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Anyone who has kept abreast with news of the catholic church (as I would do, occasionally), will know that, from time to time, that the pope, being the "God-anointed leader of Christendom", would pass comments about the evils of the modern society.

Which really isn't bad, of course, provided it is relevant, and doesn't stray into the realms of religous bigotry, tyranny and other medieval nonsense.

While Pope John Paul II was alive, he made a hash out of making sainthoods out of ordinary folks (He beautified the most number of saints in Papal history), and on occasions declared and criticized about the "evils" of abortion (Same old story, blah blah blah) and contraception, his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI (The man who actually resembles Darth Vader, or should I say, puts the "Dark" into the Vader character), has taken religious bigotry into the Dark Ages.

In a particular trip to Germany, Mr Darth Vader's hometown, our dear pope has something to lambast about his countrymen's distinct lack of faith, which really is a phenomenon experienced by most European nations.

Excerpts, my friends, from Yahoo! (In Blue):

1. See No Evil, Speak No Evil

Pope warns of tuning out Christianity

MUNICH, Germany -

Pope Benedict XVI rebuked his fellow Germans and other Western societies Sunday, saying they often shut their ears to the Christian message and insisting that the modern world's science and technology alone cannot combat
AIDS and other social ills.

Addressing 250,000 pilgrims at an open air Mass, Benedict said modern people suffer from "hardness of hearing" when it comes to God and complained that "mockery of the sacred" is viewed as an exercise in freedom.

It was the second day of a pilgrimage to his Bavarian homeland, a six-day trip filled with nostalgic meaning for Benedict as well as for his liberal flock in Germany.

He said faith must come first if social problems like the AIDS epidemic in Africa are to be solved.

"Hearts must be converted if progress is to be made on social issues and reconciliation is to begin, and if — for example, AIDS is to be combatted by realistically facing its deeper causes," Benedict said.

The message was consistent with church teaching that sexual abstinence and faithfulness to one's spouse — and not condoms — are the best way to fight the disease.

The pope, it seems, is referring to the Danish cartoons, which incited numerous protests from the Islamic community, due to its "blasphemous" attacks on Allah.

To him, sacred cows cannot be slaughtered for beef burgers, and people should be restrained from making mocking, or "blasphemous" inferences, whichever you wish to put it, upon religious issues or relics.

Pray, tell me, Mr Pope: Should the whole world close its eyes, shut its ears, and pretend nothing is happening, when your priests are molesting boys by the thousands, insinuating heinous messages about the purported "evils" of abortion and contraception, and continue to use charity funds to maintain your opulent buildings and chapels in your Vatican headquarters?

Should the world stop and watch, as women in the Islamic world are being constantly abused mentally, physically and pyschologically? Should the rest of the civilized world stand idly by, when some religious farts in some ultra-fundamentalist Muslim state issue some fatwa, or death edicts, on persons who have published books that are deemed "blasphemic" for their likings?

Should no one voice out their dissents against religous bigots, who, in the name of some foul-smelling deity, commit gross crimes and atrocities? Are thugs allowed to do as they pleased, free from accusations, simply because they act in the name of God?

I think not.


The pope further expounds on what he deems to be "the deeper cause of AIDs". Here, his views are naive to the point of stupidity: He talks about a "conversion of hearts", which I assume means converting to Christianity. He thinks that faith is a neccessity in the war against AIDs.

By championing the cause of "sexual abstainence and one sex partner" rules as the only means of AIDs prevention, not only is he showing ignorance about the disease, he has not exactly fathomed out the real underlying issues behind this global epidemic.

First of all, AIDs is not only transmitted solely through sexual intercourse (although it is the main cause", AIDs can infect people through needle sharing (Common practice by drug users), mother to child during pregnancy, and to a lesser extent, contact through open wounds.

Simply abstaining from sex and keeping to same sex partners will not prevent you from getting AIDs. If your sex partner has had unprotected sex with other persons, there is a chance that, you too, may get the disease from him or her.

