Friday, August 11, 2006

Shrub's INEFFECTIVE War on Terrorism

-------Once again the Bush Regime has proven that it is highly competent when it wants to run a fear and smear campaign, but woefully inadequate when it comes to the more important art of discovering terrorist plots.
-------The department of Homeland Security couldn't find a luminescent bowling ball in a paper shopping bag, but for some reason, the Bush Regime (which is at best incompetent, and at the worst, a study in sociopathy) wants us to believe that the Republican Party is better equipped and more determined to fight a war on terrorism than the Democratic Party. Who are they kidding? The Bush Regime couldn't tell a terrorist from a Nanny Goat and yet they want us to believe that they can win a war on terrorism.
-------I'm sure that you have either heard or read about the failed terrorist plot in Great Britain. And I am equally certain that you have heard all the Repubican spin (read half truiths and outright lies) about we are safer now than we were before 911. But have you heard the basic truth about how Bush and his cronies have blown it again? Have you been informed about the fact that our wonderful CIA and our magnificent Department of Homeland Security were caught sleeping at the switch while the British uncovered a potentially horrific terrorist plot which would have destroyed anywhere from three to twelve airliners over the Atlantic Ocean? The last I knew, the CIA is responsible for collecting foreign intelligence, and if a terrorist involving jumbo airliners en route from Great Britain to the United States isn't a matter of foreign intelligence and national security then will you please tell me what is? I can only assume that the passengers on these flights would have included significant numbers of Americans and Brits, but that didn't seem to concern the Bush Regime until it realized that it could use the thwarted plot to spread more fear and useful paranoia for the 2006 election cycle.
-------First we need to ask ourselves an important question. Why did we find ourselves in a position where Great Britain had to inform the Bush Regime about a thwarted terrorist plot? Why were our security agencies caught napping while our one and only ally was actively involved in effective intelligence gathering?
-------For those of you who missed the often confusing news coverage about this plot, the tactic was quite simple in design. The terrorists would have used acetone and hydrogen peroxide (the industrial strength variety that you can only obtain from chemical warehouses--not from your local; drug store) to blow up the above mentioned jumbo airliners; which, when you think about is, is an incredibly low tech, but highly destructive method of attack. But here in America we caved in to the very selfish interests of the chemical industry. We didn't demand that the chemical industry crack down and keep track of who is purchasing potentially dangerous chemicals. Nooooo. That might interfere with the bottom line, with profit, and if we know anything about the den of Republican and corporate thieves in Washington DC we know that profit for corrupt companies (which fund Republican campaigns and now write their own self-serving legislation in and for Congress) is more important than anything--even more important that the war against terrorism and the lives of American citizens who might be lost in a terrorist attack.
-------Good grief, the terrorists who tried to destroy the Twin Towers in 1993 used liquid explosives during that attack, and yet here we are in 2006, five years after 911, and we still aren't asking the chemical companies to take the most basic of precautions. And the Republicans tell us that we're more safe now than we were then? Get real.
-------Of course you also need to remember that this was the same president who wanted to transfer port security to a Muslim nation with ties to 911 and Al Quaida. In retrospect it might have made more sense if he had transferred American security to Great Britain's M5 Secret Service. At least Great Britain has had past experience with terrorism and is generally more competent than the click of rank amateurs and cronies which is running that over-glorified detective agency that we laughingly call the Department of Homeland Security.
-------The Bush Regime has shown a distinct proclivity, a genuine talent, for the fine arts of propaganda and fear mongering. According to the Bush Regime's assistant propaganda minister, Tony "Snowman" Snow, President Bush had been informed about the impending arrests on Friday, August 4th which (surprise surprise) gave the Republican spin doctors plenty of time to arrange the outright lies and half truths which they immediately timed to coincide with the August 8th primaries. That gave Dick Cheney plenty of time to prepare an unsolicited phone call with wire service reporters so that he could fix his fear-mongering remarks about how the oceans no longer protect us and how we are no longer safe at home. Excuse me? Did I miss something? On the one hand Bush tells us that we are safer now than we were on 911 while, on the other hand, his (equally sociopathic) puppet master tells us to "be afraid, be very afraid?" Is it my imagination or are the Bush and Cheney messages at war with one another?
-------And to make the situation even more interesting, Cheney made his fear-mongering statements early on Wednesday so that they would precede the British announcement to the public several hours later on the same day. Proving, I suppose, that Republicans can only appear insightful when they are provided with British cheat sheets ahead of time. Oh, and for the record? The British government that uncovered this plot is a LIBERAL British government. That's a hell of a difference from the Republican Regime in Washington which had a received a warning about 911 but either couldn't or wouldn't respond to that particular warning.
-------Ironically the police action in Britain disproves the Bush Doctrine that says you have to wage a failed war of aggression to fight terrorism. Contrary to the delusional fantasies which are floating around in our Decider's sociopathic brain cell(s), the fact of the matter is that we are not fighting terrorism in Iraq. We are not fighting them over there as opposed to fighting them over here. In reality we are breeding more terrorists. We are giving them daily, hands on experience, instructing them in the fine art of insurgency. We have created an over-sized training camp for professional America haters who will eventually make their way to our shores with an extensive body of terrorist tactics. And if Bush wants to say that he has made the world safe from terrorism, he better shut his lying flap, because incidents of international terrorism have gone UP during his blood-soaked reign--not down.
-------I can't help but think that if the Bush administration were running a Wal-Mart they would bring out a swat team to arrest an 80-year-old shop-lifter. They simply would not know that a well trained police officer and a highly competent partner would provide the same security with less damage and destruction. Instead of invading sovereign countries ,which had nothing to do with 911, Bush et al should be acquiring accurate intelligence and engaging in limited police actions, such as the kind that we saw in Great Britain. Instead of celebrating the deaths of innocent civilians (think right wing talk radio these days) we might become a little more selective in how we wage the war against terrorism and switch to policing tactics which are less destructive, less costly, and more effective.
-------Of course that would negate the possibility of a war for profit, and this administration isn't about to do anything that won't line the pockets of the corporations who are benefiting from massive death and destruction.

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BEAST said...

Jeez. This is quite distressing indeed.

Oxy-acetylene, as far as I know, is a welding gas, and yes, very, very flammable.

Once, a safety officer from the manpower ministry showed me the effects of an accidental oxy-acetylene blast in a factory. Five people in the factory were killed instantly, their remains powderized. The floor, where the tank was after the blast, was dented such that you could actually see a dented mark on the concrete floor. The tank itself was ripped into shreds.

And what was so scary was the fact that these officials took the photos as evidence, and the destruction was, well, devastating.

Imagine what it would do to an aircraft.