Saturday, October 07, 2006

We Have All Been Raped

Is anyone really surprised by the fact that a right wing Republican would try to exploit teenage boys?   The example set at the top of this Administration has been one of bigotry, war-mongering, power hoarding, and exploitation since our Fuhrer Select was placed in office by the Extreme Court.  
This after all is a sociopathic administration which practices deceit as a virtue and which views torture as a positive American value, and above all else, cravespower and denies personal responsibility in the same way that a crack addict craves his drug of choice.
On past occasions Brandon (i.e. Praetorone) has suggested that George W. Bush is a dry drunk, that he may have given up the addictive chemical substances, but still retains all the psychological characteristics of a drinking alcoholic.  The only difference between then and now is that the George W. Bush of yesterday was a chemical addict.   The George W. Bush of the 21st Century is a power addict who will do or say anything,  to satisfy his personal longing for and addiction to power.
In a way I can actually sympathize with George W. Bush.   He's a lonely, frightened man of little talent, who has learned to manipulate the people around him, and who enjoys projecting the image of a tough, swaggering leader, but in the inside he is morally, spiritually, and intellectually empty; a bloated mediocrity who has truly begun to believe in his own greatness.   By the same token this (p)resident, who is too simple minded to view life in anything except in terms of black and white, has set an agenda of demonizing anyone and everything which disagrees with him, even in the slightest nuance.   Or did we forget that this was the same totalitarian leader who once said that he "doesn't do nuance?"   
On our blog we often remind our readers that the only way George W. Bush, his Administration, and his authoritarian followers would ever tell the truth would be if they were to do so by accident, and that was one of the few times when George W. Bush let the truth slip.
George W. Bush truly does not do nuance; nor does he listen to alternative ideas.   He despises the idea of debate, showing intense anxiety or even outright hostility when he is challenged on his often delusional facts, most of which are mere fantasies in the first place.   Moreover, George W. Bush and the Totalitarian (I just can't bring myself to call it the Republican any more) Party truly believes that if you don't dot and cross every "i" and "t" in the same narrow minded way that they do you must be a force of evil.   Sadly this has become a trait within the Totalitarian Party itself, and it now seems as if Gays and Lesbians have once again been chosen as the scapegoats for their phony indignation, which as any sane American will tell you, is little more than verbal harassment/persecution to energize the rabidly fanatical base of the Totalitarian Party.
It is no secret that I am an open and out of the closet homosexual.  I make no apologies for this because I truly believe that I have nothing to apologize for.  My partner and I own a house together.   We are active in a wide variety of community activities; my partner owns an expanding and prosperous business, and I recently quit what was becoming a very profitable job to care for my adoptive mother who is currently recovering from and undergoing followup treatment after a radical mastectomy.   We have two cats and a basset hound; we garden; we enjoy music and politics, and we are currently looking into the possibility of joining a local church.   We do not pose nude in public water fountains, or have wild orgies (unlike Bush and his cronies who started an orgy of death and destruction in Iraq for profit and power) and we certainly do not molest nor harass children.
But now the Republican House Leadership has been caught with its collective and proverbial pants down.   It appears as if yet another right wing hypocrite has been caught abusing a position of power--this time sending suggestive emails to young, Republican pages.   And when I listened to the news last night before going to bed I learned that Mister Foley not only sent emails about masturbation and boxer shorts, he also made occasional appearances at the Page Dormitory, took at least one of these kids for a ride,  and bought him ice cream.   And I'm still wondering about the one email in which Foley talks about a trip to San Diego.  In other words, this went a little beyond sexually explicit emails.   It now appears as if Foley actually had some kind of contact with these youth.   Whether it was sexual or not I don't know so I shall reserve judgement on that particular aspect of the case until such time as more facts are made available.
But the part that is driving me absolutely crazy is the manner--the utterly hysterical and obscene way--in which the right wing propaganda machine is trying to smear gay males as dyed in the wool pedophiles.  Anne Coutler, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Tony Perkins, James Dobson, Pat Robertson:  every right wing weasel, scum bag, and congenital liar you care to mention has been spewing the usual bald faced lies about the homosexual community.
