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Editors' Notes by Chris and Brandon With only a few modifications, this is the same post that appeared on THE YOUNG LIBERALS in November 2004.




By Brandon and Chris

November2004--Bush reelected Pretender and Thief..

January 2005--Inspired by voice of Jesus, Bush proposes the establishment of a Christian Republic.

February 2005- After a gay suicide bomber blows up a North Dakota cabin, Bush declares an emergency vote. Proposition 41A, which bans gay marriage, civil unions and homoerotic tendencies, is put on the ballot in all 50 states.

May 2005--Radicalized House of Representatives proposes Constitutional Amendment that would declare the United States a "Christian Republic."

June 2005--Senate introduces and passes the above Amendment.

September 2005--Following failed attempt to starve out minorities and low income residents in Hurricane ravaged New Orleans, Bush Regime diverts public attention to terrorism and social issues. Eye brows are raised when Sureme Court Justice Roberts makes an off the cuff remark about a "final soultion to the gay and lesbian problem."

October 2005--Congress Passes the Christian Protection Act which forbids nonchristians to teach in public and private schools. Act also bans gays and unwed mothers from serving in the same capacity while imposing heavy fines and penalties on those who advocate Separation of Church and State.

November 2005--Bush Administration uses executive powers to ban the teaching of Darwinism in public schools. Ban imposes heavy fines on those who fail to endorse Creationism as scientific fact..

December 2005--Congress declares homosexuality to be a crime against nature. Provides funding for the investigation and persecution of known and suspected gays and lesbians..

February 2006--Judaism declared a crime against the state..

March 2006--Islamic terrorist attacks on Houston, Atlanta, and Miami. In following weeks more than 50,000 Muslims are beaten and killed in the streets while law enforcement officers, under secret orders from John Ashcroft, either watch or take part in the actual beatings, Jerry Falwell proclaims the pogrom to be the "work of God in our world today.".

May 2006--Congress limits the right to hold state, local, or federal office to those individuals who can prove that they are either baptized or rebaptzied Christians. Bush, via presidential decree, claims the right to deicde what comprises a legitimate Christian sect.

June 2006-- Queer Eye for the Straight Guy stars are hunted and burned. Their makeover victims are executed at a public trial in Salem.

July 2006--The Ellen Degeneras Show is firebombed killing Ellen and the whole building. Rosie O'Donnel is forced back onto television claiming that her gayness was a joke and begins to bash gays. Former NJ governor McGreevey is found buried under Yankees Stadium..

August 2006--Congress passes the Anti-Blasphemy Act which criminalizes speech against the King James Bible, Christian symbols, or Christianity in general. Fines range from public humiliation to public torutre. Flogging, stretching, and the strapado are reintroduced as viable interrogation techniques.

November 2006--Heresy declared a capitol offense. More than 150,000 herectics are executed via hanging, burning, or flogging within the next four months. Several states pass their own versions of the former Purtian Blue Laws.

December 2006--To cash in on the prevailing wave of intolerance, major TV networks create reality-based programs which feature the live torture and alleged confessions of so called "witches." The most successful of these programs, Sinclair's "To Burn Or Not To Burn," eradicates mopre than 150 accused "sorcerers" during the first season alone.

January 2007--Tensions between Ultra Fundamentalist Right Protestants and Far Right Catholics begin to boil over when Bush declares that "God does not hear the prayers of a Papist." Catholics stage protests which are brutally repressed by Ashcroft's new CIA (Christian Intimidation Association).

February 2007- Gays are fofced to wear armbands with a darker rainbow which reads "FAG." "The No Gays Left Behind Act" restricts gays from attending straight schools. The "Help Gays Vote Act" prohibits gays from voting unless they are married (which is also prohibited). Jews are prohibited from owning land and the Straight Chamber of Culture is created excluding gays from the Arts. They can't serve in the military (revised).

March 2007- The "Keep Gays Safer Act" is passed, segregating public places and institutions. Water fountains, entrances etc are marked "Straight" or "Fag" Schools, concerts, and libraries are all segregated. A helicopter crashes into the Harvey Milk school in New York killing all its students.

April 2007- In Messy vs Ferguson, Antonin Scalia rules that segregated facilites are seperate but equal causing more segregation. The constitution is amended making gays 3/5 of a man or woman. They are prohibited from teaching, accounting and dentistry.

May 2007--Rosa Starks refuses to give her bus seat up to a straight person, she is arrested jump starting a neo gay rights movement. Gays are hosed down with fire hoses and chased by dogs throughout the cities. They begin McDonald sit ins.

June 2007- A black out engulfs the U.S after half 75% of the U.S's energy is depleted. The Son of Pam goes on a killing spree in NY killing 113 gays. He is later awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Gays over 15 have to apply for identity cards. Passports stamped with large red G

July 2007- Bushwitz, Bushwald, Bushbruck,Bushausen, and Bushau camps are opened for gays, muslims, democrats, liberals, scientists, single mothers and 50% of the residents of San Francisco, 20% of Philadelphia and 33% of New York City.August 2007- The AAA (Anti-Gay, Anti-Gay, Anti-Guy) terrorizes the North on horseback donning white robes and masks, while burning crosses.

