Monday, May 08, 2006

Even the fish story was fake

We know that President Bush claims that his best moment in the last five years was catching a big perch at his ranch. 7.5 pounds (there's hint number one-- a perch that size would be pretty near a record.)

It wasn't a perch. It was a largemouth bass.

Check out paragraph sixteen of the linked article (ironically about Bush impersonator Steve Bridges, although in paragraphs 15-16 they are talking about the real Bush):

In the midst of his 1999 campaign run, the man who was once a Yale cheerleader scuffed up and spit-polished his Texas twang. Shortly before he was elected, he bought a sixteen-hundred-acre pig farm in Crawford, Texas, and transformed it into an old family homestead, complete with a man-made lake stocked with largemouth bass cross-bred so that they’re easy to catch.

He caught it in a lake he had made, and then filled with easy-catch fish.

Am I surprised?

No, not really. Not at all, in fact.


BEAST said...

Just for once, I am on Bush's side.

It doesn't matter if he lied that he caught the largest great white shark; frankly, no one gives a damn.

But lying about WMDs, and subsequently fighting on a war based on a pack of lies, now that is a hell lot worse than lying about the fish you caught on any given day.

Ragnarok said...

I'm sure there are bigger anti-bush fish to fry, the only thing is, Steve Bridges doesn't actually sound an awful lot like Bush. I guess you can't impersonate such an ineptness in language.

Brandon said...

But look at the extremes. When asked to state the worst moment in his administration he said 9-11. When asked about the best he talked about a fish...Are to assume that catching a fish is as good as 911 was bad? That 911 was as bad as catching a fish had been good? My God, this man has warped priorities. The sad thing is that he probably couldn't think of a single monumental good thing that he has done. That says a lot.

Advocate1 said...

Hey there Eli! Nice to hear from you again! It's sad, really. Couldn't Bush find a higher point than catching a damned bass? His choice for 911 was obvious. No doubt it's a low point for a lot of Americans. But cou;dn't he have found to brag about besides catching a fish? Even if he hasn't had a lot of political successes he could at least have come up with something like "watching my daughters graduate," or "my loving wife," or something besides a damned fish. Good grief!