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EDITOR'S NOTE. Hello. My name is Kyle, and I'm Brandon's half brother. Brandon has been in Ireland for the past two weeks and he should be back on the 24th of July. Until then, I've been asked to sub for him here on COALITION. Below is a modest example that I've posted on my own blog, LeftWingRising.

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by Kyle Kilpatrick

Here in Wisconsin, the rightwing Neanderthals at the Wisconsin Conservative Digest have turned the time-dishonored practice of historical revision into a highly polished art form. With no weapons of mass destruction to be found in Iraq, and with the Bush administration’s inability to create a democracy through an invasion of choice, the low brow cavemen at the Wisconsin Conservative Digest have decided that the debacle in Iraq is a part of a Bush Administration “master plan” to congregate the world’s terrorists in Iraq where they can be handled more effectively by American troops. At a first glance this moronic theory appears to be a rehash of the meaningless platitude, “we have to fight them over there so we won’t have to fight them over here.” But on closer examination the WCD revision of recent history is even more delusional and asinine.

Does anyone remember what happened after the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan the late 1970s? To refresh your memories, Afghanista became a training ground, a safe haven, for the U.S. backed Afghani freedom fighters who would eventually become the bloody, repressive Taliban. Admittedly, those were the good (bad?) old days of the Cold War, when anti-communist fanatics in the Reagen and Bush Administration looked upon warped individuals like osama Bin Vaden as anti-Soviet heroes. But that doesn’t change the fact that the Soviet Union, a world super power, was unable to defeat an Islamic insurgency in a neighboring country; nor does it change the fact that the Soviet invasion turned Afghanistan into both, a repressively brutal theocracy and a training ground for international terrorists.

Now fast forward to present day Iraq. Instead of herding the insurgents/terrorists into a convenient location, the Bush War has turned a country with porous borders into yet another training ground for Islamic terrorists. Someone really should have told the bUsh Administration that Iraq, unlike Post World War II Germany, had known little in the way of prewar democracy. And yet, for reasons which continue to boggle the imagination, the Bush regime decided that Iraq was the equivalent of a western, European nation—this despite the fact that Iraq had virtually no experience with the intel;lectual movements and political institutions which had made democracy possible in the west.

Or, to put it another way, democracy needs a fertile soil and viable seed if it is to sprout, grow, and flourish. But in Iraq, thanks in large part to its inexperience with representative government, coupled with decades of repressive rule and hidden ethnic/religious tensions, the soil and seed were both sterile. Instead of promoting a democracy, the Bush War has created a rich growing medium for the terrorist infection. It is no coincidence that Basra has announced that it wants a theocratic form of government and that it is pursuing a $1 billion agreement with Iran to help locate landmines and to modernize the military. Does that sound in any way Democratic? Not to this blogger.

Not that any of this maters to the cave dwellers at the Wisconsin Conservative Digest. Being the fine, Orwellian reactionaries that they are, they aren’t about to let reality get in the way of a good story. Or should I say a good propaganda tool? They really do believe that they have herded the terrorist cats into a convenient shooting gallery, although you really need to wonder. Have we herded the cats into a single location where they can be fought for effectively, or have we been suckered into a quagmire where it is our troops and innocent Iraqis who are being butchered like lambs at the slaughter? And, in the meantime, with our attention distracted in Iraq, the Taliban are making a come back in Afghanistan. Hello! Are you awake? Do you remember the Taliban, Osama Bin Laden, the people who took down the twin towers and a chunk of the Pentagon on 911? That’s right! I knew you’d remember them. You should. God knows the Bush War has given them enough free propaganda to fuel several more generations of up and coming fanatics.

The terrorists have proven that they, unlike President Bush, can actually chew gum and fart at the same time. They have demonstrated that they are more than capable of staging an insurgency in Iraq and waging international terrorism at the same time. Of course, that might just be my opinion, but then again suicidal/homicidal terrorists have struck London twice within a two week period, which should tell us that the Mammoth Hunters over at the Wisconsin Conservative Digest and on the right in general, aren’t only primitive, but deluded as well.

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