Monday, March 06, 2006


Contrary to corporate propaganda, the chemical and nuclear industries have not only been dragging their feet on national security, they are doing anything and everything within their power to avoid standards and regulations which are necessary for the protection of the American people. That's right. While the Bush Administration has been eroding our civil liberties and violating our right to privacy, corporations have been successfully lobbying the Republican-controlled Congress to avoid doing their part in the war on terror.

FACT: The chemical companies are now claiming that they want to be regulated as a part of Homeland Security because regulation would make it easier for them to provide uniform standards and regulations. But it has been four and a half years since 19 religious fanatics crashed three jet liners into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon and yet Corporate America has repeatedly opposed bills and amendments to bills which would require them to make a serious contribution to the safety of this country. Despite claims that it has spent $3 billion on voluntary efforts, we were still treated to the bewildering sight of a 60 Minutes camera man sauntering into an under-protected chemical facility.

FACT: The nuclear industry has done virtually nothing to protect its facilities from RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades). They justify this neglect because no American nuclear facility has ever been attacked by an RPG. That of course ignores the fact that RPGs have been used with great frequency in other parts of the world. Moreover, the nuclear industry appears to be trapped in a pre-911 time warp. Prior to September 11, 2001, no one had ever hijacked three airliners and crashed them into strategic targets. In other words, just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean that it won't ever happen. So much for creative thinking on the part of Corporate America

FACT: Prior to 911 nuclear facilities provided protection against three terrorists at a facility. Although the new number is supposedly classified, rumors indicate that our nuclear facilities are providing protection against a mere eight to nine terrorists. Again, the lesson of 911 was not learned, because on that day we were attacked by 19 terrorists.

FACT: Instead of tightening security, the nuclear industry wants a loosening of the standards and regulations which govern the transportation of nuclear waste (e.g. the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company not only wants to build a new power plant at the Calvert Cliffs Facility, it also wants to transport high level radio active waste in containers on barges on the Chesapeake.

FACT: After experiencing up to hundreds or even thousands of false alarms every day the Powers That Be at the Millstone Nuclear Facility in Waterford, Connecticut quite literally turned off the security system to avoid being bothered. When an official blew the whistle, Dominion Nuclear fired this individual, claiming that the person had been slated for downsizing anyhow.

FACT: Prior to 911 nuclear facilities provided protection against three terrorists at a facility. Although the new number is supposedly classified, it is now suspected that our nuclear facilities are providing protection against a mere eight to nine terrorists. Again, the lesson of 911 was not learned, because on that day we were attacked by 19 terrorists.

Our ports are still vulnerable. There are 100 chemical facilities in 23 states which, if attacked, could kill a million or more people. Transports of highly radioactive nuclear waste are sitting ducks for RPGs. Toxic or explosive chemicals e.g (fertilizers,and chlorine) are still trucked or trained through heavily populated areas but the transportation industries fight a rerouting of these shipments. And so it goes.

The Republicans tell us that we're in a war against terror; they nobble our right to privacy and chip away at our civil libertiess; they cut social programs for the poor, the weak, the elderly, and the infirm, but demand nothing in the way of sacrifice from their Corporate masters.

It seems to me that some people are indeed caught in a pre-911 mindset--and judging from the (big) business as usual attitude that we're getting from Corporate America, I would submit that most of them are on the right.


Lew Scannon said...

But all that spending for security would cut into executive compensation, some of these guys are squeaking by on less than $11 million a year.

BEAST said...

As long as America demands energy supplies, big corporations supplying them will roughshod their way to achieve their dastardly goals.

If these corporations refuse to protect their facilities with proper security, then woe to them, because as it stands now, America has incurred the wrath of the Arab world.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not? (excuse spelling)
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Iraq needed medicine but had no world currency. Bin Laden had opium connections that needed money for their causes. Harari was a businessman who wanted to money from the deal. Uday Hussein wanted to save his people but got greedy.

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Needless to say Osama didn’t get paid and blamed his contact for the deal who was believed to have been associated with Wall Street and the World Trade Center. Uday sold the heroine to kids in America and Europe. Harari built up his construction company and became prime minister. The people of Iraq never got the help they needed. Uday and his family got rich. The unnamed middleman went into hiding until the world trade center was destroyed and Saddam’s reign was toppled.

That’s why the World Trade Center was destroyed. That’s why Harari was assassinated and that’s why Al qaeda is on the war path. They realized that they had been cheated. Do the math it all adds up. There are only three people alive who know the truth. And it’s time for the Truth To Be Told. Honor Amongst Thebes. Check out the Video!!!

Wadena said...

I am amazed at the economy of the enemy in their war against America.

They could have hit America 100 times by now and killed millions.....but why?

Their one attack on 9/11 has been sufficient to draw Bush into a war that will destroy America.

Brilliant and frugal.