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Has anyone noticed that the Republican Party of the late 20th and early 21st Centuries has adopted the beliefs and goals of the infamous First Church of Satan? No, I am not kidding. To look at the often brutal foreign and domestic policies that are so routinely endorsed by the GOP and its Radical Christian Reich bass, one has to wonder if their agenda hasn't been lifted directly from the pages of the Satanic Bible.

For those of you who aren't too familiar with the teachings and literature of the First Church of Satan (and you're God awful lucky if you aren't), this demented organization sought to create a repressive police state in which the strong were to survive and the weak were to be weeded out, creating what the church calls "achievement-orientated leadership." Church beatitudes included warped distortions such as: "Blessed are the strong for they shall possess the earth,"and "If a man smite you on one cheek then smash him on the other."" Highly materialistic in its world view, the First Church of Satan was dedicated to self-gratification and the pursuit of material wealth. Advancement through the church hierarchy was achieved through a dedication to Satanic doctrine, but other factors were considered as well: the type of decor in ones home; the make and model a member's car; dining practices; financial situations, ad nauseam

This may sound like a truly wicked view of the world, and for all intents and purposes, it is, but that doesn't change the fact that (in many ways) the agenda of the First Church of Satan has become the agenda of the Neocons, the Radical Christian Right, and the Republican Party in general.

Think about it.


This, for all intents and purposes, is the basis for both, Neocon foreign and fiscal policy.

The Neocon desire to rule the world (might makes right) is obvious: it positively reeks of Devil Worship. An unprovoked invasion of a nation which, while barbarous, had not attacked us, followed by an inept new government which can't even make the most basic of democratic decisions while a homegrown insurgency makes a mockery out of its budding security apparatus.

Not exactly a stunning success by any measure, despite the happy-sappy good news that the Radical Christian Right likes to peddle as the "truth." And if the kind of sexual abuse and wanton disregard for sexual morality that we saw in those Iraqi prisons is any indication as to the kind of "Christian morality"that the Radical Religious Right wants to impose on us here at home, then all I can say is this: "God help us."

Just as destructive is the Neocon/Radical Christian Right economic policy here at home. I'm sure the Satanists in the world must be salivating over a set of policies which virtually idolize wealthy corporations and the super rich at the expense of the lower and the middle classes. Again, we seem to be faced with a Satanic philosophy in which the strong are favored so that they might possess the earth. When seen in this light one could safely argue that everything from tax cuts for the over privileged, to funding slashes for social programs, to the Bush privatization plan for Social Security, are all in keeping with the social-darwinistic philosophy behind the Satanic Bible and the First Church of Satan. Even right wing tort reform--an effort which reveals hellacious inspiration in both the economic and legal spheres-- has been carefully designed to weed out the weak (in this case, consumers) for the benefit of the strong (powerful corporations).

And, when combined with the Bush Administration's proclivity for secrecy and strong arm legal tactics, one might just conclude that Bush and his legions of Neocon goons are more in line with American Satanism and its desire to create a police state for the strong and able bodied than it is with mainstream Christianity and its concern for the weak, imporverished and disabled.

Let's face it, you didn't hear Democrats telling the American people to go shopping after the terrorist attacks on 911--a clearly materialistic act which could have been lifted directly from the pages of a Satanic text. And if you want to go back a little further, it was the Reagen Administration, with its obsessive craving for military power and its moronic belief that "greed was good," which enhanced the trend for materialism and paved the path towards the sick, narcissistic world in which we live today

What's that you say? Grampa Ronny was a Satanist? Well, let's put it this way. For all his talk about decency and American values, the man seldom went to church. And the economic policies that he promoted, (when combined with the philosophy that he espoused) were largely responsible for the social decay that we saw during the 1980s and early 1990s. Until the 1980s America had a problem with gangs. That was a common fact and no one denied it. But when Reagen came to office and introduced his warped gospel of trickle down selfishness, gangs became transnational criminal /business organizations which flooded our streets with new and more addictive drugs--not to mention senseless violence over turf and territory. (Indeed, in many ways the "values"of the modern Republican Party are the same "values" of an inner city street gang, but that's an argument for another time and place.)

