Monday, January 23, 2006


It just keeps getting better.

Won't we all have fun when we see those enlightening photos of George W. Bush with Mister Abramoff?

This could get interesting to say the least.


halcyon67 said...

According to McClellan, the massive tool that he is, those photos don't exist.

Give me a fucking break. These people are taking advantage of our education.

I think they are just making the education system weaker so people will be more ignorant of their actions.

People are fucking stupid. And people just don't care.

Rhino-itall said...

This is such a non story it's almost not worth commenting on. But since i like this stuff: The guy who's office is across the hall from mine has a autographed picture of himself and president bush, from a dinner reception in washington ($2500.00) and he has one with clinton.(doesn't remember how much) the point is that anyone can get photo's with the president as long as they donate to the cause. In the case of Abramoff, he was raising hundreds of thousands, so it would figure that he would have more access than the average person. It doesn't mean anything.
By the way, what does this story have to do with the education system?

Lily@LoseTheNoose said...

Nice to check out your digs some more Brandon, your comments were much appreciated at Lose The Noose. Helpful and reflective. Its always a pleasure to stumble across a RATIONAL blogger that has actually READ the Constitution versus some of the thumper trolls that come by and insist that it is their right to impose their perspective on everyone else. And when their theocentric arguments fail they begin phase two- "tell the atheists they are commies and hate god". All liberals are atheists in their view, of course. And all people concerned with civil liberties have some colossal grudge with God... Becoming a sadly predictable discussion.
Anyway, I've been here before and will no doubt return- I thought I had linked you but need to check! Been through some template changes.

lily said...

Brace yourselves for an interesting address... got buckets?

Brandon said...

Better yet, got hip boots?