So before someone can come over here and use the same kind of rhetoric against gays that Hitler used against the Jews against the 1930s (and it IS the same kind of rhetoric, don't kid yourselves) I thought it might be useful to spin something that the Totalitarian Party, by virtue of inexperience, if incapable of spinning.
The truth.
First, let's get our facts straight.   The phony studies that claim to "prove" that gay men are more likely to molest children?  Forget about them.   The studies that are almost invariably cited by the Radical Christian Reich stem from truly shoddy "research" by either Paul Cameron[1], Judith Reisman [2], or Steve Badlwin [3].  Their research has been discredited and debunked at nearly every turn, but that doesn't stop the Radical Christian Right from spinning their discredited "facts" when it serves the Totalitarian Party. 
Despite the disingenuous "research" on the right, there are a number of facts that cannot be denied.   In 1994 the peer-reviewed journal PEDIATRICS, in a study conducted by Dr. Carole Jenny at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center came to the following conclusion(s).  [4]
*1 out of 219 girls was molested by a lesbian.
*1 out of 50 boys was molested by a gay male
*8 out of 10 girls was molested by a man who was or had been in a heterosexual relationship with the child's mother or another relatives.
*3 out of 4 boys (75 percent) were abused by males who were in heterosexual relationships with female relatives.
Only 2 percent of the boys in the study were molested by gay males.
98 percent of the boys in the study were molested by heterosexuals and of that number 75 percent were molested by heterosexual males KNOWN TO THE VICTIMS in an incestuous scenario.
0.05 percent of the girls in the study were molested by a lesbian.
99.5 percent of the girls in the study were molested by heterosexuals.  Of that number 80 percent were molested by heterosexual males KNOWN TO THE VICTIMS in an incestuous relationship
The subjects in the study were 269 sexually abused children who had been seen or treated at the Denver Children's Hospital over the course of one year. 
In other words, sexual orientation is not an issue as to who will molest children, but if you were to assign blame--if you absolutely had to speak as to who would be the most likely to molest a child it would be a heterosexual male who is close to the mother or another family member in an incestuous type of "relationship."  All I will add to this particular part of the conversation is this.   I know a number of people, both male and female, who were molested as children.   None of them grew up to become pedophiles themselves.   But, among those who are molested there is a very small subset of individuals who will indeed turn around and try to damage young men and women--their victims usually corresponding to the age at which they themselves were abused and damaged. I want to repeat that point here lest you think that all molestation victims will grow up to be child abusers.   A vast majority of the people who are molested go on to deal with their issues and do do not become pedophiles--a point that I wish the left would make when it discusses this very disturbing issue.
So what you may wonder, does this have to do with the Totalitarian Party and its craving for power.  
That much is obvious.  
Despite the sexual nature of the offenses, crimes like rape and child molesting are more about power than sexual gratification.   In those instances when an individual is molesting a child sexual orientation is not the main issue.   The main issue is one of power--of an individual with power manipulating, exploiting, and controlling a younger person who has no power in the abusive relationship.   And what is this administration addicted to?   Power.   What does this administration abuse at almost every turn?  Power.
We've heard it time and time again.   The Totalitarian Party is the Party of Personal Responsibility.   The Totalitarian Party is the Party of Family Values.  And yet, the only things that we have heard from the Totalitarian spin masters has been an ongoing attempt to deny a cover up while they shift the blame to the Gay community.   Personal Responsibility?  Family Values?   These people have yet to take responsibility for anything.   Hell, they have developed an MO that has been used so often and with such rapacity that it borders on obsessive compulsive behavior.  
First they lie.   When lying doesn't work they hesitantly admit the facts but then drag out some extenuating circumstance; and when the extenuating circumstances are revealed as outright distortions or prevarications they go on the offensive, accuse innocent others of what they have done themselves, and generally (try to) pollute the political atmosphere with so much confusing information that you barely know what the issue was to begin with.   
