Tuesday, August 01, 2006


The anti-choice movement is beginning to remind me of those little old ladies who "adopt"  43 cats, 25 dogs, 17 hamsters, and eight ferrets, and who then wonder why the neighbors and humane society are taking legal action against them.   The cute little puppies and kitties look real sweet when they're real young, but when they grow up to be dogs and cats, suddenly they aren't so cute and the warm-hearted grandma who took them in suddenly realizes that they're more than she was bargaining for. 
Her "good intentions" begin with a single, sad-faced kitty or puppy dog, so "grandma" decides to adopt a stray.  And the stray is so cute, and so lovable, that she eventually decides that she wants another puppy dog to keep the first one company.  So, one day she finds another little stray and takes that poor little fellow home too.   Then she finds a couple of adorable little kitties and decides they need a home.   What harm can a few kittens cats do?
But then, without realizing it, she has transforms her house into an over-crowded zoo.  The critters are hungry because grandma doesn't have enough time, money, or energy to keep them well fed.   Their coats are a tangled mat of fleas, their skin breaks out in open wounds because she doesn't have the time to properly groom and bathe them.   But grandma still can't resist bringing home new critters because she gets such a thrill out of those big, expressive puppy dog and kitty cat eyes.   And through it all, her house is turning into an over-glorified litter box while the cuddly little animals are growing into irritating adult creatures, which no longer provide the same psychological rush as they did when she "saved" them.   And to make the situation even worse, grandma is actually offended when the authorities arrive to save the few animals that can still be saved, and she really doesn't understand why the house can no longer be lived in by rational human beings.   Of course the irony in all of this is the fact that grandma really didn't do this for the animals.   She was adopting and torturing these poor creatures to fulfill some deep longing in her own psyche, the animals providing the roll of her innocent victims.
I think the same mindset is at work with the pro-suffering Christian right.   They love the idea of a cute little baby.   They'll do anything to make sure that a brainless and heartless lump of two or four cells will eventually develop into a cute and cuddly, blue eyed little bundle of joy.   And that's where their affection ends.   Once junior is born and needs actual feeding, changing, and bathing, the affection begins to wane.  In other words, human life is sacred from the moment of conception until it leaves the birth canal.   After that, you're on your own, Sweet Pea! 
Isn't it a hoot?!   The same people who are so determined to save the fetus* are the same people who want to cut social spending for mothers and children.   Now in a way I can understand the reasoning here.   After all, if sperm and ova don't have enough sense to mate in the womb of a wealthy female, they really shouldn't demand minor inconveniences such as formulas, diapers, baths, and an occasional changing.   Indeed, I see no reason why a six-month-old can't get his or her ass out of the crib, slap on a hardhat, and go to work..   Personal responsibility you know.   That IS the basic thought process at work here, isn't it?
Like the proverbial grandma, who ends up with a menagerie of mammalian life forms which she neither has the time nor energy to care for, these pro-strife fanatics also cause a fair share of misery themselves.   Not to mention hypocrisy.   Consider the following scenario.  
Betty Lou gets  raped on a date.   Instead of obtaining a safe, legal abortion, she is forced to carry the fruit of that crime.   Once junior--we'll call him Rex--has been born, Mommy doesn't have the resources to raise him properly.  She needs financial help, but the Republican dominated federal government, and the equally Republican-dominated state government under which she suffers, is telling her that she has to get a job, She can't have welfare or food stamps for her little bundle of joy because the Republicans have been too busy cutting social programs for the weakest members of our society.
So she leaves little Rex with a series of sexually abusive boy friends, gets a job as a waitress, or a checkout girl, or a prostitute, virtually guaranteeing that little Rex will grow up to be the human tyrant.   In fact, we might say that he is in the process of becoming the juvenile delinquent counterpart of a  Tyrannosaurus Rex.  He starts acting out at an early age, he becomes a professional criminal by the age of 13, and commits murder at the age of 16, when he holds up a local convenience store, where he shoots down six innocent people in the process of an armed robbery.   (Of course you also have to realize that the gun laws in little Rexie's state are rather lax, because the right wing pro-strifers believe that the only  Constitutional Amendment that matters at all is the Second Amendment.)  Horrified by the result of their pro-strife policies, the same pro-strife fanatics who prevented an abortion sixteen years earlier, now want to try little Rex as an adult and send him to the gas chamber.  
