Friday, January 12, 2007


"The Iraq government will appoint military commanders and two deputy commanders for their capitol.  The Iraq government will deploy Iraqi  Army and National Police brigades across Baghdad's nine districts.   When these forces are fully deployed there will be eighteen Iraqi Army and National Police brigades committed to this effort along with local police.  These Iraqi forces will operate from local police stations, conducting patrols and setting up check points and going door to door to gain the trust of Baghdad residents.  This is a Strong commitment.  In order to succeed our commanders say the Iraqis need our help.  So America will change our strategy to help the Iraqis carry out their campaign to put down violence and bring security to the people of Baghdad.  This will require increasing American force levels.  So I've committed more than 20,000 additional American troops to Iraq, the vast majority of them, five brigades, will be deployed to Baghdad.  These troops will work along side Iraqi units and will be embedded in their formations.  Our troops will have a well defined mission.  To help Iraqis clear and secure neighborhoods, to help the local population, and to help insure the Iraqi forces left behind are capable of providing the security that Baghdad needs."
George W. Bush
Excerpt from a Speech dated
Wednesday, January 10,   2007
George W. Bush may be a sociopath and his followers may use war as a Viagra substitute, but you just have to give the American Fuhrer credit.  When the son of a bitch decides to mess up he doesn't go half way.   He's the living example as to why conservative Republicans always have to lie on the bottom during sexual intercourse--because they almost invariably fuck up.  And this policy, indeed this president, is just one big fuck up with a name attached to it.
Where do I begin with the key points of  the hackneyed failed policies that Bush had to offer.   Let's just take them at random.
Does George W. Bush really think that he is going to create any kind of unity by embedding American soldiers with Iraqi forces and then letting them rampage on a door to door basis throughout the city of Baghdad?   Yeah.  That's going to earn us some real Brownie points.  That's going to calm the double insurgency that the Sociopath select set into motion in March 2003.   Why I can just see the response now.  All those grateful, genuflecting Iraqis bowing down before the Iraqi thugs and American troops who have just broken down their doors and trashed their houses.   Sweet Jesus we're back to the Neocon delusion of flowers and candy!   The Sociopath select really thinks that the Iraqi people--who already want us to pack up and leave--are going to thank us for this.  Oh, they'll thank us all right.  And how.   They'll hate us even more than they do now and even the few remaining Iraqis who still want us there will be pushed into the welcoming arms of the multiple insurgency movements that have been waiting for the professional screw up in the Whitehouse to make another mistake.
And then we have a problem with the Iraqi police.   I don't know what newspapers or intelligence sources George W. Bush didn't read this week, but up to seventy percent of the Iraqi police force has been infiltrated by insurgencies; the Badr Brigade,* which claims to represent Iraqi Shias, and the Medhi Army** which is comprise of radical Shias.    And let's not forget the disgruntled Sunnis who are fighting the disgruntled Shias.  
Talk about an inability to learn from past mistakes:  embedding 21,500 American troops in a situation where they can be fired on by multiple insurgencies.   At the risk of repeating what has probably been stated many times over, it appears as if the sociopath select is still trying to finish that book about the god damned goat.  God knows he isn't reading the news or intelligence reports.  Someone really needs to tell this over glorified punk that to date American soldiers have trained and armed the Iraqi police; after which the same police have turned on their American trainers and killed them.  A fact which the sociopath select has yet to comprehend. 
Also of interest is the idea of using Iraqi police stations.  Again,. where has this president been?  Iraqi police stations have been targets for month after month after bloody month.  Again, all the president will achieve is more bloodshed, more wounded troops, more dead solders, and more wounded and dead Iraqis.  
Sadly the quoted portion of the speech wasn't the only area in which the president displayed a stunning lack of ethical comprehension.   We now have George W. Bush on record openly accepting responsibility for his past mistakes.   On the surface that sounds good, but like most right wingers, George W. Bush still believes that personal responsibility is something that applies only to the people below him.  And when we're talking about George W. Bush, an unfeeling sociopath with obvious obvious traces of  malignant narcissism, the people below means anyone who isn't George W. Bush.   Once AGAIN our moronic megalomaniac has found a way to divorce consequences from personal responsibility.  Come on now.  Let's get real here.   If your performed your job with the same degree of incompetence that George W. Bush and his crime family have performed their job in Iraq you would have been shown the door within weeks or perhaps even days.   You would have been fired, downsized, sacked.  You get the drift.   With that in mind  I am about to make a novel suggestion. 
If the imbecilic decider in the oval office is truly  serious about accepting responsibility he must prove to the American people that he is telling the truth.  He must prove a certain degree of sincerity.  For the well being of this country, for the well being of his own party, and for the well being of the freedoms that he so eagerly wants to roll back, George W. Bush and Vice Fuhrer Cheney should both step down, resign their positions immediately.   Short of that I cannot think of another way in which this maladjusted maladministration can prove that it has taken responsibility for the destructive consequences of its imbecilic actions. 
Of equal importance was what George W. Bush did not say.  Note that we are not going to talk to Iran or Syria.   That seems bizarre in the case of Iran. *** For all intents and purposes a majority of the Iranian people still like the American people.  They like American culture:  American movies, American fashion, American music.  And while they don't want to entirely separate from their Muslim heritage, they do want a lightening of the burden that is the Iranian theocracy and the rule of the Ayatollahs.  So what did George W. Bush do on Wednesday night?  Once again he singled out Iran for another one of his little digs.   It's almost as if he's TRYING to alienate the American people.  And if  Bush thinks for a minute that an armed invasion or even bombing of Iran will endear this country to the Iranian people, George W. Bush is sadly mistaking.   Indeed, Bush's ignorance in this matter is somewhat baffling.   The Neocons are viscerally nationalistic in their world view.  You'd think that they would understand that an attack on Iran by an outside power would only have the effect of unifying the Iranians against the attacker.   By the same standard the Decider's innate fear of diplomacy seems equally moronic.   Throughout the cold war we maintained diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union.  Nikita Kruschchev stood up at the United Nations and threatened to bury us; a  few years later that same Soviet dictator planted Soviet missiles in Cuba; and through it all we had arsenals of nuclear weapons pointed at one another but we did not break of diplomatic relations.   George W. Bush simply has not learned the basic lesson that in the realm of international relations you keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.  Of course it could be that George W. Bush is so incredibly dense that he couldn't tell a friend from an enemy at a distance of six inches.  This, after all is the same President who looked into the eyes of Vladimir Putin and apparently found a soul mate. 
In closing I shall only offer the following.   Asking this president and vice president  to show anything in the way of intelligence or normal human behavior is asking too much.  George W. Bush has proposed an increase of 21,500 Americans troops.   21,500 will become sitting ducks in the cross fire of competing militias and insurgency movements.   I see no reason to believe this mistake will be any less gruesome than previous mistakes.  We've had 160,000 troops in Iraq before, and look at where we are today; look at what it brought us.  It didn't make a difference then--unless you call an increase in the number of dead and wounded American soldiers a difference--and it won't make a difference this time either.   All it will do is prolong the misery, create even more hatred for us in the Mideast, and breed more of the terrorism that George W. Bush and his empty-headed followers so foolishly think that they will control. 
*** As if to prove my point, on January 11th U.S. forces in Iraq conducted a raid in the northern Iraqi city of Arbil.  The target?  Iran's consulate.   For more information check out:


