Saturday, September 30, 2006

RANT OF THE WEEK: It is Official--We Are Now a Fascist State

Get a load of this.   Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez seriously believes that the president is Commander and Chief of the entire nation during a time of war.  
According to Gonzales, "Judges must resist the temptation to supplement these tools  based on their own personal views about the wisdom of the policies under review."    Gonzalez has also gone on the record as stating:  "When courts issue decisions that overturn long-standing traditions or policies without proper support in text or precedent, the cannot--and should not--be shielded from criticism...a proper sense of judicial humility requires judges to keep in ind the institutional limitations of the judiciary and the duties expressly assigned by the Constitution to the more politically accountable branches."
Having read this statement in the September 29 online edition of the LA Times I just have one question to ask?
Who in the hell does this moronic little man think he's kidding?   Never mind the fact that he has neither the intelligence nor the morality to qualify as a local dog catcher, the man is so in love with the twin ideas of power and sexual sadism that he allows his perverted nature to cloud virtually every judgement that he has ever and will ever make.  To date the Attorney General;'s only real qualifications are his hatred for democracy, his addiction to kinky interrogation techniques, and his ability to tolerate the flavor of the President's rectum. Beyond that I can't think of a single solitary trait that might qualify him as a fully evolved human being much less as the Attorney General of the United States..  When it comes to basic concept of simple human decency Gonzalez, like his Texan Fuhrer and so many in this administration, are so utterly lacking in morals, intelligence, and  a basic understanding of the Constitution, that it is difficult to believe that they could ever and would ever support any form of government except a unitary system in which the President reigns like a totalitarian dictator. 
The irony in the Attorney Generals remarks are that they reveal a capacity for self judgement that devolves into the irrational.   Gonzalez has the audacity to warn federal judges about overstepping the limits of power when he boot licks on a regular basis a president who is incapable of debate, cooperation, or discussion.   Bush has always been a bully.   He bullied his young siblings while he was growing up; he bullied Laura (indeed, he recently refereed to her as "a lump"), and he bullies the press.  The man is so afraid of being proven wrong or of having to defend his position that he automatically resorts to bullying tactics.   He creates insulting names for members of the press; he demonizes alternative points of view as "cutting and running."  He has temper tantrums when reporters asking him pressing questions.   The man is so afraid of discussion that he surrounds himself with people who as warped and as as depraved as himself.   And that includes the democracy-hating, torture-loving Gonzalez. 
This is a president that has all the emotional and intellectual maturity of a seven-year-old.   He truly believes that the ends justify the means.  And to paraphrase psychiatrist Justin Frank, the reason we raise and discipline our children is to correct them of the dangerous belief that the ends justify the means.   We raise children to believe that the ends do NOT justify the means; that there are qualities such as honesty, integrity, fair play, and honesty.   Indeed, we raise and discipline children so that they will NOT turn out like the sixty-year old boy who currently occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.   We raise our children so that will not turn out to be like George W. Bush--seven-year-old bullies in adult bodies. 
Again to paraphrase the ideas of psychiatrist Justin Frank, In Osama Bin Laden, George W. Bush seems to have found the definitive dance partner.   They both believe in Fundamentalism; they are both intolerant of any view of their own; they have no respect for anyone or anything except those who embrace their very narrow and very delusional world view, and they are both perfectly willing to kill without conscience to get their way. 
Granted, Attorney Paul Gonzalez may be a fart in the wind when compared to his rectal orifice of a master, but that could be said of ALL the Demander and Thief's lackeys.
Okay, so why are we so upset?   Well, it might have something to do with the fact that when George W. Bush signs the recently passed bill which permits torture, limits habeas corpus, and retroactively gives him and his band of drooling, right wing perverts a free pass on his acts of murder and sadism, we will have officially become a fascist state.
Congratulations Mister Bush.  Congratulations Misters Gonzalez, Rumsfeld, and pedants too numerous to mention.   You have achieved what the British could not accomplish in the late 18th Century.   You have accomplished what the Confederates could not accomplish in the 1860s.   You have accomplished what Kaiser Wilhelm II, Adolf Hitler, and Joseph Stalin never could accomplish.  
You and your sado-masochistic pack of bullies, thugs, and corporate criminals have destroyed American Democracy and turned us into a Reich wing dictatorship.