September 2007- Bushallnacht, The Night of Broken Glass. Jewish stores and shops are firebombed and looted. Painted with G's and Achtung Gay. Gays are fined for damages totaling over 10 million.November 2007- Forced labor decree for gays

December 2007- As gays march across the Brooklyn Bridge, a riot ensues with the NYPD killing 255 gays. Gay activist leader is killed on his hotel balcony after speaking to gay sewage workers. Riot ensues all over the U.S

January 2008- On New Years Day three gay activists go missing in Mississippi. They were pulled over for speeding, incarcerated in released to the AAA and killed.February 2008- The March on Washington, one million gays rally in D.C and gay leader gives famous "I Have a Vision" speech.

March 2008--After months of bitter unrest Bush declares himself to be the Second Coming of Christ. Declares America to be a Christian Theocracy, noting "deomcracy in our time was a terrible failure which saved no souls and did little to promote the conservative compassion of Christ."

Decenber 2008--Official beginning of the "Great Evangelical Schism." Civil War between Conservaive Protestant South and Reactionary Midwest devolves quickly into a blood soaked grab for power between the various Christian sects. After death of Vice president Cheney, John Ashcroft is promoted to office of Vice President. Ashcroft promptly declares Holy Crusade against all Non Protestants and Non Fundamentalists.

January 2009--Civil War during which multiple factions manage to execute 2.3 million witches, herectics, and homosexuals.

May 2009--Great Evangelical Schism turns nuclear as Donald Rumsfeld orders the use of WMDs. More than 17 million killed in nuclear stikes. 50 million additional lives claimed by plague and famine. Situation complicated by use of biological and chemical weapons against civilian populations.

February 2009- In an attempt to stop the escalating degeneration of Western Civilization, The Bush Regime substitutes the Book of Leviticus for the United States Constitution.

July 2009--America descends into chaos despite forces of theocracy and tyranny

August 2009--Disturbed by increasing ecological damage and global instability from Great Evangelical Schism, the European Union with assistance from Russia, China and South America, invades war torn American Republic. Southwest conceded back to Mexico. Michigan, Maine, New York, and Wisconsin petition the United Nations to join Canadian Union. Petition subesequtnly granted. Florida claimed by Cuba. Former leaders Bush and Ashcroft subsequently put on trial for crimes against humanity and the environment. During cross examination at his trial, Bush, in a delusional, paranoid state, openly admits that he is the AntiChrist. Claims that Ashcroft is the False Prophet and that Anne Coulter is the Whore of Bablyon.

December 2009--Remaining territory of American Republic is temporarily partitioned by England, France, Germany, Russia, and Brazil. Provisional capitol moved to Chicago, Illinois..

January 2010--Christian Fundamentalism and the Republican Party are banned in the same way Nazism was banned in Germany after World War II. Schools and society in general are officially DeRepubicanized.

February 2010--Following public executions of convicted war criminals, reparations proceed at an accelerated rate. Environmental cleanup initiated in major american Urban Centers. International Corporations like Haliburton and Bechtel forced to fund the reparations. Beginning of the Post Neocon Enlightenment.

Editor's note, by Brandon Alexander Geraghty MacKenzie

This was the first post that I made on the Young Liberals. In many ways it remins a favorite. The material Chris added only made it even more prophetic and more humorous. I of course, had to add an early line about the katrina debacle.

Brandon G.


Goggalor said...

The part about Justice Roberts was also added. This..."timeline" insult to all Americans. I want to know why, why do you villanize all Conservatives? Why do you call for a Republican Free America? You call all Conservatives fascists and nazis, and wish for the destruction of people merely for their beliefs. Is this not what the Nazis did to the Jews? The fact that this can even be posted shows how little you really care about people. Conservatives, such as myself, are not monsters. We believe in what we believe in because, to us, it seems correct. How does this upset racists? This upsets me, as a human, because of the fact that you believe me to be...How is this not profiling? Your blog name itself declares your callousness at people who disagree with you. You act like there are no malicious liberals; no Robespierre did not exist; Stalin did not exist. Roosevelt did not imprison all Japanese-Americans. You imprison Conservative belief because you protest our right to exist. Your blog disgusts me. Not because you are a liberal, but because you are so full of hate; because you ask for the end of everyone who does not believe what you believe; because you malign others to fill your own selfish agenda.

The Young Conservatives

Daniel Gallagher said...

Before I deconstruct the half-witted drivel that I read above, I not only want to say "I'm sorry" for what Brandon and Chris said to offend goggalor in the time line. I'll even say "I'm sorry" for the things that will probably offend him in this comment.

In many ways, Hon, you remind me of other right wingers with whom we have crossed swords in the past. In fact, kiddo, you sound a little like the crew over on the Jessefactor--John in particular. In other ways you remind me of a kook with whom Brandon, Chris, and Samantha argued with on The Young Liberals during the first half of the year.

