Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Iraq is devolving into an even bloodier, sectarian civil war than it has ever been; our puppet select in Iraq has openly condemned George W. Bush, death squad brutality, and the American occupation in general; Israel and Hezbollah are engaged ion a theo political totentanz, which is tearing apart the nation of Lebanon; Condy Rice gives the impression that the current turmoil in the Middle east is actually on the job training; and with everything going wrong at the same time, our dysfunctional Demander and Thief decides to take yet another joy trip to Crawford, Texas at a time when some kind of presidential leadership is clearly needed.
-------Sweet Jesus, how much vacation time does this lazy bum need? By his own admission he works out a few hours every day; he takes a nap in the afternoon he doesn't read the newspapers nor important, lengthy documents, meaning world events are distilled intro brief, over-simplified briefings, which means that he isn't devoting a great deal of the time to the job for which he is being paid; he goes to bed early:So why in the hell does this good for nothing slacker need more vacation time when every day in Washington is in and of itself a miniature vacation?
-------Every time this president is confronted with a heavy duty dose of reality, whenever he is brought face to face with a disastrous situation, he reacts in one of two ways. He either lashes out and goes on the offensive (in which case we almost invariably witness a childish proclivity for adolescent sarcasm and name calling. Or he withdraws from reality as he did in that classroom on September 11, 2001. On other occasions he withdraws Washington DC altogether and heads down to his artificial womb in Crawford, Texas where he can safely issolate himself from the horrors--many of his own creation--in the real world.
-------Isn't it amazing? Not only does George W. Bush hold a simplistic, unrealistic, black and white view of the world, he also reveals a similar dichotomy in the way that he reacts to the unpleasantness of every day life. He either lashes out at the people around him, or he withdraws from reality. We knew George W. Bush was a sociopath who had no real feelings for anyone except himself; and we always suspected that he suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Dry Drunk Syndrome, but suppose--just suppose--that we had the Attention Deficit part wrong? Suppose, just for a moment that George W. Bush doesn't suffer from a horrendous learning disability, but that he is actually psychotic and suffers from a more serious condition such as Bipolar Affective Disorder. The man has been a walking text book of mental disorders, that much is for certain, and the idea of a sociopath suffering from a psychotic disorder is highly disturbing, but it isn't without precedence. Adolf Hitler, after all, was a cunning, blood thirsty sociopath who maintained a firm grip on reality until he became drunk on power and descended into his own delusions of grandeur. So maybe we should be asking ourselves the following question:
-------Is the cruelty and sadism of President George W. Bush accented by the madness of King George W. Bush?
-------How many times have we seen this man in a state of hypomania but failed to recognize his behavior for what it was? One little thing goes right and he soars to the heights of cloud nine. He sees a tiny glimmer of light on a dark, stormy horizon, and he thinks all is right with the world. The initial invasion of Iraq goes as according to planned, and Bush swaggers on the deck of the Abraham Lincoln as if he were a hunky model of beefcake on a proverbial runway, posing beneath that God awful sign that read "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!". Saddam Hussein is captured and "W" thumps his chest like the big, hairy ape from Skull Island, oblivious to the fact that Hussein's capture was utterly irrelevant to the budding insurgency which "W" denied was even taking place. Zarqawi is killed and our maniacal decider throws a press conference at which he clowns like the proverbial dancing drunk with a lampshade on his head, taking potshots at a visually impaired reporter, to whom he later apologizes. On other occasion he devolves into an amateur comic and gives an irresponsible performance in which he searches the oval office for the nonexistent weapons of destruction while American solders are dying in Iraq for his mistakes.
-------And that's the problem with Bush. One little event is enough to trigger his upward mood swing. A tiny little something goes right, and suddenly we have turned another corner. Somebody dares to ask him a serious question and he acts in a disproportionately angry manner. Suddenly everything is all sunshine and pretty colors, no matter what the reality based community is trying to tell him. And if you try to correct him, that will set him off too. George, after all lives in a faith-basd La-La Land where little things like facts and truth have no real meaning. The guy just doesn't know when to quit, because in his delusional thought pattern, he really can't do anything wrong.
-------Let's face it: From the patent's point of view, hypomania can actually be an enjoyable state of mind. Imagine being never wrong in the face of insurmountable evidence against your delusional world view. Imagine believing and knowing in your heart of hearts that you can never be wrong--even when you're more full of shit than a plugged toilet. And don't forget all the energy and good feelings that come from looking down at the rest of the mere human beings from Seventh Heaven. And you thought it was a coincidence that this President cracks jokes about how he believes he has been selected by God for some great purpose, and how his job would be easier if he were a dictator. Could it be that W isn't joking when he says things like that? Could it be that the bio-electrical connections in his pea sized brain are firing so erratically that he really does believe that he's a little bit more than human?
-------Okay. That probably isn't fair, because there have definitely been times when it has looked as if W. has been given a little too much Lithium. You know the times: when he's tongue tied and can't finish a sentence? When he looks tired, and his eyes look empty because the handlers had to get him off the ceiling with whatever anti psychotics they've been feeding him. Granted, the side effects of prescribed medication can be a real bitch, but do we really want a president who thinks that he's more than human running anything even remotely connected to our foreign and domestic policy? I guess what I'm trying to say is that if it comes to a choice between letting "W" act like Charles Manson on uppers, and turning him into a Texan retake of the title role in I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE, I would almost certainly prefer the over-medicated zombie. It's safer for Bush; it's safer for the people around him; and God knows it's a lot safer for the country in general.
------Of course that leaves Dick Cheney in charge, but I think we all know that Dick Cheney has been operating the blue-eyed puppet from day one. But the purpose of this post was to discuss the fact that George W. Bush would make a splendid poster boy for the American Psychiatric Association. The sociopathy and outright sadism of Dick Cheney and Carl Rove are topics that are better discussed in separate posts.
-------But in the meantime "W" is heading off to Crawford to clear out more brush. Maybe Cindy Sheehan will be kind enough to leave Camp Case from time to time and remind our dysfunctional leader that it's time to take his meds.