I personally have been amused by the fact that they have now tried to equate this issue with Bill Clinton's consenting relationship with an adult Monica Lewinski.   Sorry, guys.  What Bill Clinton did was bad, but what Foley did was worse.  And what the House Leadership is doing is worse. There's a huge difference between an adult, young woman, and a sixteen year old boy.   In sharp contrast, I have NOT been amused by the disgustingly rapacious way in which the Totalitarians have turned on their own pages.    While claiming that emails, which originated with Mister Foley were a part of a Democratic plot (talk about paranoid!) they were also disseminating "the list" which smeared the victims in this scandal.   In a throw back to the bad old days when we once blamed rape victims for the crimes of their assailants, the Totalitarians have opted to blame the victims.  Nor did they stop there.   After smearing the pages and ruining any hope that they might have had for a political career in the Totalitarian Party, the Totalitarians then turned around and issued Nazi-like remarks, ignorantly stating that homosexuals should be banned from serving in Congress or in other leadership positions.   Am I the only one who sees a striking similarity between this kind of rhetoric and the kind of rhetoric (and behavior) that was directed against Jews in the early days of Nazi Germany when Jewish shops were either destroyed or outright confiscated; when Jews were denied citizenship and banned from marrying German citizens? 
Wouldn't it be more accurate to suggest that the Totalitarian party is the Party of Abused Power and Poor Examples?
At the risk of spreading myself too thin, I would point out that within the past three weeks this country has seen three tragic school shootings.   The last of which,a tragedy in Pennsylvania  in which five girls were killed, featured a self-confessed pedophile who may well have intended to molest the girls who he ultimately murdered.  As we now know, police discovered a check list of items made by the perpetrator himself; a check list which included:  "tape, eyebolts, a hose, bullets, guns, binoculars, earplugs, flashlights, wood and candles; many of the items were checked off." [5]  Please note that in this particular case, the perpetrator, Charles Carl Roberts, had released 15 boys and three women with infants, but retained the remaining female students.   Recall also, that Roberts had also been married, and presumably was a straight, adult male.  
But that isn't the issue here.  The issue here is that we have an administration that has set the tone for and created a culture of death in which this kind of horror can take place.   Do we really need to wonder why children and adults alike are behaving like deranged sociopaths when the sociopaths and narcissists at the top of the political pyramid promote war, torture, intolerance, and hatred of diversity as the natural orders of life?   Good God, look at the kinds of activities that this perverted Administration considers normal under the guise of legitimate interrogation:
* putting panties on detainees heads
* smearing detainees with phony menstrual blood
* strapping detainees in chairs, force feeding them through rubber tubes in their nose and then forcing them to sit in their own fecal matter
* connecting electrodes to detainees' genitals
*  threatening detainees with savage dogs
*  placing plastic bags over detainees' heads and then holding their heads under water
*  stripping detainees naked and forcing them into human pyramids
*  stripping detainees naked and then forcing them to masturbate in front of their sadistic interrogators
*  sticking broom handles into detainees' anal orifices
As my team mates might say, " Yeah, those are real indications of normalcy."  And this Administration has the audacity to accuse homosexuals of perversion?   The lunatics are running the asylum.   The power addicts, sociopaths, sexual sadists, and, yes, malignant narcissists, who are running this torture chamber of an Administration have set an example which promotes killing on the least provocation.  
As if we should be surprised.
We have an Administration that lies and kills at the least provocation.   But will the Administration take responsibility for the lessons that they have taught?  Probably not.   The Totalitarians like to talk the talk when it comes to personal responsibility but they surely do not know how to walk the walk.   That would require morality and decency, and as we all know this Administration is both, indecent and amoral.   Power mongering authoritarians such as Newt Gingrich, Dennis Hastart, John Boehner, and (of course) Tom Delay sat by and did nothing while a wolf in the fold was exploiting young pages.  And now they want to compound the injury by blaming the victims, attacking gays, and  avoiding personal responsibility. 
What can I say?   The day that the Extreme Court Appointed George W. Bush as our Fuhrer Select we were all assaulted.   The Bush Administration has been a study in collective mental  rape, and to send a Totalitarian Majority back to either house of Congress would be a little like a rape victim screaming "here I am, rape me again."
Count me out.  
These bastards have to GO. 