In each case the thing that amzed me the most was the lack of thought and perspective that you people put into your posts. You hop from topic to topic; you make phony connections; you twist and distort the historical record. You toss out read herrings and then answer points that we never made. You said that you on the right are not monsters? Lover boy, let me give you some friendly advice. If you don't want to be perceived AS monsters then do yourselves and western civilization a favor and stop ACTING like monsters.

Having said that, let us get down to business:

DELUSION: The part about Justice Roberts was also added. This..."timeline" insult to all Americans.

REALITY: Why? Because you say so? Because you're in denial? Talk about arrogant. We don't claim to speak for all Americans. That seems to be your specialty. Did God go on vacation and appoint you the conscience of the United States or did you forget to take your meds again?

DELUSION: I want to know why, why do you villanize all Conservatives?

CORRECTION: We don't. We merely criticize the present batch of conservatives who aren't really conservatives. The truth of the matter is that the so-called conservatives of today are more radical and more extreme than at any time in the past 50 to 70 years. The dirty little secret here is that the so called conservative movement is actually dominated by theocrats and reactionaries whose hero worship extends to a Satanic recreation of Jesus Christ, the Puritan Witch hangers, and the economic imbecility of Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover. But then again, what can you say about a movement in which the most adored contemporary figure was Ronald Reagen, a senile president, who took down a portrait of Thomas Jefferson to honor the late, befuddled Calvin Cooldige?

DELUSION: Why do you call for a Republican Free America?

CORRECTION: We don't. We call it the Coalition for a Republican-Free America. Note the hyphen, which changes the entire meaning. Perhaps you should read the mission statement at the top of our blog. If you still have trouble one of our members is a former teacher. She specialized in music but she may be able to provide a few instructions in remedial reading.

CORECTION: No, we don't. We have fine relationships with many conservatives on a daily basis in our personal lives. To paraphrase Will Rogers, "if you keep them [Republicans]broke and out of power they're the nicest people you could ever hope to find."

DELUSION: You call all Conservatives fascists and nazis, and wish for the destruction of people merely for their beliefs.

CORRECTION: Get real, mate! It was a satrical piece. If you took it THAT seriously it says more about your own thought process [or lack thereof] than our own. Just where did Brandon call for the destruction of people based on their beliefs? It's more to the point that people with strong beliefs on your side--the so called "Christian" right is openly persecuting gays, non-Christians, and liberals. Enough already with the projection; we've had it with self-judgements in the form of right wing attacks.

DELUSION: Is this not what the Nazis did to the Jews? The fact that this can even be posted shows how little you really care about people.

CORRCTION: Brandon's post demonstrated the bigotry of the far right against the gay community and minorities in general. We should be damned if we roll over and play dead while theo-fascists try to do us in. Shame on you Jake. Being gay myself. I know what the climate is like out there, and the TRUTH of the matter is that gays are angry and frightened. It is your side that is filled with hate. What our group does here is usually calculated to produce a certain effect. Or hadn't that popped into your head, hon?

DELUSION Conservatives, (you poor sweet heart) such as myself, are not monsters. We believe in what we believe in because, to us, it seems correct.

CORRECTION: Of course the other side doesn't? Everyone acts because they believe they are correct. You state the obvious. Jake--at least the Nazis were honest enough to admit that they were hateful. The top Nazis openly admitted that they were scapegoating. Would it hurt you tyo at least to the same? Liberals, gays, and non-Christians have become your permanent whippings posts, and I can tel you right now, that we and the swimng voters are getting a little sick and tired of your all too often visceral behavior and provincal attitudes. Don't blame us if we rise up and grab the whips.

DELUSION: How does this upset racists? This upsets me, as a human, because of the fact that you believe me to be...How is this not profiling?

CORRECTION: I have to use one of Brandon's lines here: Listening to the right complain about the evils of anything is like listening to Adolf Hitler give a lecture on the evils of antisemitism. Would you consider restructuring that confused jumble of nonsense?

DELUSION: Your blog name itself declares your callousness at people who disagree with you.

CORRECTION: The blog name itself is a stab at humor more than anything else. Or hadn't you noticed that we do a fair amount of satire here? DUHHHHH.

DELUSION: You act like there are no malicious liberals; no Robespierre did not exist; Stalin did not exist. Roosevelt did not imprison all Japanese-Americans. You imprison Conservative belief because you protest our right to exist.

CORRECTION: This is the most confused pile of nonsense that I have ever read. What is the central point here? Are you putting Roosevelt in the same category as Robespierre and Stalin? This is the kind of warped thinking that dominates on the right today. By the way--Brandon has a very convincing argument in which he describes Stalin as an economic leftist, but a political nationalist/rightwinger. Thought you might be interested in that. But I must admit, I am fascinated by the fact that you would accuse Roosevelt of tyranny. Perhaps we agree that the internment of Japanese Americans was wrong during World War II, but if this is true. then why are so many right wingers willing to profile Arabs (or brown-skinned individuals in general) without due process of law? Why are not more conservative speaking out against secret tribunals and the eradication of habeous corpus? I know a few are actually outraged by the ideas, but they are hardly in the majority of the current conservative movement. In addition, you can't be TOO upset by Roosevelt's actions in this regard since it is your side of the political spectrum which has made a mockery out of the 4th and 5th Amendments in this regard. Of course, it might be that you are also upset with Roosevelt because he fought and actually won the war against Nazism, Fascism, and Imperialism. You might also be upset because he instituted post 1929 reforms which created the Middle Class and which gave little people an economic safety net. God forbid we don't get rid of the New Deal measures which have prevented another Great Depression. Which does not speak well of Bush. For the most part, Coolidge and Hoover caused the Great Depression through inaction. Bush is setting America back through deliberate action. But that might be another argument for another post. Don't you think, Cupcake?

