Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Since the onslaught of Roe Verses Wade millions of innocent children have been murdered by deranged abortionists who refuse to accept the fact that victims of rape and incest must be forced to carry their unplanned children to full term. As a result, thousands or even tens of thousands of Republican pedophiles have been denied the right to assault children who might otherwise have been the unwilling victims of the Greedy Old Perverts. This November you can support the time honored belief that the unborn are sacred but that the children are not. Send a clear and resounding message that we need to end abortion so that Republican pedophiles will have more children to molest. Keep women in their place and support the rising tide of conservative sexual assault against minors. Vote early. Vote Often. Vote Republican.

This as was paid for by Puritans Endorsing Reactionary Visions.


Ragnarok said...

I wish political ads were that honest.

Isn't it scary that 'Pastor Ted' had influence in the White House? Just what the government needed, one more hypocrite.

Isn't it strange how Saddam's verdict has come out now, when just a couple of weeks ago a verdict was looking unlikely anytime soon?

Lily said...

Funny how the timing works, isnt it!!!