Monday, March 27, 2006

Surprise, Surprise. The Facts Really WERE Arranged Around the War.

You just have to give the Bush Regime credit. You no sooner think that it has reached an ultimate low and then we learn something that is even more depraved, more dishonest, and more manipulative than we had ever thought possible.
I am referring to the most recent Downing Street Memo which discloses a 31 January 2003 meeting between George W. Bush and The British Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

For hose of you who missed are interested, this memo (which is not receiving enough coverage from the Republican Propaganda machine that we laughingly call the mainstream media) reveals Bush in his true, murderous colors as he informed the British Prime Minister that he (Bush) had already made up his mind to go to war: regardless of what the weapons inspectors or the United Nations had to say about it. And to make the situation even more disgusting, Bush actually went so far as to suggest that we paint UW reconnaissance planes in United Nations colors in the hope that the Iraqis would shoot at it, thus persuading the UN to back the invasion that Bush had already decided to start.

In the past some of our critics have railed--often hysterically--because I have dared to compare the political tactics that were employed by the Bush regime to the Nazis during both, their rise to power and their march to war. And on a certain level I can understand why the blind, fanatical and easily duped would be offended. No one wants to admit that they have blood on their hands. No one wants to admit that they have been supportive of a corrupt, illegitimate regime which cannot live up to western standards of decency. But the fact of the matter is that Bush, for all his denials and blathering, has in fact emulated Adolf Hitler.

Bush wanted to provoke a war through a staged event, to provoke an attack on a fake UN airplane. Hitler employed a fake attack by fake Polish soldiers on a German radio station near the German-Polish border.

Said William L. Shirer

"Good propaganda, to be effective, as Hitler and Goebbels had learned from experience, needs more than words. It needs deeds, however much they have to be fabricated. Having convinced the German people...that the Poles had rejected Hitler's generous peace offer, there remained only the concocting of a deed which would 'prove that not Germany, but Poland, had attacked first.

"For the last shady business, it will be remembered the Germans, at Hitler's direction, had made careful preparations. For six days Alfred Naujocks, the intellectual SS ruffian, had been waiting at Gleiwitz on the Polish border to out a simulated Polish attack on the German radio station there. The plan had been revived. SS men outfitted in Polish Army uniforms were to do the shooting, and drugged concentration camp inmates were to be left dying as 'casualties'--this last delectable part of the operation had, as we have seen, the code name 'Canned Goods.' There were to be several such 'Polish Attacks' but the principal one was to be on the radio station at Gleiwitz." *

Now fast forward to the year 2003. After months of denial, the new memo reveals that Bush was determined to go to war, that the date had been set for either on or around March 10th, and that he wanted to "arrange" the diplomacy around the military objectives. And to make matters worse, Bush spoke candidly, stating that he did not expect to find weapons of mass destruction. This, surprise surprise, was the situation in 1939 when Hitler had already made up his mind to invade Poland. Like 2003, the diplomacy in 1939 had been arranged around Hitler's intention to wage war on a sovereign state.

What else can I say? This Administration is hopeless. I used to to think it was inept, that what we saw from George W. Bush and his inner circle of enablers was the result of Dry Drunk Syndrome. Then I thought it was sociopathic. Now I have decided that it is both. inept and sociopathic.

And if you ask me that is a definition of evil. How low can this administration go? I'm beginning to think that it's the only administration in the history of the American Republic which will find the bottom of a bottomless pit.

*Quote from The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich:
A History of Nazi Germany
By William L. Shirer
Pages 594-595
Simon and Schuster, New York, 1960

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