DELUSION: Your blog disgusts me.

CORRECTION: And yours AMUSES us. The post dated 9 October 2005 was titled "I AM SICK." And we agree, Sweet Pea. You are CERTAINLY "sick." Watch the unintentional humor, my boy.

DELUSION: Not because you are a liberal,

CORRECTION: Ah haaaaaa. Tell me another one. Some of you people have turned hate into both, an artform and a highly sharpened weapon.

DELUSION: but because you are so full of hate; because you ask for the end of everyone who does not believe what you believe; because you malign others to fill your own selfish agenda.

CORRECTION: Another classic example of the right wing judging others by themselves.

On a closing note...At least six of our members are former Republicans, recovering conservatives. In the future, child, you might want to keep that in mind. They not only found a better way. They also know what right wingers are capable of and they know how to make counter moves. They really aren't too impressed nor intimidated by a couple of prepubescent punks who have yet to live this thing called real life. When you're old enough to hold two jobs, pay your way nursing school, and wipe your own hind end without your parents' help, we might be more inclined to listen to you.

Goggalor said...

Again, you are classifying All Conservatives as being hateful. I am not a fundamentalist, I believe in Gay Rights; I believe in freedom for everyone. The Liberals are not alone in supporting our basic rights. In regards to my post "I am sick", for those whose minds are elsewhere, I was talking about the action not the state of mind. I was sick of people (including conservatives) who denounce others for their benefit, whether it be for self-satisfaction or for the fufilment of their political agenda. For the record, when I was talking about your desire for the eradication of people with a certain belief structure, I was regarding about your desire for the destruction of the conservative party. I was not putting Roosevelt into a certain category, I was merely listing the bad deeds done by the left-wing; which fortifies my argument that all Liberals are good people. This statistically is not possible. I do not say that all Conservatives are good people, many are not. I do not speak for America, I merely speak for myself. When I said you were full of hate, I spoke about your hate for Conservatives, which is hate; I am not judging, merely noticing. If anyone were to actually take a look at my blog, it would be noticed that I hold a certain pride in anyone or any site that can adequately create concise arguments. If you have not noticed, I have linked to several liberal blogs that I believe do just this. I ask now, to stop calling all Conservatives Nazis (which I am not, lest I persecute myself for my Jewish heritage) or Fascists (I personally hate big government). Also do not assume that we all love Bush; I merely support him, however I am irritated with several of his policies at the moment. You talk about me judging people, yet you do it too; assuming that I am the conservative stereotype. I am not even sure that stereotype exists except for in the minds of those who wish to villify Conservatives to assure themselves as being correct in their beliefs. The political spectrum is not a line, but a graph. We do not all lie on the same points, if you did not notice; Myself and Jake are two very different Conservatives. I, am more Libertarian, Jake is more Republican and Fundamentalist. If you were to see liberals jokes or whatnot, I apologize; these things are merely a relief of the frustration we (Jake and I) have due to the overwhelming number of Liberals in our community. Contrary to your belief that I did not put any effort or intelligence into my post is completely false, I attempted to (although admittedly I was a little hot under the collar, not really because of your post, but because of the number of such posts I encountered that day) construct an adequate argument to refute your statements that all conservatives are fascist nazis with the intent to destroy our unalienable rights.




CJWilliams said...

While I hate to speak in generalities, the truth of the matter is that it is often necessary for the purpose of discussion to do just that--unless of course you have found a way to squeeze the character profiles of more than 280 million Americans into our commentary space.If you have access to this kind of technology please be so kind as to share it with us, otherwise stop fussing over details.

On the other hand, I might offer you an explanation as to what may or may not be happening here.

As stated before, many of our members here are former Republicans and former conservatives. AND, as I have stated in other comments on other blogs, some of them feel that their Party (the Republican Party) moved away from them. Which, you might want to admit, is a valid point. Look who has come to control the Republican Party. Do you really believe in your heart of hearts that the libertarian branch of the GOP is running the party today? Be honest. You seem to have refined analytical skills. Look at the situation and be honest with yourself. Now consider the following point of view.

Would you really want to be a devout Lutheran, or a devout Methodist,who had donated money, faith, time, and effort to your church, only to be told my the new powers that be of the GOP that you aren't a Christian? Would you really want to be considered UnAmerican because you spoke out against what you thought was an unjust war? Would your reaction be one of hate, or justifiable anger? Granted, we do push the envelope from time to time, but have you ever heard the old saying: "sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander?"

