Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Arrest Bush Before He Kills Again?

Well, the 2006 midterm elections are only seven months away, so I guess it's safe to assume that the Bush Regime, in an attempt to boost it's sagging poll numbers, and to assure a Republican House and Senate in 2007, will start another war in the Middle East. We said it here before. In 2004 the GOP catch phrase was "run on the war in 2004." And now it seems as if the strategy for this year will be "more dirty tricks on 2006."

As a part of their campaign I'm sure that we will hear a great deal of propaganda about how George W. Bush wants a diplomatic solution, and how he gave diplomacy a chance (the sames lies that we heard in 2002 and 2003 during the run up to our invasion of Iraq). But anyone with an IQ of a living room foot stool or higher knows that this is a bald face lie. In the first place, George W. Bush and his incompetent inner circle of cronies and "yes men" not only avoid diplomatic solutions; they same annoyed by the very idea that diplomatic solutions may exist to any situation.

This became obvious in 2003, shortly after the American Invasion of Iraq, when Iran, through Swiss channels, approached the Bush Administration with a peace initiative which, if pursued, might well have solved many of the issues which are irritating relations between Iran and the United States to this very day. Unfortunately for both, the US and Iran, a cabal of myopic Neocons decided that it would be in the president's best interests to block nuclear talks with Iran .

This was unfortunate because approximately 33 percent of the Iranian population is age 15 or younger. The mean age of the Iranian population is 25. By its very nature, this is a rebellious population which has grown weary of the theocratic diktats of the Iranian theocracy. They want more contact with the west. The enjoy western music, western movies, western TV programs, western entertainment, western fashion. And what did the Bush administration do? When it had an opportunity to repair American-Iranian relations, Bush and his Neocon troglodytes refused to even consider the Iranian offer. Indeed, they were openly irritated with the Swiss, who the Iranians had used as a third party go between, because they dared to introduce the possibility of normalizing relations with the Iranian people and the Iranian government. Had the proposed talks actually commenced, a wide variety of topics might have been discussed: the reintegration of Iran into the global community, nuclear weapons, and a wide range of security issues.

And the Neocon extremists would have nothing to do with it. Indeed, the Bush Administration seems overjoyed by the fact that reform has stymied by a new and more fundamentalist regime in the form of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

You just have to wonder. Why would the Bush Regime decline a diplomatic initiative from Iran. Why wouldn't it want to endear itself to both, Iranian reformers and the Iranian people in general?

It seams rather obvious to me. The Bush administration didn't WANT normal relations with Iran. Remember, this was 2003, and the Neocons were still convinced that Iraq would evolve into a flower strewn cake walk. Little did they know that those of us on the left who had predicted a prolonged guerrilla war (i.e. insurgency) and thousands of dead and wounded American soldiers had in fact been correct all along. At the time Bush and his cronies were convinced that the war in Iraq would be a quick and relatively bloodless affair. Remember the game plan. "Run on the war in 2004." In other words, run on a record of successful war making. But that left an unanswered question. What pray tell should we do about 2006?

The answer, friends and neighbors, is obvious. Not only is the Bush regime incompetent in the area of diplomacy, it loathes the very idea of diplomacy . Republicans want to run on a new war in 2006. I suspect that in the next few weeks we will hear a great deal about Iran interfering in our failed invasion of Iran, or about mushroom clouds over American cities, or new incidents of Iranian state sponsored terrorism. I don't know the proper order in which the Administration will leak these accusations to the press--it all depends on how quickly they can write new, even more deceptive propaganda and manufacture the evidence. But I am almost certain that we will be facing a wag the dog scenario here in which a highly unpopular president (some might say pretender) will decide to commit mass murder to save his illegitimate.

So until our court-appointed sociopath decides that he wants to kill again, I will leave you with the following thought.

If we sit around and do nothing it is a given that this monster will kill again. Instead of trying to find a diplomatic solution to the situation he will almost certainly do everything in his power to have an American-Iranian war underway prior to the November 2006 elections. To remedy this situation I have a rather unique idea that I would like to bounce off of our readers.

In a sane country--and I no longer consider this country to be in any way sane--a legally enabled SWAT team would storm the White House; serve search warrants on Bush, Rice, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Gonzalez, and charge them with everything from conspiracy to commit murder to crimes against humanity--not to mention treason. They would be thrown in handcuffs and shackles and dragged out to a waiting paddy wagon in full sight of the corporate media. They would be interrogated in the presence of their lawyers; they would either answer long unanswered questions or invoke their Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate themselves, and they would go to trial. This solution has the distinct benefit of being the one and only way to make these goons change their minds about torture and the use of evidence obtained under the threat or use of torture. And while that may sound extreme, you need to remember that Bush and Cheney are merely temporary servants, while Rice, Rumsfeld, and Gonzalez are merely the appointed servants of our top civil servants. When it comes top justice they deserve no better nor worse than an accused crack dealer in an inner city slum--an appropriate analogy since this administration is little more than an intellectual and moral slum for perverts, sexual deviants, and blood thirsty psychopaths. I for one look forward to the sight of these pint sized fascists sitting in a docket in orange jump suits, participating in a publicly broadcast trial while a team of highly trained prosecutors reveal their sick, demented crimes to the American people. Ideally this would be followed by a derepublicanization of our churches, schools, and public institutions--in much the same way that post war Germany was denazified by the victorious allies, but for better or for worse we have a constitution which prevents us from extracting neofascist tumors and cancers like pseudo-Christian fundamentalism and sociopathic neoconservatism from the body politic. Like it or not we live in a country where even traitorous, destructive beliefs are protected by the framing document. And I'm all right with that. The best solution to bad speech, after all is better speech.

In the long haul I don't think an arrest will be necessary. Desirable, but not necessary. Aside from the right wing traitors, Millenialists, Dominionists, and Christian Reconstructionists who have turned Jesus Christ into the theological equivalent of right wing dictator, there really isn't a rational human being in the United States who isn't beginning to wonder if George W. Bush has a clover leaf arrangement of three sixes on his head or in the palm of his hand.

The American people have finally, finally awoken from their long sleep. They recognize George W. Bush and his demented, archaic policies for the nation destroying policies that they really are.
George W. Bush tried to say it himself. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

If Bush does nothing about Iran there is a sufficient body of lies, blunders, and outright tragedies to haunt him and the republican party until and beyond 2008. If he is both foolish, and blood thirsty enough to begin an air war (I can't imagine even Bush and Cheney being stupid enough to launch a ground invasion) the American people and (with a little luck) will quickly see through the Demander and thief's deception.

The only question is this:

How can we stop him from killing again?

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Lily said...

Let's just hope -although its unrealistic- that there is a diplomatic solution.

Anonymous said...

Why SHOULDN'T we arrest these homicidal maniacs? They have rigged two elections; they have started a war of aggression over falsified data and out right lies; they have embraced torture, hired sexual perverts, and they have undermined the Constitution whenever their policies and internal impulses have landed then in hot water. I say let's enact Brandon's solution right NOW. Bring on the SWAT team. Storm the White House, arrest the sons of bitches, charge them, and try them in the same way that we arrested, charged, and tried the Goering group after World War II.