Donald Douglas said...

Have you ever considered that torture might be justified in the name of the state? One doesn't have to be "fascist" to see that circumstances may arise that justify coercive interrogations.

Here's what Jerome Slater said in a recent issue of Political Science Quarterly:

"If we are to succeed in the war against terrorism, we surely must do much more than defend ourselves against terrorist attacks. The broader task is to do whatever can be reasonably and legitimately done to address the causes of terrorism, as well as the motivations of terrorists to target the United States. In my view, such measures must include great changes in American foreign policy—a far more balanced policy in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, for example, as well as a general policy of military noninterventionism, except in those few cases in which truly vital national interests are at stake. Meanwhile, though, we need to prevent attacks on American cities.

In attempting to do so, we confront a terrible dilemma. On the one hand, of course torture violates a central moral command of any civilized society; as a number of recent writers have emphasized—as if there were contrary views that needed refuting—torture is evil, antithetical to the values for which America stands, and destructive of the souls of the torturer as well as the ortured. Similarly, it has often been said that the war on terrorism is a war to preserve American values, so that if we resort to torture “the terrorists will have won,” and the like.

On the other hand, the rhetoric does not do justice to the complexity of the problem and it will not do to simply dwell on the undoubted horrors of torture without consideration of the even greater horrors entailed in the mass murder of innocents. The crisis is unprecedented, the stakes are catastrophically high, and values are in conflict. Self-defense and the protection of innocent lives are also important values, and the terrorists will have “won” even more decisively if they succeed in destroying cities, the national economy, and possibly, the entire fabric of liberal democracy. Indeed, it should be regarded as instructive that it is not merely the United States but also some of the most civilized European liberal democracies that have evidently found it necessary to sometimes effectively condone or at least acquiesce in the torture of terrorist suspects.

Put differently, so long as the threat of large-scale terrorist attacks against innocents is taken seriously, as it must be, it is neither practicable nor morally persuasive to absolutely prohibit the physical coercion or even outright torture of captured terrorist plotters—undoubtedly evils, but lesser evils than preventable mass murder. In any case, although the torture issue is still debatable today, assuredly the next major attack on the United States—or perhaps Europe—will make it moot. At that point, the only room for practical choice will be between controlled and uncontrolled torture—if we are lucky. Far better, then, to avoid easy rhetoric and think through the issue while we still have the luxury of doing so."

Burkean Reflections

Brandon said...

This comment is for my fellow team members. I won't even bother to dignify Donald's foolish remarks with rebuttal because, as far as I'm concerned, he is no better than the kind of lawyer who defends rapists and child molesters.

A number of us have gone through the trauma of male on male rape. In my case it was at the hands of one of my mother's boy friends. For another member it was a foster father and for yet another an adoptive father. I won't even try to describe the kind of sick personality that would engage in or even support this kind of lunacy as acceptable, simply because, we, by the virtue of our past experiences know intellectually, morally, and spiritually that rape in any way, shape, or form is wrong.
Some of you may wonder why i even allowed this comment to pass the moderation stage. Well, I allowed it to stand, because in my opinion it represents the kind of amorality and intellectual duplicity that we have seen from this selected administration from the day that it took office.

In the past we have talked about the perversion of Bush and his merry band of sexual sadists, but this was a fine time to examine the morals--or lack thereof--of what John Dean called authoritarian followers. Did you notice the doublethink? Controlled verses uncontrolled torture? Using terms as such as reasonable or legitimate to describe the following actions:

*being stripped naked and forced to form a human pyramid.

*being stripped naked and forced to masturbate in front of your interrogators.

*being strapped into a chair, forced through a rubber tube, and then forced to sit in your fecal matter.

*having a plastic bag wrapped around your head and then dunked under water so that you inhale the plastic bag as you gasp for breath

*having electrodes connected to your genitals

*Having a broom handle inserted into your rectum.

Yeah. That's real normal behavior. And this "person" (I use the term loosely) has the audacity to introduce complexity where complexity should not even exist? What kind of a warped world is this authoritarian following pervert living in?

But at least we know the score.