Mind you, anger is not always a wild, negative force. It can also be a justifiable response to impossible or unjust situations. It can also be channeled into social and political reform.

You said it yourself. You are frustrated. Did you ever stop and think that what you preceive as hate might be our frustration and anger at what we consider an unjust political and religious climate? You do not have a monopoly on human emotions. We do not have a monopoly on human emotions. (And before some sociopathic jackass jumps into the fray to claim that we are being emotional, I would point out that to be human is to experience and often act on a wide variety of emotions. Worry more about those who keep their emotions so tightly bottled that they explode some day, or, worse yet, about those who have no real feelings but who act on their sociopathic whims for self gratification.) Even if the emotion you identify as hate were actually hate, nine times out of ten that kind of hate can often be traced back to other issues. In short, you just might have misread our emotional responses. (If you require help in this regard one of our members is a retired psychiatrist. He may be able to help you with your delusion that everyone with strong opiniopns is operating on hate.)

Seriously, what you may be seeing is the law of recent converts at work here. Whether you like it or not, converts of all stripes tend to be a little more "emphatic" in their rhetoric and beliefs. Is that good or bad? Neither. It's the way things often are. I'm not knocking it, I'm not praising it. It's a fact. I make no moral judgement about it what-so-ever.

On the whole, we have fewer complaints with Libertarian Conservatives than we do with totalitarian conservatives. Just as there are divisions within the liberal camp over a number of issues, there are also divisions in the conservative camp. I realize the terms Libertarian and Totalitarian are generalizations, but again, the limitations of human language require us to use them.

On the other hand, I have noticed something which amuses me. Generally speaking, Libertarians and Conservatives tend to condemn the idea of political correctness, and yet, in your most recent (and previous) posts you seem to be upset because we aren't using some kind of canned vocabulary that you and your friend,Jake might find acceptable.

We openly admit that our rhetoric here is paretisan. This is a partisan blog. It was created by a once devout Catholic/Republican who became a Buddhist and a liberal Democrat, although we suspect he might turn Green at some point. Given that, just what in the name of all that's holy were you expecting? A love in for George W Bush and his goons who have all but destroyed this country? You literally have people out there who believe that George W. Bush is an illegitimate, perhaps even criminal leader whose policies have damaged this country for decades to come. If speaking out against what one perceives as evil and/or destructive is hate then fine, great, wonderful, we'll take your epithets and wear them as badges of distinction.

Yours CJ

PS. For the record, I'm Danny Gallagher's partner.

Goggalor said...

I totally respect your opinions, and yes; I do believe that the Republican Party is turning it's back on some issues including those which I percieve most important. George Bush is not the greatest president ever, but I find it hateful when people make fun of him because he has absolutely no ability to do speeches. Granted, I also believe that the Republican party is drifting into fundamental reactionary beliefs. We need to move ahead, but at what cost? I will tell you right now, I am a social liberal (thus I am more into Libertarianism); I believe in rights and when people question my rights because of my beliefs, that is what I consider to be hateful. When I am called a fascist and nazi (which I am clearly not) that is what I consider to be hateful. Maybe I went too over the top, I admit that I was overreacting to a joke. I just become really agitated when I am automatically classified as a Christian Totalitarian Fascist anti-semite. Not all of us are, Jake has fundamental beliefs, but he also believes in personal freedom (apart from gay rights). I would say a large majority of young people who consider themselves to be Conservative (apart from the religious) are probably Libertarian because the Fascist belief structures are just not apparent in this generation. I see conservatives call liberals unamerican, but the only true unamerican people are those who do not participate in the government. The lack of this participation is making the two major parties seem extreme because most of the people driving the government are extreme. That is why I call it hate when people make blatant statements but have no real opinion or any facts to back it up. Why is it that when I wear my "Conservative Pride" button people, in some way, try to destroy or vandalize it? Is this not hate? I am sure the same goes with liberals who live in highly Conservative states. The post that I made recently actually thanked those people who could provide solid arguments. I do not go out and counter-protest just to change the minds of the liberals, I go out for debate because I know that their minds will not change. I will never be a liberal even though I might have some beliefs that are classified as such because I believe highly in economic freedom which is not valued by the left-wing. I am not neo-con, but I support this war because I believe (even though we got into it the wrong way in my opinion) it was a war we need to fight. Saddam was a leader who was put into power by the U.S. but became corrupt and in doing so he effectively committed genocide against the kurds. The untruth in some liberal arguments are that they do not want us there. If they did not want democracy why did they show up at the voting booths in the same percentage that is seen here? Another untruth is that we are there just for oil, which I do not doubt might have been one of the small reasons, but not the only reason. Another untruth is that bush is a fuhrer; he was elected. The first election was close, but the popular vote does not count, because some states which are more liberal have more people (California) so if a large majority of Californians voted liberal and the Conservative states won by just a fraction, the result would be a higher popular vote but a smaller electoral vote for the Dems. Anyways...I went a little off topic, I will finish this another time..adios!


CJWilliams said...

Your splendid comments remind me of the trouble I have with some of my contempraries, my college days and how Daniel and I met. (This is a long story, my man, so you better get something to munch on while you're reading it!)

