before right wing prevarications and distortions.
-------So when the racist right in this country wants to tell you that we have to profile young male Muslims between the ages of 16 and 45, just try to remember that they don't know diddly squat when it comes to fighting terrorism. And they know even less when it comes to issues about race, equality, and Constitutional protections.


Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting to see what they do know, other than how to act like a blunt raging bull without direction or thought. Such people seem to operate on pure hate.

Ragnarok said...

It's a case of the blind leading the blind. If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck....

Shoot first, ask questions later. It's the new doctrine of the 21st century.