Thursday, September 01, 2005

This is NOT World War II

We as a nation, are NOT fighting a war on terrorism. Our deceived, abused, and over-extended military is fighting a war on terrorism while the Bush administration puts the cost for its war of choice on a Chinese/Japanese credit card, leaving the bill for future generations to pay.

After talking to my Great Uncle (Abe) I realized that the US invasion of Iraq is even less like World War II than I had previously thought it was. As I have stated in the past, Iraq was contained through sanctions, observation, and occasional bombing. Hitler was allowed to run free. Moreover, in the case of Germany, we had actually been attacked first by Germany which was firing on our shipping in the Atlantic during the autumn of 1941 BEFORE the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor.

AND there are major differences in HOW we fought World War II and this tragedy.

During World War II we rationed fuel, flour, eggs, rubber, sugar, material, anything that could be used for the war effort. When was the last time you heard this President tell you to do ANYTHING for the troops beyond supporting a failed policy that puts them in danger? When was the last time you heard this administration encourage you to drive a smaller car, or to drive more slowly, or to have your home insulated, or to buy energy efficient products? The answer is seldom.

And I have more bad news. You can display all the flags and yellow ribbons you like, but they won't be as helpful as proper equipment in the field. Little things like promptly supplied body armour are a thousand times more useful than meaningless platitudes about why we need to keep the troops ion harm's way. su In other words, Bush Inc has created a situation in which we have corporations which either cannot or will not suply the troops with required materials.

I can assure you, it was very different in the 1940s. When you went to the cinema there was a trailer at the end of the movie asking you to buy warbonds to fund the effort against Fascism. Children went from house to house, collecting dimes for war bonds. Taxes were raised to fund the war. None of this has happened with the Iraq war.

Not under the Bush Oil Company in Washington.

We have taken very few steps to make ourselves independent of foreign oil. The government has dragged its feet when it comes to funding research for alternative energy sources. We can't even create a national energy bill or create new efficiency standards for our motor fleet without including hidden and not so hidden kickbacks for the car companies and oil companies. We do nothing to discourage SUVs* which are burning good oil/gas after bad. Few of the elites have children fighting in the war. Have you seen the Bush twins in militaryfatigues doing their basic training? What about the children of our representatives and Senators? You get the drift.

In the meantime, Corporate America has behaved in a way that can only be described as traitorous. CEOs live in America, enjoy American rights and American-created prosperity, but then turn around and send American jobs overseas, get special tax breaks, and contribute very little towards the war effort itself. Behavior like that would have been frowned upon during World War II. Hell,who am I kidding? Behavior like that would have been seen as traitorous during World War II. And yet the Bush has the brainless audacity to stand up there and tell us that his debacle in the Mid East is similar to that honorable war. This after they have proven time and time again through their own dishonorable actions and exposed webs of deceit that the Bush War is in no way, shape, or form the moral equal of World War II....

But then again, during World War II most Americans could tell the difference between a just war and an unjust war. And that seems to be a talent that the Bush regime will never acquire.

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