When I was in college, I was shocked by the number people my own age who had no idea as to who their mayors were. They didn't know who their state representatives were. Worse yet, they had huge--and I do mean HUGE--deficits when it came to information about their national leaders. Worse yet, they knew virtually nothing about the Constitution, civil liberties, or even basic requirements and duties of citizenship. They weren't stupid, because they could remember tons of sports statistics and other useless trivia but not for the basics. As for world history and foreign affairs and me--you really don't want to go there. The humanities and political science students were a lot better, but I think you will agree that those fields are more inclined to draw a more informed crowd.....Or at least we HOPE they would.

Upon graduating and returning to the real world I was again disgusted by the number of people who wouldn't take the time or make the effort to get involvbed with the issues. People just don't read newspapers anymore. Ditto to magazines. I don't know if it's because so many of us have retreated into incestuous echo chambers, or if we're just so over-worked and tired all the time that we only have enough energy to plop down infront of our 500+ TV channels. Personally, I detest TV as a medium. I watch very little TV--maybe the history channel or PBS, or an occasional video/DVD, but my viewing habits are certainly less than the American average.

Naturally, I found it very difficult to relate to so many of my friends--liberal or conservative--because the minute I started to discuss an issue of some importance their eyes would turn glassy and I could tell they weren't with me. Needless to say, a lot of people tended to think I was a little boring, or a bit of a nut because I wasn't interested in the latest sports scores or who was marrying/divoricing whom in Hollywood.

Then I made the foolish mistake of moving to Southeast Wisconsin. Being gay in a very fundamentalist area hasn't been helpful--and that's putting it mildly. I can sympathize with you about the button you wear and I think you'll understand when I inform you that I see hatred on a daily basis--and it isn't only directed against gays and lesbians. The N word is tossed about on a regular basis in this area. Racial jokes are common. The locals make thratening jokes remarks about gays and lesbians without a second thought. For a "liberal" state it's a little like living in the deep south before the Civil rights movement. (The attitudes towards women are just as bizarre. This wonderful, moral area has seen no less than two sexual assaults (i.e. rapes) and to hear the local goons in the local barbershops you'd think that the victims of these assaults planned the attacks for spiritual enjoyment. Sex jokes about Hispanics are common place. We still hear jokes about poles. In 2003 our County Board held a prolonged debate in which gays were tied to incestuous sex, child molestation, prostitution, and sex with animals. This area of the state creates a climate of fear and repression for anyone who even seems gay or lesbian--and for anyone who looks different. We have local pastors who tell us that the schools are full of witches and demons. Eleven years ago, Citizens for Excellence in Education used the local fundamentalists in an attempt to take over a local grade school--a smear campaign which devolved into hate speech against Jews and Catholics. (I have issues with the church, this is true, but my issues are with the hierarchy--not with people who hate Catholics just because they are Catholic) I'd leave this moralistic shit hole (I'm sorry, but there just isn't another term to derscribe it)except I have family members here, including an elderly aunt who I feel responsible for, so a shift in locations is out for the time being.

Not all of my time here, however, has been depressing. A few months ago I ran into some of the cast and crew from Coalition. (Better reheat that popcorn and drag out the grated cheddar cheese topping, because we're not done yet!) Daniel G had just broken up with what he assumed would be a serious relationship. He found out that the beloved boyfriend had a lover on the side. He took that rather badly. Shortly thereafter, he went to his friends Brandon; Brandon's fiancee, Kelli, and Brandon's bestfriend, Jeff (Advocate1) and asked them if they would go to a Gays and Families meeting. Basically, it was a local group for gay people and their families--sort of a support thing. Advocate 1 still had a few issues with gay people. He was intellectually comfortable with the idea, but he still had some of the old religious dogma floating around in the back of his mind. It made him a little nervous, and when he gets nervous he eats--which placed him at the snack buffet where I was serving up the yummies for the night. So, he's standing there, downing the appetizers, explaining again and again that he isn't gay. But once the carb-effect kicked in, and he began to relax, we talked a bit and then he said, "Do you see the young man over there with the dark hair?" Yes, as a matter of fact, I had been notcing him all night. He was the most gorgeous, masculine thing I had seen in some time, and I had been hoping to strike up a conversation with him. And now I had a formal introduction!

What I didn't know at the time, was that I had become a member of an extended, surrogate family, and much to my surprise they had regular dinners and bar-be-ques at each others houses. Before, during, and after the meal we had long, involved conversationw about anything and everything. These culinary events with Brandon's family were such a change from what I experienced with other young people my age. In this regard, I must agree with you. Earlier we had both talked about younger people. When younger people talk about being conservative they do so without a sound understanding as to what conservatism and liberalism are really all about. Many of them are libertarians. Now if they will continue to be as they move into real life, is another question, but yes, you have a point. They may use the terms liberal and consservative because they like the sound of it, or because they have psychological reasons, or because they are either accepting their parents' beliefs or rebeling against their parents, but they do seem more libertarian than anything else. That by the way does NOT include my team mates. When they say they are liberals, they are indeed liberal. Of course there are many shades of liberalsim, ranging from classical liberalism, to modern day liberalism, to New Deal Liberalism, and just about everything in between.