-------(For additional Information about the many disorders of George W. Bush please check out a book titled BUSH ON THE COUCH by Justin A. Frank.)

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Kate said...

I agree--to a certain extent. I can see Bush as being a bit of a sociopath, thinking he's above the rules and all that. Then again, consider how he was raised: it's what I like to call Blue Blood Syndrome. He's been so above everything his entire life that it's just second nature to him now. Yes, he's failed, and failed miserably, at most things in his life. But what consequences has he actually met? He had to get sober. Ok, that's just to maintain functionality as a human being. But quite honestly, can we say that the man has ever faced any real consequences? Of course not, or he wouldn't have been in ANY position to become President of the United States of America. He wouldn't even have made it to governor. So, quite honestly, he probably thinks he's sort of invincible, given that he can screw up SO MANY times and not really have anything bad happen. Even as president, he's made some rather royal messes of things but what's happened? His approval ratings fall. Big deal. Granted, he was more careful in the first term because he wanted to be re-elected. But George Bush is a second term president who feels that he answers to no one. It seems as though nothing else is stopping him--he ignores that his party is starting to defect, the country is in shambles and most of his constituents want him gone--so why shouldn't he think that he has some kind of immortality as a leader? Aren't we all just feeding his delusions, in a way? Until someone makes him suffer some real consequences, he will continue to act this way. Is it a mental disorder? Maybe, maybe not. But it most certainly is a startling lack of maturity, one that comes from never having to grow up in the face of adversity. Yes, one can argue he did a great job during September 11 (and I'm not disagreeing--I give him kudos for that) but I'm certain that the rest of the administration orchestrated his actions so precisely that he may as well have been a robot. The rest, however, is from never having to become a real adult. So while he may suffer from some kind of mental illness, I'm putting my money on an extreme and disturbing immaturity.