Wednesday, April 05, 2006


You no sooner think this administration has reached an all time low but what it finds a way to sink even deeper into the filth and sewage which has become the Republican Party.

I guess you might say that Tuesday was not a good day for the Republicans.

First Tom Delay is indicted in a Texan Finance Probe and steps aside as the House GOP leader. This of course was promptly followed by a flurry of excuses, all of which were designed to distract from the fact that Mister Delay is about as Christian as the Whore of Babylon's vagina. If this guy is a Christian I'd hate to see what a Satanist looks like.

First he created a corrupt political machine in the tradition of Boss Tweed and the Late Mayor Daley. Only Delay's machine was far more corrupt than anything you could have found in Tammany Hall or Chicago, primarily because his machine was built on a nationwide basis.

Then, when his wrong doings were revealed to the public Delay decided it would be a really cool idea to blame his opponents. Delay couldn't do anything wrong. Delay wasn't in trouble because he was a bully, a thug, a liar, and a conman. Nooooo. Delay was just a poor, misunderstood bystander who was being persecuted because he was--brace yourself--a conservative Christian! That's right. The personal responsibility people have struck again! Rather than admit that the only way he could tell the truth would be if he did so by accident, Delay decided to play the religion card and accused his critics of persecuting him because of his pseudo Christian religious beliefs.

Hello? Just what in the hell does Jesus have to do with any of this? Did Jesus tell Mister Delay to gerrymander the state of Texas? Did Jesus tell him to build a corrupt political machine based on financial illegalities? Did Jesus tell him to associate with the likes of Jack Abramoff? Aside from providing a very convenient smoke screen, what exactly has Christianity have to do with any of this? This isn't about religion. More to the point, this is about Tom Delay's very anal-retentive, type A personality and the fact that he is little more than dry drunk. He may have given up the booze but the same characteristics which landed him in hot water while he was drinking are still evident. The inability to face or tell the truth; the outbursts of temper; the inability to accept life on any terms except his own; his lack of contrition, his lack of humility, his obvious immaturity: the only thing that has changed is the nature of addiction. Instead of an addiction to alcohol he now suffers from an addiction to power. And to make the situation even worse for the Republicans, the smooth and efficient operation of the Delay Political Machine depended on Mister Delay's influence. With Delay out of the picture the machine that he built will begin to crumble, and when it does it's going to take a lot of Republicans with it.

I am certain Tom Delay will repeat his hackneyed claim that he is being persecuted because of his religious beliefs when he is in fact being prosecuted for corrupt acts, but as the facts come out, and as more Congressional Aides step forward to offer more evidence, I suspect that even the most thick-skulled of Delay loyalists will begin to realize that their mean-spirited idol had, in fact, exploited the name of Christ for his own selfish ends.

And it gets even worse. Tuesday began badly and it kept going down hill.

The Republicans were still reeling from the Delay resignation when they--like the rest of us--were stunned to learn that Brian Doyle, the Deputy Press Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security had been caught soliciting a fourteen-year-old girl on line. Only surprise, surprise, he had not been soliciting a 14-year-old girl. He had been soliciting a law enforcement official in Florida who had been running a sting operation, pretending to be a fourteen year-old girl, and Mister Doyle fell right into the trap.

From time to time we get complaints because we dare to compare the Bush Regime to the Hitler Regime. But we don't make the news. We only point out the similarities between then and now. We're not saying that George W. Bush would open death camps and perform medical experiments on his innocent victims (although he does seem to have a problem when it comes to giving suspects their day in court and he seems to believe that he is the President Supreme of the entire world). But when you look at the method by which Hitler came to power--the lying, the repetition of jingoistic slogans, the exploitation of fear and chosen groups to scapegoat--the similarities are undeniable. And the business with Mister Doyle is no different. During his rise to power, Hitler employed a wide variety of goons and thugs. Ditto to the Bush Administration which hired a male whore to pose as a legitimate journalist, and which has now been revealed as an employer of a probable pedophile. Yes, I said pedophile. If someone is sick enough to go on line and to tell a supposed 14-year-old girl what he wants her to do to him, and what he wants to do to her, then that tells me that the miserable son of a bitch is speaking from experience. The only question, as far as I'm concerned, isn't so much if he has raped young girls, but how many. Mark my words, the guy will be revealed as a child molester.

Male whores, corporate corporate and political corruption, bribery, shop-lifting, and now pedophilia. At the risk of sounding redundant, I have to ask the obvious question. Just what in the hell is WRONG with this Administration? On the one hand it preaches Christian piety. But in sharp contradiction to its hypocritical rhetoric it has proven to be the most inept, corrupt administration to come along in a hundred years.

I am tempted to say that the Administration can't go any lower, but every time I have thought this it has found new and creative ways to sink even deeper that it had before. What's next? A serial rapist? A cannibal? A sociopathic killer of children?

We are royally screwed.


glenda said...

Hi, Kyle, saw you comment over at Lews and wandered over to say hi. Great post.
Have worked in the sexual assault field for 15 years, and I know how common this problem is, perps coming on to children. Thanks for speaking out! Check out this website:

Advocate1 said...

It's worse than Kyle said it was. This creep was giving out phone numbers--including governmental phone numbers. He was bragging about his position and using it to promote his own selfish interests.

This administration doesn't even know the meaning of the word morality. Nor does it know the meaning of the word thorough. Did anyone bother to screen this pervert before they gave him his position? Has anyone bothered to determine if this creep had a previous record? Does this not merit a sound investigation? If this is the degree of intelligence that we're getting from our intelligence agencies can you imagine what the Bush Crime Family must be missing in the way of terrorist activities?

But then again these are the same people who want to look at our mail and listen to our phone calls. As if they're going to be effective when they missed a pervert in the heart of Homeland Security.



Lily said...

Yeah- who knows how much lower they can go. Nice to see Glenda here too! She's great.

Great funny post at Blue Republic on this guy! I'll add the link to the roll.

predators are known to use their positions of power not only to "impress" but to intimidate. Even in the blogworld, this crazy man kept saying he worked for the NSA and could find me, blah blah. No doubt many of them use their power to frighten people, and don't get me started on the immigration abuses... Thanks Kyle!!!!