But back to the dinners and bar-be-ques. I knew from the get go that I would be comfortable with this crowd. Jeff seemed to have thawed out. Brandon was a real hoot; he has a wild sense of humor--a little over the top at times, but always funny. Danny can be a real clown. Kyle tends to be more serious, and the girls are as quick-witted as you could ever imagine. You might say this was a group of people who knew the constitution; who knew what was going on; who were socially liberal, and who had definite opinions on everything. Sometimes they agreed. Sometimes they disagreed. But they were and are always energectic and interested in the world in which they live. The next thing I knew I had received an invitation to join their blog.

I had to think twice about that, because frankly, in some ways I think blogging may be a part of the problem. On the one hand, I appreciate the ability to express an opinion. But, by the same standard, it can also turn into just so much self-gratification in which we limit our media consumption (a term which drives Brandon nuts!) to what we want to hear. But after thinking it over I decided to try it. I can still do this and read a wide range of material on the side.

I had not weblogged before. It was a little intimidating at first, but I got into the swing of it. Have I been pleased? Of course I have. Have I been disappointed and horrified? You bet I have. But after I sorted out the wheat from the chaff on both sides I began to enjoy the whole thing.

Do I always agree with my team mates? Of course not. Do I think George Bush would reinstitute the Holocaust? Probably not. BUT, I am still outraged by the way the election was hijacked in 2000. (The elctoral college would have looked quite different had Florida not been the scene of such an obvious vote theft). I am also horrified by the manner in which gays have become the brunt of extremist persecution. I am also worried about the possible loss of civil liberties that we find in the Patriot Act.

Regarding social issues, we are probably in agreement more often than we are in disagrement. In fact I have been very pleased to see that a certain conservative politicians are openly questioning the Bush Administration on civil liberties. A few months ago I heard a very interesting radio interview with Dick Army who was outraged by some of the potential threats which existed in the Patriot Act. And it seems as if he is not alone on the right. Personally speaking, I dont care what his motivations are. All that matters is that he and his conservative allies spoke out for civil liberties. I don't care what his motives were. All that matters is that when he spoke out he did so as a concerned American.

Having offered something in the way of explanations, I shall answer some of your points.

I really don't believe that the Administration wanted to take direct control of the Iraqi oil and sell it for American Corporations. On the other hand, having a certain degree of control over the Iraqi government which controls the oil supply would give the US an indirect control over the world wide supply and consequent price of oil. More important than oil is the transofrmation of the United States from a Republic into ab Empire. I hate to use the words imperial or colonial, because the kind of influence that we are attemtping to achieve doesn't quite conform to any of the past models. But it is a drastic change from what the Founding Fathers had in mind and it certainly can't be considered republican (note small "r") by the Founders' standards.

I truly believe that the Founders would have been repulsed by some of the tactis that we have used to gurantee alliances with governments that are friendly to United States objectives. I am speaking of course, about alliances with and support of military diciatorships, death squads, etc in the name of representative government. If I recall my old civics and political science courses correctly, the founders were deadset against the idea of Empire. Having just broken away from one and having studied the tragic manner in which empires fall, they certainly didn't want to becomne the American equivalent of Ancient Rome. And yet we do seem to be enaged in the rush for a kind of geo-political empire with financial overtones. I truly do not believe that this is NOT in the best interest(s) of representative government. Granted, we have freed the Iraqi people of Saddam Huseein, but are we ready for what may follow? I claim no special precognative abilities here, but I make the following prediction. Based upon the culture and belief systems which exist in the mideast today, coupled with our utterly inept handling of the military situation, we will probably see at least the southern third of Iraq come under either the direct or indirect influence of Iran. The Kurdish north is another problem. If at any time they decide that they want outright independence you may well see a military conflict with Turkey which has its own concerns about its own Kurdish minority. And then you have the Sunnis. In other words, we may well be the initial phase of a three way civil war which could involve surrounding nations for a general mideast war. And that doesn't even include the possibility of an involved Israel.

Can we justify killing ten people to save a thousand? A thousand people to save a hundred thousand? A hundred thousand to save ten million? A million to save 100 million? 100 million to save humanity? That is the thought process at work here, is it not? How many people do we want to slaughter wholesale before the world is finally safe for "democracy." In fact I'll probably raise a few eyebrows here on my own blog. This may well be a situation for which there is NO solution, in which all the possible choices and outcomes are equally bad. I'm also having problems with this statement: "The untruth in some liberal arguments are that they do not want us there. If they did not want democracy why did they show up at the voting booths in the same percentage that is seen here?" That sounds good, but it leaves you with a bit of a paradox. What will you do if the Shiites take control--legally and constitutionally--and then decide to unite with Iran and live under Shia Ismalmic law? Is the effort still worth it? And what should we do? Start a new war to impose democracy at the point of a gun? And would that be democracy. (Note I am only using democracy as a shorthand connotation here, when I am in fact talking about republican--again small "r" and representative government in general).