At the same time, the Reagen/Bush 1 philosophy of materialism was having an equally devastating effect in our public school systems as junior high and high school youths (even those in affluent neighborhoods) begin to shoot and stab each other over everything from sports jackets to athletic shoes: as if we could have expected anything else when our leaders were promoting a message of getting ahead at any cost. In short, the Reagen Administration, like the present Bush regime, was long on talk about morality and proper social behavior, but their policies were creating acts of violence which were both immoral and destructive. Or, to put it another way, the Necon message of "enlightened self interest"(an Orwellian oxymoron if ever there was one) was, and is, more in tune with Anton LaVey and the Satanic Bible than it was with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

And now for the bad news. Their legal policies are just as brutal and malevolent.


If Neocon fiscal/economic policies are rapacious in the extreme, then their view of the American Legal system is nothing less than sadistic. We've seen this building for several years: the anal retentive manner in which they imposed mandatory sentences and stripped power from what should ideally be an independent judiciary; the brutal, often psychopathic delight in which they threw juvenile offenders into adult prisons; the blood thirsty manner in which they defended the death penalty for both, minors and the mentally ill. Never mind the fact that Neocon justice (another Orwellian oxymoron) is just another example of handing the earth to the strong and avaricious; in a very real sense it is also a fine endorsement of the Satanic proverb, "If a man smite you on one cheek, smash him on the other."

Nothing demonstrates this point more painfully than the right wing cult of death and its obsessive compulsive attachment to the death penalty.

At what point in the Bible did Jesus Christ kill (i.e. execute) someone? The answer, quite simply, is that he didn't. I find plenty of passages in which he asked his followers and critics alike to forgive and to turn the other cheek. I see that wonderful passage where he stopped an adulterous woman from being stoned to death, but I do not see too many incidents when Jesus advocated the use of lethal injections, hangings, or the electric chair. As a matter of fact, in Luke 22: 50-51, when the ear of the servant of the high priest is cut off, Jesus actually touches the ear and heals this individual, who incidentally, was one of the people who had been sent to arrest him. And before you say that Jesus didn't know that his arrest would lead to his eventual execution, I would refer you back to Luke 19:31-34, (and to similar passages in Matthew 20:17, and Mark 10_32-34) where Jesus predicts (for the third time) his own death. In short, Jesus actually forgave one of the people who would prove instrumental in his eventual state-sanctioned murder. Later, in Luke 23:34, he issues the famous words "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." In other words, he was forgiving the people who were killing, indeed, murdering him.

Succinctly stated, the Neocon/Radical Christian Right attitude towards law and justice is more in keeping with the beliefs and practices of the First Church of Satan and the Pagan Roman government which executed Jesus, than it is with the New Testament. Whether it's the execution of minors and the mentally ill or "merely" throwing people into prison for minor, victimless crimes, or if it's forcing convicted criminals to work in chain gangs, the fact of the matter is that the Necons and the Radical Christian Right have adopted a legal philosophy which has turned the teachings of Jesus Christ on their theological heads.

In closing, it seems to me that those who sing the praises of Jesus the loudest may well be in league with the forces of darkness. Greed, avarice, an anal retentive legal philosophy; a desire to rule the world; status at the expense of spirituality, erosions of our civil liberties, an inability to sympathize with the poor, a contempt for the lower classes, a nationwide obsession with power and a preoccupation with wealth and physical possessions: each and every one of these is a trait that would have been embraced by the First Church of Satan.

And, it would seem, by the Neocons, the Radical Christian Right, and the Republican Party as a whole.

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Daniel said...

Wouldn't surprise me if the Bushies were holding Black Masses and sacrificing goats in the basement of the Whitehouse!