Friday, May 26, 2006


I have no doubt that George W. Bush will attempt to exploit the Memorial Day Holiday for political purposes, that he will, attempt to use the deaths of the soldiers he sent to their early deaths as a political ploy to boost his deservedly sagging approval ratings.

Talk about convenient.

George W. Bush now claims that his one big mistake was that foolish, foolish remark about bringing them on. I don't know about you, but I can think of even bloodier and more destructive things that this president has done, although we have yet to hear him accept responsibility for anything except the most trivial of wrong doings. Granted, the "bring 'em on remark," was a revelation in that it exposed him as the impulsive, irrational thug that he really is, but there were other actions and blunders for which this president has yet to take his share of the blame.

* Diverting troops, and resources from the war on terrorism in Afghanistan (where the Taliban are coming back) to a study in blood-soaked futility in Iraq.

* Failing to properly equip the troops in Iraq, resulting in serious injuries and permanent disabilities.

* Extending their tours of duty until they were so stressed out, so drop dead tired and exhausted, that they weren't taking care of themselves, sustaining deaths injuries which might otherwise have been avoided.

* Extending their tours of duty until they were so stressed that they were killing innocent civilians

* Supporting torture as a part of our foreign policy

* Promoting social Darwinism as an official economic policy

* Trying to impose a very narrow interpretation of the Christian religion as the national faith

* Using an educational policy (No Child Left Behind) as an excuse to plant military operatives (read recruitment officers) in our public schools

*Waging a war against poverty by waging a fiscal war of aggression against the poor

*Promoting policies which deprive women of their reproductive rights

And the best George W. Bush can come up with is an off the cuff remark about bringing them on? What in the name of all that's civilized is wrong with this butcher? Is he truly incompetent or does he get a sexual thrill out of blood, death, and destruction?

The part about the President's comments which amazed me the most was the timing. I have no doubt that the President will be delivering the usual "compassionate" speeches during the Memorial Day Weekend, offering the usual crocodile tears about the soldiers who he so callously sent to the slaughter, in essence denying any real responsibility for the destruction and instability that he brought to the nation of Iraq. I have no doubt that the President, in yet another set of prepackaged lies and misleading rhetoric, will attempt to pass himself off as a compassionate conservative who truly mourns the death of each individual soldier when the truth of the matter is that he is a sociopathic monster who has yet to express a single tear over the premature death of his own sister, Rachel, much less over a nameless, faceless young man or young woman who he so eagerly sent to war for personal and political purposes.

From my point of view, the problem is this: We have a spoiled, arrogant president; weak, demanding child in a man's body, who never really wanted for anything. He has made mistake, after mistake, after horrific mistake, essentially destroying everything he as ever touched, and on each occasion the enablers in his life have rushed in to either repair, or cover up the damage he has inflicted, while guaranteeing that he would never be compelled to take responsibility for his highly irresponsible actions. And so it continues. The President dropped the ball on the war on terror, bogging us down in Iraq, but he takes no responsibility. The President undermines our civil liberties, denies his actions, and then goes on the offensive when he is outed, but takes no responsibility. The president claims to be a born again Christian, but endorses torture as a method of interrogation, but takes no personal responsibility. And so it goes. At every turn this feeble excuse of a man has depended on others to correct and conceal his wrong doing. And the end result is a cowardly, butcher of a man, s stunted individual who either has no feelings for anyone or who has been so psychologically wounded that he views compassion and sympathy as signs of weakness.

We know that compassion and sympathy are normal human traits. We know that individuals who act upon those very human characteristics are strong, caring individuals. Conversely we also know that those individuals who either cannot or will not act on these normal human impulses are a threat to the society at large.

I'm sure that at some point George W. Bush will attempt to play the part of the compassionate patriot, but to be frank that routine is getting a little old and a little hard to believe.

The President's bizarre, totalitarian actions speak louder than any Memorial Day speech, and if the Demander and Thief wants to convince us that he is capable of genuine human compassion, he might begin by doing what he should have done when he quit drinking: take responsibility for all of his wayward actions; do penance for his wrong doing, and offer serious, amends to his many mournful victims.

Until such time as we see genuine contrition, humility, and remorse from this unfeeling monster I see no reason why anyone should believe a word that he says about anything. They say that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Well, if that's true then I would submit that George W. Bush will use the Memorial Day Holiday as yet another refuge from decency and personal responsibility.

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Kyle said...

Actually Bush has said that Abu Ghraib did us harm but he has not taken any degree of responsibility for it. Instead he has stood silently by and allowed others to take the fall for orders which originated at the top. Note that he did not say that torture shou;d be eliminated as a method of interrogation. That strikes me as a very dishonest and very dangherous attitude to be held by the leader of the once free world.

And, little brother, it's nice to be back.