Monday, September 26, 2005


We can't believe our, little boy is a year old today. The year has flown by so quickly. We look into the faces of our children and we feel a connection that we had never thought possible. We love each other to no end; we have a strong, stable, and even romantic relationship, but the kids are something else. They've become our top priority and we are constantly amazed by the way they have united us. Just about everything we do today is for their welfare.

Children are so small, so helpless, so utterly dependent on us for everything--and that's a responsibility, that we do not take lightly. We can't think of anything that motivates us more than looking into the eyes of our innocent children.

We can't say that we feel comfortable with the idea of raising children with the country in the mess that it is today. God knows there are days when we turn on the television, or the computer, or the radio, or when we look at the latest headlines and wonder: "What is the Bush Political Crime Syndicate in Washington going to corrupt next?" But that aside, there isn't anything like looking into the eyes of a children to get us, the adults, out of your own fears and trepidations. Or should we say that there isn't anything like having children to motivate us? No matter. Despite the state of decay in our nation's capitol, and a growing sense that America has been weakened, or even over- extended beyond her limits, there are still moments, brief eternities in our every day lives when we can truthfully say and believe: "Life is good. Life is fair. Let's live it."

Beyond that we can only say, "Happy Birthday Little Kyle--we'll try to leave the world a better place than it was before you were born."

Kyle and Karen Kilpatrick


Blue Hobgoblin said...

Congratulations on your child's birthday.

I can't imagine what kind of hellhole of a planet we are going to be living on when I am raising my kids.

Then again, has the world ever not been a dangerous, corrupt place?

Kyle said...

Hey there Hobgoblin. For the record, I'm Daniel's half brother. And Brandon's half brother. You already know Danny, because he drops in on your Jedi blog from time to time.

I'll agree with you, there's a school of human psychology that says there isn't anything that one human being won't do to another. On the other hand, we can certainly do better than the thug we're living under right now. At times it seems as the Bush Political Crime Syndicate is DELIBERATELY trying to destroy this country.