123 said...

People like Foley aren't just disgraces to their party, they're disgraces to human dignity. And it's just as bad when they use innapropriate interrogation methods in the name of American values. It's disheartening to hear about, but at the same time I just become more motivated to fight for what's right.

Diego said...

Wow, I'm glad I made it through this post and it's still Saturday, go me!! I love the smear tactics that are used, you want to throw names out there that you obviously have no common knowledge of when you spew out these fallacies.

First off, what has Rush Limbaugh said degrading Gays recently? Other than the fact that he considers what the Democrats are doing could be considered Gay bashing he has done nothing as you have suggested, nor has Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, etc.

Your words and your vision is full of hurt and anger, I understand because I assume that your sexual orientation/feelings have been suppressed for a long period of time, besides the Democratic Party is suppose to be the party to defend the Minorities, but what do you think about John Kerry's comments pertaining to Dick Cheney's Lesbian daughter?

In regards to your bile about torture at Club Gitmo, I hope you can answer this question because no Liberal has been able to answer this question since I began posing it 3 weeks ago, they always avoid the question because they know I have a is the question.

Would you rather spend a month at Club Gitmo or Would you rather spend a month with the real terrorists?

Though I do wonder how it feels to be a true Liberal Puppet? You're not saying anything new, nothing that has not been spoken before, you are merely repeating Liberal Talking Points...let me sum up that entirely too long post for you...

Wah, wah, wah, Republicans are mean, wah, wah, wah...

Hope you come over to play

Daniel Gallagher said...

Daniel Gallagher said...
I have more bad news for you. Republicans are a lot more than just mean. A large number of them are sick, perverted sadists. Including the sociopathic bully in the white house and his equally sociopathic band of liars, goons, thugs, and closet fascists.

When George W. Bush was a child seven years old his younger sister Robin died of Leukemia. The Senior Bushes, in one of the most abusive forms of childhood emotional torture that you could possibly imagine, did not have a real funeral and went golfing the next day. They did not encourage their grieving and angry son to express any emotion what so ever. The end result was that George W, the oldest born in the family, never had an opportunity to express the grief and often anger that older siblings have towards younger siblings for knocking them out of their position as the only and favorite child.

As Bush grew physically he did not grow emotionally nor psychologically. The end result is an angry, sadistic seven-year-old in a 60-year-old body. His entire history is filled with the early symptoms of Anti Social Personality Disorder, also known as psychopathy. As a child he enjoyed torturing and killing small animals (e.g. inserting fire crackers in frogs rectal openings and blowing them up). As a young man in college he enjoyed branding the buttocks of fraternity initiates with red hot coat hangers. Many years later he would underplay the fact that this was actually a form of sexual assault by spewing some half baked drivel about how it wasn't any worse than a cigarette burn. (Do you know what we would do to a parent who was caught burning a child's hind end with a cigarette burn? Can you say abuse charges?)

His past history of alcohol and cocaine addiction are well known, but chemical addictions are often a sign of psychopathy. As a young married man he drove the car through the front and out through the back of the garage wall because Laura criticized one of his speeches--unusual behavior since it was George who asked for her opinion in the fist place. From the time Robin died to this very day George W. Bush has been a verbal bully and a sick, twisted sadist who has enjoyed the pain of others. Despite the fact that he never served a day of active combat himself, his hero worship has always been centered around soldiers and cowboys--but not just any soldier or cowboy. His affection has always been reserved for the most violent and brutal ones, the ones who can kill without conscience--a trace which our psychopath and commander shares with his idols. Moreover he abhors debate and nuance. Bush himself as actually said that he "doesn't do nuance." Translated into modern English he becomes aggressive, often unstable, when people disagree with him. Indeed disagreement, it makes him violently angry, nervous, and uncomfortable. So much so that he has to cover up his insecurity (and he has a lot to be insecure about!) by using off-color names for reporters and others.

