Thursday, September 29, 2005


Regarding Brandon's recent post about the hired mercenaries from Blackwater USA. This may come as a shock and a revelation to our loyal readers, but the situation may be worse than Brandon could have ever imgained. Our Coalition Investigative team has returned from New Orleans with these genuinely disturbing photos of Blackwater employees in action, and we must warn out readers in advance: What we have uncovered is both shocking and repulsive. In the above photo we see a Blackwater employee trying to destroy the foundation of a lower income apartment complex. And while this may seem unusual (to say the least) it is nothing compared to what we discovered in the way of forced evacuations.

For some time now we had been hearing rumors that the Bush Administration would use Blackwater employees to intimidate minorities and poor people in a clandestine attempt to change the voting demographics of a Democratic Southern City. Thanks to our investigative team we now have proof positive that the Administration in Washington is indeed trying intimidate lower income people and minorities. In the photo to your left we see a Blackwater employee physically carrying a low income resident from the waterlogged basement of her run down, 19th Century Victorian home. When asked to comment, the unidentified Blackwater employee said, "I had to knock her over the head and pistol whip her before she would agree to leave." When asked if he was a part of a larger conspiracy to permanently change the demographics of New Orleans, the Blackwater employee shrugged his shoulders and quipped, "Nahhhh, I was only trying to make sure that the wrong kinds of people don't come back to the city."

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