While Bush and his merry band of sexual sadists get a sexual/power kick out of ordering the torture, it seems as if your typical, troglodytic Bush SUPPORTER gets an unnatural thrill out of dreaming about torture. As we have discussed among ourselves, the people who support sexually sadistic torture as a legitimate tool in our foreign and judicial policies are almost or just as disturbed as the people in Washington who invent these practices. Like one of you said. The Bush supporters probably sit around in the dark and play with themselves while they fantacize about anal rape and forced masturbation.

Why don't we just call these people what they really are:

Vicarious rapists. They may hide behind phrases like "national security" but in the end I think we all know that complexity and catchy buzz words are little more than thinly veiled efforts to conceal their own perverted desires. As my wife has told me, "These people may use the name of Jesus Christ, and they may claim to adore the Lord God, hut they LOVE the Marquis de Sade--in more ways than one."

I would only add this. All things considered would you really want one of these interrogators to babysit your six-year-old son? Would you really want one for a neighbor? I wouldn't. And I can state for a fact that the other members on this blog who have children would do everything legally possible to prevent them from settling in the neighborhood in the first place.

Maybe it's us, but for some reason we don't think that rape and sexual assault should be a part of American foreogn policy--nor a means to satisfy the strange desires of our national leaders and their followers.

Enlightenment said...

That's my boy!

As the parent of three children (triplets) I am routinely sickened by the way these Bible-thumping hypocrites spout morality and decency out of one side of their mouth and then use doublespeak to justify rape and sexual assault.


But there's another issue here. The sexually abusive right routinely claims that we should torture because the enemy wouldn't hesitate to torture anyhow. In essence they have said "we have to become as evil or more evil than the terrorists for the greater good." The fact that this "logic" contradicts itself at every turn doesn't occur to them, but then what do you ecpect froma a reich wing political movement that has the collective IQ of a turnip and the morals of John Wayne Gacey Junior?

I think these people are so far gone that tney should be chemically castrated and forced to wear ankle bracelets so that we know if they're approachiong schools or daycare centers. With a reputation like that do these modern day fascists really believe that they can build coalitions with other countries? They completely miss the point--except the on on their collective heads. The object isn't to become as evil and perverted as the enemy. The object is to keep your nose clean because our military is already so over extended that we can't do a damned thing militarily without allies. What ally would want to side with a country that embraces male on male rape as a part of its foreign policy?

You just have to give the reich wing in this country credit. When they set out to destroy America they did a damned good job of it. I'm sure Osama Bin Laden must be the happiest soul on earth because he found a FINE dance partner in George W. Bush.


PS. For the record, I'm Brandon's father. And as I said before, I have three children. There isn't a chance in hell that I would EVER get a right winger to baby sit my kids, simply becauise I don't want to worry about what part of their bodies will be poked and prodded when my wife and I are out.

Right Wing Family Values? I think we're talking about MANSON Famly values when it comes to Republicans.

Kyle said...

I'll tell you what, Donny. The day you have your ass fucked by your adopted father is the day I'll listen to you about torture. Until then you can go do something else to yourself.

And if you have been abused I can only say that you have a hell of a lot of nerve--imposing the same kind of abuse you endured onto others.

What a prick.

Karen said...

May you get the professional help you so obviously need Donald.

Advocate1 said...

I just read the opening comment. What the fuck is he talking aboutwhen he says "controlled torture?" Isn't that a little like controlled serial killing?...Oh. I forgot. Osma Bin Laden and his best friend George W. Bush are into that scene.

Daniel Gallagher said...

I heard a lot of weird shit during my days as a Southern Baptist but the opening comment takes the cake.

I have to agree with my buds here. What in the hell is controlled torture. Isn't that like being a little bit pregnant? You really have to wonder about the sickos who think of stuff.

I think the part that makes me laugh the most is the fact that the same dumb fucks who condemnme for having consenting, gay sex with my partner are the same people who cover up the sexual harassment of a sixteen year old page and who endorse sexual assault as a form of interrogation.

Spare me the moral lectures. You have no validity anymore.

Kelli said...

Well done Brandon. The original post is a little on the harsh side, but it's true. I really don't get how anyone in his or her right mind can believe that our national interests are best served by torturing people.

Some people ave really warped ideas of national security...or is it sexual gratification? Never mind. In this administration it appears as if there's no difference.