Besides the above-mentioned loopholes, the fact is that abstainence is possibly the worst form of prevention, simply because the vast majority of the populace require some form of sexual release in their lives: Sexual need are just part and parcel of a healthy pychological mind. When one is hungry, one eats. When one is thirsty, one drinks. When one feels sleepy, one sleeps. When one feels horney, one......... you get the drift. After all, no one will tell you to stop eating, despite the whole plethora of germs and bacteria that may be present in your food.

Rather than promote abstainence, the scientific community has rightly promoted the use of contraceptives, such as condoms, as the best means of AIDs prevention. While condoms are not 100% full-proof, chances are, your chances of getting AIDs and other veneral diseases will drop by more than 90%.

But no, our dear Pope doesn't quite believe in modern science: He thinks science is an anomaly, a cancer of the human soul. He thinks that faith is the ultimate solution for the epidemic, but he cannot explain away the fact that abstainence programs have failed quite miserably in countries (such as Uganda, where prevalent high infection rates is the direct result of a hate campaign against condoms) which practice it.


The pope further enthuses:

"Put simply, we are no longer able to hear God — there are too many different frequencies filling our ears," Benedict told the crowd, which stood quietly shoulder-to-shoulder on a field on the outskirts of Munich, where he served as archbishop from 1977 to 1982.

"What is said about God strikes us as pre-scientific, no longer suited to our age," he added. "People in Asia and Africa admire our scientific and technical progress, but at the same time they are frightened by a form of rationality which totally excludes God from man's vision, as if this were the highest form of reason."

Here, our dear Pope seems to harbour certain opinions about scientific and technical progress. He feels that a form of "rationality" has emerged in recent times, and since he is in Germany, I will assume that he is talking about this issue in a more European context.

The truth is, this form of rationality has been expounded for more than three centuries, in the form of the Renaissance, which really was a period of profound enlightenment in the fields of science and philosophy. Science thrives on rationality, which is the pursuit of cold, hard truth. And with the advent of Science began the heralding of the fall of faith.

The stark, naked truth is this: Not only is the Catholic Church irrelevant in today's context, it has been made redundant for centuries. What Science has achieved in three centuries, Christianity couldn't emulate with two millennia.

As an Asian myself, I doubt that many of my fellow Asians will be "frightened" by this form of rationality, which has brought us a considerable track record in terms of economic and technical growth.


In a parting shot against his German compatriots, the Pope has these final words, or should I say, final droplets of venom dripping from the sides of his mouth:

Benedict criticized the German church for putting social service projects and technical assistance to the poor ahead of spreading the Christian message. African bishops, he said, have told him that all doors are open to them in Germany when they want to talk about aid projects, but that they are greeted with reservations when it comes to evangelization. "Clearly, some people have the idea that social projects should be urgently undertaken, while anything dealing with God or even the Catholic faith is of limited and lesser importance," Benedict said.


What this means is, the Pope is lamenting on the charitability of his folks!

You see, money for charity, or aid projects, do not take precedence. Give your money to the Catholic Church, so that we can inject more opulence into our Churches, create more soap kitchens and bare hospitals as a front to fleece more money from rich converts, and enlarge our coffers!

Screw the aid organizations, they aren't going to bring your souls to heaven! What a brilliant ploy.

As if making a mockery out of science and rationality is hardly enough, this old, moronic fool has the temerity to insult the intelligence of his countrymen.

Fortunately, much of new Europe wants nothing to do with this tard from the Stone Age. It is a pity that Germany, as a leader of the world's best technological advancements, has to put up with this kind of hogwash from one of its denizens from hell.


Ragnarok said...

"Provided it is relevant, and doesn't stray into the realms of religous bigotry" -

Chance would be a fine thing! This is the catholic church we're talking about! Catholicism doesn't really do relevance, it waits 65 years after the event to talk about it *cough* Holocaust *cough*.

Catholicism doesn't often miss an opportunity to make a mockery of itself with regards to AIDs, he's just staying true to Catholic form.

123 said...