Brent Roos said...

So you only want your own way, and to hell with those who disagree with you? Are you aware that you support a liberal dictatorship? Are you a Marxist? It wouldn't surprise me.

Brandon said...

The closest we have to a dictatorship of any kind in this country is the seven or so percent of the "people" (thgink traitors) on the reich--ur ah right--who comprise the Dominionist movemnent who really believe that God has oprdred them to create an American theocracy and then rule the world. Beyond that I have no time for people like YOU who project your own desires and needs onto other.

Don't you have anything better to do? Like washing some of the blood that your mentally challenged Fuhrer in the Oval office has spilled on your hands? As far as I'm concerned Bush is a cold blooded murderer and a sociopath and the people who support him are hius accomplices.

BTW You picked the wrong flay. Yours should have a red field with a white circle and a swastika in the center.

What a JACKASS you are. Wink wink.

marybishop said...

Funny how the press hasn't picked up on the Dominionists...I mean where did the function of the press go? Makes me sick.

I agree with you all the time...I have had to take a break from even thinking about bushie because my health is suffering. Sometimes the thought that he will be around for another year plus is enough to make me want to hide and become a hermit.

Every day I think about the poor soldiers dying..the poor Iraqis dying..and the poor Americans paying for this tragedy in blood or money.


Daniel Gallagher said...

I hear you Mary. Sometimes they're called the Christian Reconstructionists. No matter what you call them they are a threat to our freedoms and to the Constitution under which we live.

I too am sick of this war. Good people are dying and the press has only begun to take notice. The thing that pisses me off the most is the fact that it took a Democractic victory in November 2006 for the press to pay attention to what the Democrats have to say. This is bullshit. They should be paying attention to both sides all the time and giving coverage both good and bad to both sides. Instead we had to wait nearly six years for them to get out of bed with the Republicans. How many ways can you say "bad?"



BEAST said...

Like the Vietnam war, the Iraqi war is degenerating into absolute anarchy and mayhem.

What the insurgents are doing is really simple: Stall for time, inflict terror into the hearts and minds of the people and the new iraqi govt (if it is indeed a govt), and hope the americans will leave, which they will invariably do.

Once that happens, another dictator will emerge. Things will either degenerate into the good ole days of papa saddam, or some religious nuthead ten times worst will surface and turn Iraq into another Afghanistan.

By that time, Bush would be out of office, absolved from all blame, and laugh at the next few presidents who will be burdened with the task of cleaning up his shit.

As the saying goes, one good turn deserves another.