Do I detect a note of hypocrisy in the pro-strife stand?  Jesus Shit Christ, what am I saying--a note of hypocrisy?   It's a fucking Wagnerian opera!  The same people who think that a lump of cells is the same thing as a human being, are the same people who think adult life is the moral equivalent of toilet paper.   And they have the nerve, the ignorant audacity to say that liberalism represents a culture of death?   Jesus God, these people revel in death.   They delight in it!   Hell, they probably use human blood instead of skin conditioner, mixing it with their favorite bath oil and then bathing in it while they sip a glass of AB negative from the local blood bank. 
Unlike the Roman Catholic Church ** which at least has the decency to promote social responsibility from the moment of conception to the moment of death, the right wing vampires who have hijacked both, the Republican Party and  a significant slice of American Christianity, have taken the attitude that the adult is a disposable commodity, easily replaced by barefoot and pregnant women who, in Christian Right "thought" are little more than servants and breeders for their male chauvinistic oinkers..  (Just for the record, we DO know that's the real motivating force behind the "pro strife movement, don't we?   It isn't that these people think human life is scared--their utterly abominable actions prove otherwise.  No.  The real motivation is the subjugation of women.   They know in their heart of hearts that the quickest way to control the people who you consider inferior and want to dominate is by controlling their personal behavior, and what could be more intense and more personal than our sex lives?   Again, saving the unborn, the sanctity of human life has virtually nothing to do with the pro-strife movement.
And we don't even have to use the death penalty to prove that axiom. 
During the last few days many of us have been shocked and horrified to hear spokespersons from the inhumane right telling us that the best way to handle the current crisis in the Mid East is to let the fire burn itself out.   We've been told that the deaths of innocent Lebanese children and civilians aren't as important as the lives of Israelis and Westerners.   Oh, they use terms such as "unfortunate" or "too bad"  or "tragic," but every time they offer their phony remorse over the deaths of the post born, they almost invariably add a qualifying "but" followed by a lame excuse, which completely negates the supposed remorse with which they started their meaningless rhetoric. 
The pro-strifers, like our proverbial grandma who loves kittens and puppies and who can't or won't take care of them when they grow up, truly believe that a cuddly little baby or even an "innocent" little fetus is just fine and dandy--until junior leaves the womb and requires actual care, time, and attention.   After that they drag out terms like "personal responsibility."   Of course the idea that "personal responsibility is just a thinly veiled synonym for social Darwinism is something that they understand very well but will never admit to the American people. 
I guess you might say that there's an irony here.   The same people who use the term "personal responsibility" are actually the most irresponsible of the lot.   Like our proverbial grandma they have obsessed over the idea of "saving" innocent life" when, in fact, they are creating a system of back-biting Social Darwinism which is neither responsible for nor saving anything except outright misery and destruction.
* For those who are interested in the proper care and treatment of a dead fetus, we would recommend that you consult the one and thankfully only Senator Rick Santorum.   this is the enlightened individual who took his wife, his children  and a dead twenty-week-old fetus to his in-laws' house where the entire family kissed and cuddled the dead fetus for hours on end.   I kid you not my friends.   Senator Santorum quite literally made his children kiss and cuddle a dead, twenty-month old fetus.   It appears as if Mister Santiorum must be returned to private life so that he can be charged with child abuse and necrophilia
**  I am not endorsing the Catholic Church in any way shape or form.   The Vatican has a splendid, if disingenuous, propaganda machine, they don't need this gay American to help them in their ongoing war against American civil rights.


Snave said...

Good post!

I like the analogy you use at the beginning. I love cats so much that I like to joke that if I was ever old and alone, I might have six of eight of them... but I am sure I would stop once I got up in the range of seven or eight!

You have to be kidding about Rick Sphinctorum and the dead fetus... that is just TOO scary. I sure hope that jerk gets voted out of office and soon.

Advocate1 said...

No, he was NOT kidding. The Sabtorums quite literally kissed and cuddled a dead, 20-week-old fetus. It's one of those news stories that you really HOPE isn't true but discover, much to your shock and horror, that it really IS true! Pass the barf bag.

Advocate1 said...

Make that Santorums

BEAST said...

**Pukes in disgust**

In any case, the problem with America is, the population of the impoverished keeps expanding, because they have staunchly refused the use of contraceptives, and as a result, they keep having sex and having babies.

Blame it on the Republicans. They need more poor people so that they can send them into some oil-rich, god-forsaken places to fight their dirty wars.

Its a conspiracy that reeks of the smell of oil. Literally.