Saturday, August 20, 2005


To my fellow team members and our valued readers.

I want this above board so that everyone, both our team members and our readers, will know what's going on around here. As some of you know, we have been receiving commercial spam in our commentary forum. This is annoying and frankly, we don't want to create the impression that we are encouraging certain businesses as opposed to others to run ads for free here.

I am therefore asking my fellow team mates to delete comments which read something like:

"Wonderful post, we like what yu are doing here, maybe youd like to take a look at the AcmeCoffincompany."


"A very nice comment, maybe you would be interested in visiting the UpYourShaftUsedCarCompany."

This does not apply to legitimate comments from genuine readers, no matter how outrageous they may appear. As we were all told when we signed up for the fine art of blogging, we aren't supposed to be using these blogs for personal gain, and to that end I feel that it is best that these spam ads, which make a mockery of that position, be deleted as quickly as possible.

Our purpose here is to promote and discuss political, philosophical and ecnomomic ideas, not to sell mortages, products or services.

I thank my fellow team members with their help in this regard and our readers for their patience with this situation.