How does this post have any relevance to promoting a "Republican-Free America?" Perhaps the next section of the 14 Characteristics of Fascism should deal with the intolerance and hatred directed toward people of faith and this writer will realize how foolish his anti-religion worldview is so fatally flawed.

BEAST said...


Hmm. Religion has been the root cause of just about every human conflict on this planet.

Today, religion is an old dinosaur, capable of nothing but wanton destruction and erosion of morals.

What need have we of religions? Nothing.

Tamara said...

Damn you guys are good! It's about time someone sood up to these bulies and cowards and gave them the bitch slaps that the deserve.

I'm not an atheist myself, but I've reall had it with these sons of bitches who call themselves Christians, but who act more like Devil Worshippers. Shit, I wouldn't be surprised if they go to Confession on Saturday morning, take communion on Sunday, and then sacrifice their neighbor children to the Lord God while they offer prayers of support for George W. Bush.

You guys rock!

123 said...

Religion has been the root cause? Hardly.

Hatred and intolerance have always been, and always will be, at the core of violent conlflicts between humans. If one group of people chooses to justify their hatred of another group of people by claiming that they're heathens or whatever, the root cause is still their intolerance. The same goes for any other sort of armed conflict. The Germans of the 1930s and 1940s weren't forced to execute the Holocaust of the Jews for religious reasons; they carried it out because they were hateful and used the Jews as scapegoats for their own miseries. The same principle applies to every situation of violent behavior in which religion was present as far as I can understand. If you can think of an exception, I'd love to hear about it, but you'll still be incorrect to say that religious is "the root cause of just about every human conflict on this planet."

Your assertion that religion is obsolete and worthless doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Whether religious or nonreligious, every rational person should be able to agree that religion continues to play a very important role in societies across the globe.

By the way, are you going to explain how your post is relevant to the blog's purpose? While you're at it, maybe you can explain how the pope is a bigot? Perhaps you should be reminded that "bigot" does not mean "anyone that disagrees with my liberal ideology." Your post, on the other hand, is full of bigotry, intolerance for the views of the pope and religious persons in general.

BEAST said...

With regards to the pope being a bigot, any rational person who has enough brain cells in his or her brain should be able to discern this issue by reading the words, which comes straight from the horse's mouth.

The pope's persistence against just about everything humane, ranging from issues such as abortions, stem cell research, to simple contraception, spells from ignorance and bigotry. Need I say more?

As for religion being the focal point of violence, just take a look at today's middle east. The situation has never changed much since the day the various sects of Judaistic-based religious freakos took over. From the ancient crusades, to the current Islamic vs Jewish wars, all these has been the result of "your god's prick is shorter than my god's". Need I say more?

You are correct, that I am quite intolerant of the pope. His appearances aside (hell he looks like a piece of garbage dressed in the cloak of a 10th century Sultan), all his ramblings are as archaic as dinosaur fossils.

As for the issue of my supposed "bigotry", let it be said that I haven't had the temerity to donate money into my own coffers. Perhaps the day when I do that, your accusations would then justify my actions.

The Beast

Tamara said...

This pope is perverted dinosaur. He is a throw back to the bad old days of the Catholic Church. At some point we're going to hear more dreck about how you can't be a good Cat-licker and marry a Protestant or a Jew. (If anyone wants to see how moral the papacy has been they should read a book called "The Popes Against the Jews>" It chronicles in some detail the double talk that was used against Jews from the 18th Century until the early 20th Century.

As Cardinal Ratass, this Pope paid a little bit of lip service to the sex abuse scandal (bad choice of words right there!) while he did his best to protect child molesting priests, protecting them from both civil and criminal prosecution.

Oh. I'm sorry. That isn't bigotry.

That's perversion. The Catholic Church has a long history of sexual manipulation and its priests. Before children it was the sexual exploitation of women. And if anyone thinks that the child sex abuse scandal is a modern day phenomomon they better get their facts straight. The Catholic Church was actively engaged in child sex abuse on Indian reservations and in Canadian Catholic orphanages during the 1940s and 1950s, before Vatian II.