Economic freedom. It all depends on what you mean by economic freedom. For people who are strugghling at the bottom of the heap with little to no hope of ever getting up on their own, economic freedom often means the freedom to live if you are well off and the freedom to die if you can't compete. I'm sorry, but any society which refuses to use some form of governmental intervention to help its worst survive should be damned to hell for its cruelty and inhumanity.

AS for Bush being a fuhrer. That's interesting, because you know as well as I do that the German word Fuhrer and this is the quality that Americans were led to believe he possessed in spades--leadership abilities. That's meant tongue in cheek, of course, but on a deeper level, I do see a very immature, demanding individual who is acquiring more and more power to the American Presidency. True, he is not alone in this regard. The trend has been getting worse for decade after decade, after decade, but this presidency has turned secrecy into an artform. And yet, when I review the old readings on fascism and totalitarian regimes there are indeed certain similarities--esepcially in the media manipulation and use of language. Now that I think about it I'm not exactly thrilled with the hate speech that has been directed against the gay/lesbian community. At the risk of using generalities again Danny and I both have concerns about the constituency which now controls the Republican Party. Talk about gays bveing "biological mistakes" or possessed by demons, or mentally deficient, or perverted, isn't the kind of speech that you would find at a love fest. Bush may not use that kind of rhetoric perse, but he and his hard core supporters are a threat to the homosexual community as a whole (the Log Cabin Republicans not withstanding), and he seldom condemns the hate speech. For a person who claims to be a Christian and who is supposedly driven by Christian morals, that seems just a tad unusual. We don't even get the self-contradicting rhetoric about hating the sin but loving the sinner. All we get is a catering to the hard core constituency with virtually no condemnation. Like I said--you may have confused anger, fear, or even justifiable indignation with hate.

Sooo, you have a good one. Popcorn hour is over.

Cordially Yours


Goggalor said...

Christianity=Worst thing to happen to Republicans

(they mean well, but just aren't)

NOTE: There are exceptions (Jake, but only because he's not hard core Christian)

The Young Conservatives

dragonfly915 said...

Coalition for a Republican-Free America
The hyphen says it all. We strive for an honorable America free of Republican greed, arrogance, rapacity, and ineptutude. If you still believe in American core values such as justice, equality, and freedom of conscience then this is a safe harbor for you.

Talk about hate. You want to outlaw a political party because you don't like it.

If you really knew your history you would present actual fact in your blog rather than insults aimed at those who do not agree with you.

Fact: George W. Bush has the most diverse presidential cabinet in the history of the United States. This is not typical of bigots.

Fact: The majority of people who oppose gay marriage do not believe in making gay relationships illegal.

Fact: George Bush has never proposed an "establishment of religion" He has only discussed his personal beliefs and pointed out historical examples of a Christian influence in forming our country.

Fact: The words "seperation of church and state are not in the constitution. What it says in fact is that "congress shall make no law concerning the establishment of religion" This means that congress is supposed to MAKE NO LAW ruling either for or against and establishment of religion. The constitution also states that congress shall make wo law which "infringes on the free practice of religion" In other words, while the majority in congress and without may hold certain beliefs upon which they make thier decisions, they can not interfere with the practice of religion by the citizens of the United States no matter when, where, or how they worship.

Fact: In 1999 Bill Clinton attacked Iraq in order to sway public notice fromhis own misconduct. They were supposed to be hitting a military site, but instead hit a factory killing several civilians. That's right a liberal admitted that Suddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Bill Clinton faced no consequences either for lying to the grand jury nor for trying to minimize that event by bombing Iraqi civilians. In fact liberals actually glorified Clinton's perjury by calling him a "pretty good liar".

Fact: In response to the killing of thousands of Americans by suicide bombers on 9/11/2001 George W. Bush initiated the war on terror. Unlike his father who gave in to pressure from the U.N. G.W. determined to move ahead with or without international support. When we went to Iraq and freed the people there from a homocidal dictator liberals called Bush a "liar" because we did not find any weapons of mass destruction.

Fact: In the eyes of liberals it is "acceptable" for Bill Clinton to lie before the grand jury, cheat on his wife, and bomb civilians in Iraq to cover it all up.

Fact: Liberals believe that George W. Bush was "lying" about the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq simply because we were un able to locate the weapons which Bill Clinton said were there just three years before.

Fact: Bush never lied about WMD's. British intelligence did have evidence that Iraq was attempting to purchase the elements required to produce WMD's. It is known that WMD were in Iraq thirteen years ago, and according to Bill Clinton there were WMD's in Iraq two years prior to the 9/11 attacks and ten years after they were supposedly gone.

Fact: The first law of logic is that a thing can not both be and not be at the same time.

Fact: Either Iraq did have WMDs (as Bill CLinton, British Intelligence, and the CIA said they did) or Iraq did not have WMDs.

Fact: Either lying is wrong or lying is not wrong. Therefore, even if George Bush did lie and we condemn him for it, than we must also condemn Bill Clinton for his actions.

Fact: More former KKK members, neonazi's and and anti-semites in leadership positions overwhelmingly claim to be liberal, because most conservative organizations will not accept them.