He hates disagreement so much that he literally ordered his security to keep him away from the Iranian president during his recent trip to the United Nations. The reason? So no one would see how afraid and angry be becomes when he has to debate people without a prewritten script. The man is so self-absorbed and so thoughtless of others that during the 2004 campaign he called Laura a lump. And that's pretty much how he sees everyone else--as lumps below him. When soldiers were dying in Iraq he thought it would be a really cool idea to perform an insulting comedy routine about the weapons of mass destruction--the ones that he lied about. (We're still laughing about that pile of degraded crap from nearly 15 years ago that Rick Santorum claimed was the cache of WMDs that we had been looking for--it wasn't an ammunition pile, Rick, it was a junk pile.)

The fact of the matter is that Republicans aren't just mean. They have pledged themselves to a megalomaniacal sociopath who enjoys blood, death and destruction and who has replaced his addiction to alcohol and cocaine with an even deadlier addiction to the pain of others and absolute power.

The idea that George W. Bush is a devout Christian is laughable. Indeed, the idea that the Christian Reich is Christian is laughable since their real idol appears to be Heinrich Himmler, not Jesus.

Karen said...

Danny...I don't know if you'll agree to this, but Kyle thinks you should use a modified form of of your COMMENT in another project that we're working on. You canleave this version here if yu like, but Kyle wants permission to use it. PLEEEEASE say you give your permission! I know that will make the new project even longer than the original post, but it provides some very important background material and we REALLY want to use it in the...finale.

1138 said...

There's something wrong with a person who deliberately hides his head in the sand while displaying pictures of himself with a boy.
Mr. Diego above represents that wrongness.

Let's all work to use a broken voting system to get rid of this pit of vipers in Washington, then lets get busy and put each of those vipers in prison.

Ragnarok said...

What is really disturbing is how good the Republicans are at blaming everyone and everything apart from themselves for this whole fiasco involving Foley.

For the Democrats to be accused of using this issue to partake in "gay-bashing" is unbelievable when the GOP practically prides itself on Homophobia and has done for the last six years!

Diego: Wasn't John Kerry's comments about Cheney's daughter just a response to a question about homosexuality anyway? It was hardly "gay-bashing". In fact the quote is this: "I think if you were to talk to Dick Cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian, she would tell you that she's being who she was. She's being who she was born as. I think if you talk to anybody, it's not a choice."

does that sound like attacking the minorities to you? It sure as hell doesn't to me....

Brandon said...

RE 1138

I hear you my friend. Vipers...That is a VERY good description of child abusers of any sexual orientation.

Brandon said...

Well said Ragnarok. I'm SURE that Diego will be the first person out there to defend gays. NOT.

Kate said...

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Foley's "defense" yet...the "I was molested by my priest" defense. That, to me, is the most perverse part of the entire situation. It's almost as if he's justifying his actions while hiding behind the Church as a scapegoat. "Oh, don't blame me, blame my evil priest who did all those bad things to me," he seems to say. Given that Foley is a middle-aged man himself, I doubt the priest is still around to prepare a defense. Seems like the perfect out, doesn't it? Blame it on someone who can't deny the charges or speak for himself. And, better yet--they can't prove it didn't happen, either. "Oh," Foley continues, "it's not my fault, I'm still messed up from when that priest molested me." Boo freakin' hoo. Come back when I actually care about your made-up woes...oh, wait...I never will.

Daniel Gallagher said...

You're right Kate! I don't know how I could have overlooked the point. It ties into my point about who molests. The vast majority of the people who are molested--straight and gay--are frightened and traumatized as the result of their abuse, but only a small minority is cruel enough to terrorize someone else. Foley also pulled another sleight of hand--the old "I have a drinking problem routine." Which seems odd because those who knew Foley the best were surprised to learn that he had a drinking problem. Just another phony attempt at extracting sympathy from the public.

More disgusting is the way that the right wingers are now blaming the pages. Matt Drudge in particular. I'm sure that of these were female rape victims, Foley and his ilk would be dragging out all the old arguments about seductive clothing, boys being boys, and the women being in the wrong place at the wrong time, etc. Classic victim blaming.

What swines these people are.