Friday, May 05, 2006

Our Non-Lingual President!

So which is it?

Does George W. Bush speak Spanish or doesn't he?

When he was on the campaign trail and trying to appeal to Hispanic voters he allowed the Spanish-speaking community to think that he was a fluent Spanish speaker. At one point he went so far as to sing a portion of the American national anthem in Spanish. Not the entire "Star Spangled Banner," as has been suggested, but a fragment thereof. On another occasion Carl Rove encouraged rumors about W's fluency in Spanish by suggesting that W. had held a press conference in Mexico, during one of his few, pre-presidential trips out of the country. This of course was a little less than honest because in Mexico the ruling government had decided which journalists would appear at the press conference. The questions were written out in advance and W. answered them in phonetically written Spanish. In other words, it was a staged event to curry favor with Hispanics in the United States.

Of course now that Bush is trying to placate the racist constituency of the Republican party by condemning Hispanic versions of "The Star Spangled Banner," Bush, and his organ-grinder master are again revealed as the pathological liars that they really are. Isn't it amazing. When Bush wanted to lie to Hispanics he allowed Rove to portray him as a fluent speaker of Spanish. And now W is trying to appease a bunch of closet racists and bigots within his own party, Scooter McClellan is telling us that George W. Bush is not a fluent speaker of Spanish.

Personally I've always had a little trouble with the "Star Spangled Banner" myself. The song is virtually unperformable, it's range being to wide for the average American to sing properly without years of classically-orientated voice lessons. So whether you sing it in English or Spanish is completely irrelevant, because "America The Beautiful," and "This Land is Your Land" would make better national anthems anyhow.

On the other hand, it's nice to know that George W. Bush has finally accomplished something on his own without help from Mommy, Daddy, or corrupt business partners and fall guys. Thanks to the racist elements in the Republican Party we now know that George W. Bush is actually semi-literate in three languages: Spanish, English, and Orwellian Doublespeak!

Way to go George!


Ragnarok said...

Can he speak English is perhaps the first question that should be asked. Actually I'm surprised that the Republicans even entertain the idea of another language, it could be secret code for terrorists....

Your national anthem is a tough one! I certainly wouldn't want to listen to anyone try and sing it because as you say, it's almost impossible to get right and it's a bit on the long side. Now the Italian national anthem, that's a tune!


I look forward to the day that the right wing passes English First legislation. George W. speaks SOMETHING but it clearly is NOT English. Wouldn't it be ironic if these English first fanatics were the first people to be prosecuted under their own legislation?