Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Now THAT explains A LOT!

-----The following post comes from FUBAR: AMERICA'S RIGHT WING NIGHTMARE by Sam Seder and Stephen Sherill. Published in 2006 by Harper Collins. I am publishing it here because it explains a lot about the homophobia on the far right.
-----"In 1996, three scientists from the University of Georgia--Henry E. Adams, Ph.D., Lester W. Wright Jr, Ph.d., and Bethany A.Lohr--published a study called "Is Homophobia Asociated with Homosexual Arousal?" in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, published by the American Psychological Association.
-----"The study involved twenty-nine nonhomophobic men and thirty-five homophobic men as determined by something called the Index of Homophobia scale. All sixty-four men described themselves as completely straight.
-----"Each man was shown three kinds of videotape (for free): heterosexual, male homosexual, and lesbian. While they watched they were hooked up to something called a penile plethysmograph, which measures tumescence, a fancy word for erection.
-----"There was no difference between the two groups of men while they were watching heterosexual videos or the lesbian videos. But here's where it gets interesting. While watching the male homosexual videos, the homophobic men were more than twice as likely to be aroused as the nonhomophobic men--54 to 24 percent. Only 20 percent of the homophobic men showed little or no arousal while watching the homosexual videos.
-----"What's more, when asked to give their verbal opinion about their arousal, the nonhomophobic men were fairly accurate for all there kinds of videos. The homophobic men were accurate for for only two of the video categories. They significantly underestimated their arousal for the other category. Can you guess which one that was?
----"So what does all this mean? For one thing it's perfectly normal to be really, really antigay and yet be gay. But does it mean that all homophobes are actually gay? Yes it does."
-----Now this makes we wonder. Is it a coincidence that so many people on the far right are serial monogamists? Could it be that they keep looking for the perfect mate in the opposite sex when what they want--REALLY want--is a hot, totally shattered young hunk such as...oh, I don't myself? Could it be that they are mentally and physically incapable of finding happiness with an Eve, a Stan, and a Marianne, and are secretly yearning for a Steve, an Anne, and a Marion? My God, Now I feel sorry for them. Instead of finding that well-endowed hunk that they've been fantasizing about for all those years, they've married, and married, and married, but never quite figured out what they were looking for and why they were so angry and unhappy most of the time. You know what I'm talking about. Do you watch C Span? Have you ever noticed how these right wing nut burgers wear perpetual frowns. Of course you have. You'd be frowning too if you were as frustrated as this crowd. Think about it. If Dick Cheney were to ever have a satisfying sexual experience (and he clearly needs one), or for that matter, if he were to simply smile, the chances are that his ass would crack into a thousand Humtpy Dumpty pieces. If Oral Hatch were issue a heart felt grin because of a pleasurable sensation below the waist, his eyebrows would fall off. And what about Lindthay Graham--are we really supposed to believe that this limpwristed inbred has ever had a straight thought in his entire miserable life?. Is there anyone out there who really believes that Graham and Rick Santitorium wouldn't give a new meaning to the word "dilatation" if they were ever allowed to spend the night together in a cheap motel room? (Of course this would be especially dangerous for Graham because Sanitirium has inadvertently revealed some rather bizarre fantasies, but I'm sure that if Lindthay were to sport that black and white Dalmatian outfit, Sanitorium might experience a certain degree of...satisfaction. But that won't happen--no matter how badly they dream, hope, and fantasize about it. They will never act on their natural orientations (or in Sanitorium's case, his UNnatural orientations) because they are too afraid to loosen up.----
-----Instead of acting out their repressed, homoerotic fantasies, the right wingers enjoy themselves vicariously. Was it an accident that so much of the torture that we have witnessed during this administration was of a homoerotic nature? Hey, don't blame me. I'm not the one who came up with the idea of using female operatives to come on to Islamic prisoners, and I sure as hell didn't think of putting underwear on detainees' heads. Those are the actions of some truly repressed and frustrated people. And I think you realize by now that I am anything but repressed. I actually have a partner with whom I am well pleased and to whom I am decidedly loyal--and that's a lot more than can be said about the frustrated, red state hypocrites who jump from spouse to spouse as if they were engaged in a competitive spouse hopping contest; thinking the next heterosexual union will be "the right one" but invariably disappointing themselves and then moving on to the next temporary relationship. And they say gay males are promiscuous. Again folks, I'm not the one who got caught smuggling in a bottle of viagra from the Dominican Republic.
--- Of course the part that annoys me is the way that these frustrated old farts project the bigotry and hatred that might be leveled against them, releasing it in verbal or even physical attacks on the people they hate to love. All right. Not every right winger is a latent homosexual. I'm sure that some of them are just your typical, run of the mill bigots who get off on the pain and repression of others. But I am stall certain that a number of them are openly trying to sound straight to as to protect themselves from potential accusations and persecutions.
----So here's the solution. I think we should take a page out of the George W. Bush playbook on buggery and hypocrisy. Look at W. He may be a rapacious, intellectually-stunted megalomaniac with delusions of adequacy, but he at least had the courage to satisfy his homosexual desires. I am of course referring to the rumor that George W. Bush had a homosexual fling with Victor Ashe, our current ambassador to Poland, while they were still hot young bucks in 1984. Don't get me wrong. I applaud the fact that W. might have had the courage to trip the light fantastic with another guy. I'm glad that he found a few fleeting moments of satisfaction.
-----But the part that bums me out is the fact that George managed to satisfy himself and then turned his back on his own kind. I mean really...Having an affair with the future ambassador to Poland is one thing, but scratching his itch and then betraying your buds in the gay and lesbian community is another.
-----Of course it might just be that I'm a little jealous of Mister Ashe. I've seen pictures of W. When he was a young, manly stud: that dark wavy hair, and those piercing, ice blue eyes; not to mention those stunningly handsome features and broad powerful shoulders. What vivacious, gay American male wouldn't be attracted to a rough and ready politician with a face like a cinema star and a body like Anne Coulter on steroids? But like I said. I have a partner, we are mutually loyal to one another. And that's more than the serial monogamists on the right can say.


Lew Scannon said...

Dick Cheney cannot smile because his face is stuck on permascowl.

Advocate1 said...

Oh. Sot that's it. And all this time we thought it was because he had a crush on the entire cast of THE OUTSIDERS!