Wednesday, December 15, 2004


If you thought you were going to find missives about an America that is both free and Republican you've come to the wrong blog. The Coalotion for a Republican-Free America is dedicated to just that: an America that is both free in spirit and free of Republicans. Perhaps the best way to think of us is as a form of public health protection. Rather like the war on cancer. Conservatism is the disease. Liberalism is the cure. For the past ten yers or more the left in this country has pretended that you can have a debate with a spreading malignancy. Ladies and gentlemen, let me explain something to you. When you're dealing with a cancer you don't fight it with index cards and debating points. You cut it out. You flood it with concentrated doses of radiation. Then you hit with chemo therpay. But you do not, repeat NOT allow the cancer to spread at the expense of good tissue. It's time to ujse the cutting edge of humor to cut out the tumor. It's time to irradiate the surrounding tissue with satire. It's time to dose the far right and its Bible thumping cronies with all the ridicule that we can muster.

If you're tired of Rush Limbaugh's offcolo cruelties in the disguise of humor, this is a place for you to mouth off. Get it off your chest. Let it rip. Until next time.


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