Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Will the Catholic Church EVER Get Real?

In the Vatican's ongoing attempt to create a world wide theocracy over the dead body of representative government, the Archdiocese in Boston is now seeking permission to skirt Massachusetts State Adoption Laws which forbid discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Why does this not surprise me? This after all was the same church (some might call it a foreign power) which assisted Bush during the 2004 campaign. Should we really be surprised by the fact that a foreign power which influenced an American election would now chime in on the side of the hate mongering right which is opening persecuting gays and lesbians in its terrorist campaign to achieve supremacy in the United States of America? Probably not. But the thing that annoys me is that while the Catholic Church in Rome, and its knuckle-dragging followers here in the United States are trying to revive the Catholic War against freedom and tolerance, the United States government is both, giving financial assistance to Catholic Schools and granting tax free status to a foreign power which is openly trying to undermine American civil liberties and democracy in general.

How many times have we heard the following argument?

We can't listen to what a majority of American Catholics believe about birth control; we can't give men and women control over their own reproduction rights because the church is not a democratic institution.

And yet, for reasons which defy explanation, the United States government is allowing this fifth column to get off Scott free, granting it tax free status and supporting Catholic Madrases--ur ah Parochial Schools-- so that right wing religious fanatics can drag us back to the bad old days when the Church was waging a war against modernity--modernity including everything from the right of labor unions to peacefully assemble to freedom of religion on which our religious liberty is founded.

Instead of supporting an organization which places the values of theocracy, and hate-mongering over democracy and tolerance, we should strip the Catholic Church of its tax free status, cut off all funding to Catholic institutions, and then treat this over-glorified cult in the same way that we would treat a corrupt political organization. If the church wants to meddle in our democratic process, and if it wants to grab temporal power while it hides behind a cloak of Christian hypocrisy, then we can ignore the "Christian" double talk and concentrate on the political dirty tricks for which the current Pope is so well known.

Whether it's Roman Catholicism or American Fundamentalism, or the unholy alliance between the right wing elements thereof, it's time to send a message to religious institutions in general. If you're going to get political, and if you're going to use the power of your church to undermine the United States government and its political process, you should be prepared to give up your unfairly protected status.



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Ragnarok said...

I expect the American inquisition to come bursting through my door any minute. It seems to me that the US is heading towards a theocracy.

For all the times that the Roman Catholic church speak out against homosexuality, they fail to condemn child abuse to the same level. Could that have something to do with the number of cases of abuse/molestation that Priests seem to face?

Daniel Gallagher said...

BINGO! The the same Bishops and Cardinals who covered up the sex abuse scandal are the same people who are now trying to keep law abiding gays and lesbians from getting married and adopting children. Something is very wrong with a church that protects a tiny, abusive minority within the homosexual community, but then persecutes law abiding citizens who only want the same rights that other law abiding citizens already enjoy. Moreover it is the church culture of a celibate, male only priesthood which attracted a few troublemakers. If this over-glorified cult doesn't want to reform itself then it should be made to pay through the nose for its abuses.

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