Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Corruptco Blogfest 2006

The Corruptco. Blogfest is a 'corporate appreciation' theme set for the week of Feb.26- March 7. The idea started over at Lose The Noose and Consider The Boot and many bloggers have already agreed to participate. There are no requirements, simply a willingness to use one's blog to give voice to a particular corporate action of detriment to the global and natural community. Examples include pollution, funding false data research, safety violations, unpaid fines, destroying ecosystems, toxic carcinogens, animal cruelty, misogyny and sexist corporate practices... unfair treatment of working parents, the disabled, or the denial of healthcare benefits. Over the weekend, Lily will compile a list of participant bloggers. Please consider the ways that you might have been 'touched'by the ice-cold hands of Corruptco. Especially needed are bloggers to write about sexism and bias, and bloggers from the Gay community. Thank you for welcoming me here, and I look forward to working together on 'the cause'!

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